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Dancing with the Stars: Season 2

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Dancing with the Stars Season 2 will be rerun on BBCAmerica, if you get the channel. It will combine each episode to two hours and it will air every sunday at 8, starting January 6th.

I can't wait! I hope they repeat seasons 3-5 as well.

It seems they are skipping Season 1

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Ugh. Don't remind me about Jerry Rice. He was so smug. I enjoyed him initially but towards the end ... ugh! Loved Anna Trebunskya though (his professional partner).

Stacy Keibler and Lisa Rinna were awesome female dancers, too. Drew was a great winner and George Hamilton was great entertainment.

Shame we lost Tatum O'Neal so soon into the season. She had potential, IMO. Tia Carrere and Giselle Fernandez were kinda forgettable though.

And it's also too bad we have to sit through Master P again. Tatum should of lasted past him.

Will be fun to see Kenny Mayne again, lol.

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