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GH: Alexis & Diane Spoiler

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From the NY Daily News:

'General Hospital': Lawyers at biker bar


Friday, December 28th 2007, 4:00 AM

Archrivals Alexis and Diane are nominated for the "Litigator of the Year" award next week on "General Hospital," leading to a raucous trip to Philadelphia - and a side trip to a biker bar.

"This award is obviously something that Alexis has fantasized about her whole life, career-wise," says Nancy Grahn, who plays the legal eagle. "She gets on the plane and naturally, in soap land, she's sitting right next to Diane."

The two start arguing over their respective clients, Kate and Sonny.

"They end up sitting on the tarmac for two hours," says Grahn. "Diane's being annoying, but you also see that they're kind of friends. As women, they get each other. The argument gets worse and all hell breaks loose. They get thrown off the plane."

Ever resourceful, "they get in the car and drive," says Grahn. "Diane drives like a maniac and they're fighting in the car. Alexis is such a nerd, going, 'Would you please slow down?' It's like they're married.

"Then you see Alexis driving with her glasses really slowly and carefully. They get a flat and Alexis has to change a tire, which is hilarious because I really had to do it and I haven't a clue what a jack is. Then Diane pushes Alexis and she pushes back and we just started doing shtick. We were hitting each other like girls."

The duo gets back in the car, but then run out of gas.

"They end up having to walk through the forest. They find some inn and Alexis says, 'I hope there's a nice retired school marm in there with hot cocoa.' Diane counters with, 'I hope it's some big strapping guy.' Alexis says, 'Maybe he has a brother' and Diane goes, 'Maybe they're mute.' Alexis says, 'Yes. I like it much better when they don't talk.' They let us add that."

The two enter the inn, "and it's a freakin' biker bar!" says Grahn. "One guy says, 'I'll let you use my cell phone if I can dance with your friend.' Diane throws Alexis at him and goes, 'She'll dance with you.'"

But as usual for these two, things take a troubling turn. "One guy says, 'What are you guys here for?' Alexis says, 'Lawyer of the year.' The bartender goes, 'They're lawyers?' and they start saying every bad lawyer joke and talking about how they got screwed over by lawyers and how much they hate lawyers. Alexis and Diane are in trouble."

The boys close in, and "Alexis pulls a gun out of somebody's pocket and she shoots the chandelier by accident. Diane takes the gun because, as Alexis says, clearly she's the boy in the relationship and she's tougher. Alexis hides behind her."

The escapade ends with neither woman winning the award - or even making it to the dinner.

"The dinner comes and goes and there they are, in their evening gowns, sucking back beers," says Grahn. "They are like Lucy and Ethel. They're the new 'couple.' They're going to go up against each other in court - and then hang out and shoot the s---."

Comings and goings: Ian Buchanan returns to "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Dr. James Warwick on Jan. 28. ... "Days of Our Lives" has hired Alina Foley, the young daughter of actor/comedian Dave Foley, to play Claire. She starts airing Thursday. ... Rebecca Staab (ex-Elizabeth, "Port Charles") will play Paul's ex (and Heather's mom) on "The Young and the Restless" in mid-January. ... Christine Jones (Pamela) and Barbara Garrick (Allison) come back to "One Life to Live" in January.

Don't touch that dial: Todd finds Marcie next week on "OLTL" (ABC, 2 p.m.), which leads Marcie to do something drastic. Watch out, Viki!

Hinsey is the editor of Soap Opera Weekly.

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