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GH: Week of December 17th

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Lol, I've got so many things running through my mind. For some reason, Elizabeth looks like she would like her toes sucked. And Jason...well....Elizabeth could use Jason's hair as reigns.


Lol, Liason is coming :D

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omg. heartbreaking.

BA really did well today, better than i thought he would. JJY rocked.

and how creepy have they made coop? that scene with him and maxie watching the snow and hes all in black and halfway in the shadows. i was like uhh run maxie run!

and wow. when lucky told maxie, i loved that scene. KS was fantastic, esp at the end running over to the body and losing it in mac's arms.

i also loved diane & kate scenes.

as much as i love lulu & JMB, i FF by it all. becuase i didnt care.

and hopefully ric and trevor can be killed.

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Monday's episode was awesome...Maxie was chilling in her grief. I feel horrible about Georgie dying but Mac's reaction/lashing out at Spin was so stupid and made me lose almost all the pity I had for him. I mean really he just came across as an idiot in that scene. You've been screaming about this killer and how you're trying your hardest to find him or her yet you've been wasting time harassing the least likely people who could have done it.

The Diane & Kate scenes were really good. Equal parts laughter and seriousness which I loved.

The Lulu/Johnny scenes were great too...I loved how Johnny trusted her enough to follow her to Sonny's. Plus its almost comedic how Trevor is playing both Johnny and Sonny against each other.

Rich = STUPID. The character is so useless.

LIASON.... :wub::wub::wub::wub:

Stever Burton is so hot its scary....

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