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AMC: SOD Spoilers

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Thanks to Betty at SOC

The Walls Close in on Annie

One bad choice leads to a series of them explains MCE. Ryan catches Annie with the nanny cam attempting to catch Colby and Cassandra, and questions her resulting in an argument. He then destroys the camera and admits he’s having a hard time trusting anything Annie says. She deflects by bringing up the baby they are expecting and getting emotional. Annie doesn’t know that Ryan has been investigating through Aidan that very matter as to how she got pregnant in the first place. Aidan goes to the fertility clinic and then to Annie and is sure Annie is hiding something. Desperate after seeing Ryan and Greenlee together at Confusion she adds “car crash faker” to her list of deeds. MCE explains that in a fun remote shoot featuring a stunt driver, Annie smashes her car into a rock, and when the damage isn’t satisfactory enough she uses a wrench she's used before to smash the lights and top of the car until smoke comes out and it looks like an accident. She then desperately calls Ryan.

**Zendall Fans – A four-page keepsake spread called "Zen Paradise" is featured in this issue. It’s a recap of the couple’s history from 2004-present and includes pictures and AM detailing her top 5 favorite Z/K moments shared.

1. Lobster divorce dinner..

2. Their private marriage on the yacht.

3. Bowling on Valentine’s Day.

4. Growing stronger fighting for Spike/Ian in the hospital.

5. Anytime the couple is together with their children.

Real Life Status:

Jacob Young and his wife will welcome their first child, a boy, in November. JY shares that the child will be named “Luke Wayne Young”.

Susan Lucci will be a second-time grandmother as her daughter is expecting again.

Comings & Goings:

Reps of the show insist that MVP is not changing status. He will continue to be recurring despite his upcoming return to the F/X show Damages in the fall.

Colin Egglesfield (Josh Madden) has been dropped to recurring status.

Record This:

July 30th - AMC twins Stuart and Adam share emotional scenes.

August 4th -Adam faces the music for his latest misdeeds.

August 5th - JR takes action when he finds Colby drinking again on Tuesday, while Tad accuses Kyrstal of lying for Adam at the expense of their family's well-being.

What Will Happen:

Sam's date with Erica isn't as private as he hoped.

Annie catches Ryan and Greenlee together.

Jesse uncovers incriminating evidence against Colby.

Second Opinion - by editor Mara Levinski

Mara notes that she knows there are Zendall fans out there who wanted Ryan out the Slater marriage, and that there are Ailee fans out there who want Ryan away from their couple. What she wonders is ARE there Ryan and Greenlee fans out there? She notes that even when Ryan/Greenlee were married her mail count and message board browsing didn’t indicate a strong desire for the pairing, and that Ryan/Kendall seemed to have more traction with viewers. She further notes that now that the show is TELLING us Ryan is in love with Greenlee and setting up the Ryan/Greenlee/Aidan triangle, it is clear the show wants there to be rooting value on both sides, but “wanting doesn’t make it so”.

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Looking forward to the Adam/Stuart scenes. And that's about it.

I hope the MVP thing is just PR talk.

If I were Mara Levinski I would sleep with one eye open. A big bald man with a beard is going to be hunting her down.

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