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OLTL: SOD Spoilers

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Late-breaking news:

Bo & Rex Go Back in Time

While Dorian works to save Viki's life and Tina watches Sarah go over the falls in Mendorra, the third arc of OLTL's special 40th anniversary episodes---Bo and Rex's time travel---is just beginning

"It involves lightning, location and special effects" Robert S. Woods previews of the action that propels Bo & Rex into the past.

As a drunken Bo envisions Asa daring him to jump a fence at the ranch, Bo rides into a storm and is followed by Rex. "They wake up in the rain and don't have a clue what's going on" says John-Paul Lavoisier. "The last thing they remember they were struck by lightning. The Buchanan ranch hands end up coming to find them because they passed out in the mud and keep calling Rex 'Bo' and Bo 'Asa'" But after checking out and old television set(which ironically, is running the 1968 credits from ONE LIFE TO LIVE or "some old show" as Rex calls it) and seeing a newspaper dated 1968, they start to wise up. "One by one, people start showing up in their lives, people who they recognize as somebody else from 2008, but they're actually people from 1968" explains Lavoisier. "They end up going to the diner, the Bonjour Cafe and it's the Good Day Cafe and everybody's hippied out. Rex and Bo are just freaking out trying to piece everything together"

There, Bo/Asa has an onscreen encounter with Renee that's made even more confusing by the fact that Woods' wife, Loyita is playing Renee in the past,,, and Clint's ex-girlfriend, Dallas, in the present. "She just walks right up and smacks 'Asa' in the face. The family'll get a kick out of that" chuckles Woods. As it turns out, Asa is not only married to Olympia(played by Catherine Hickland) and sleeping with Renee, he's also wronged one of her call girls, Emma. "Farah is playing Emma, Spencer Truman's mother," says Woods. "Austin(Williams, Shane) is playing Spencer and he's just a mean little guy. He spits in Rex's drink when he's not looking, runs through with squirt guns and tries to rifle through all the jukeboxes to get money. And Emma's running around going 'Spencer'"

"Bo," meanwhile, is expected to ship out to Vietnam, while Rex just wants to reunite with Gigi. "Rex is trying to get to her somehow because he really misses her and has deep feelings for her," says Lavoisier (Look for a warped cell phone and a psychic to play into that reunion) "I think the cool thing is it's poignant in places, but it's really fun," adds Woods"

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:lol: Not sure I can even follow what they're saying. Some people are speculating this means that Bo (who is actually Rex now) may sleep with Emma/Gigi so David (who is still just David, I think) could turn out to be Bo's/Rex's son instead of ASA's (who is really Bo)! It's all just a little too convoluted for me. :unsure:

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