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Keith Charles has died

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Keith Charles has died at age 74

He appeared in many soaps

Rick Oliver on THE EDGE OF NIGHT



Robert Jardin on WHERE THE HEART IS

Ted Chandler on LOVE OF LIFE

Alex McDaniels,Frank Nelson and Brandon Spaulding on THE GUIDING LIGHT

Ralph Mitchell on AS THE WORLD TURNS

Ted Clayton on ONE LIFE TO LIVE

Homer Dowd on RYAN'S HOPE

On Secret Storm,he got to play opposite Joan Crawford when she filled in for her daughter Christina for a few episodes.

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I only remember him as Tina's "father" on OLTL. I checked the years of his appearances:

Rick Oliver, EON (1966)

Nick Kane, TSS (1968-1970)

Ross Cavanaugh, SFT (1970-1971)

Robert Jardin, WTHI (1972)

Ted Chandler, LOL (1974-1975)

Alex McDaniels, GL (1976)

Ralph Mitchell, ATWT (1977-1979)

Ted Clayton, OLTL (1980-1981)

Frank Nelson, GL (1981)

Brandon Spaulding, GL (1984)

Homer Dowd, RH (1986-1989)

A 23-year-old career. Rest in peace Mr Charles.

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Indeed, may he rest in peace.

I too only remember him (vaguely) as Tina's father. I believe he was in an ep shown at WoST from that time period.

So I'm assuming he was the actor who played Brandon Spaulding in flashbacks/old age makeup with Sharina during the Barbados s/l. Someone once wrote on a message board how Brandon and Sharina died in a very touching, romantic way within days of one another, and I wish I could remember the details. It was reminiscent of AW's Therese Lamonte (Nancy Marchand) passing away on Iris' terrace after singing Bye Bye Blackbird.

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