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Someone has probably already come up with this, but it just hit me: Maybe when SJB comes to town... it'll be as the REAL Carly and LW's Carly is an imposter! I don't know a LOT about GH and even though I like Laura Wright (from GL mostly, but her Carly is a subject of debate) anyway... maybe that'd be a way to get SJB back as Carly and fans would even tolerate it...


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I honestly dont belive GH wants SB back as carly. They wanted a stunt casting for someone related to the mob and SB was outa work and took the job. I doubt its a long term role, and im sure its something lame like Johnnys sister so they can throw her in scenes with MB.

and its lame lame lame.

MB & Sonny are both at the best they have been since Sonny first met Carly - and i do think that has a lot to do with Kate Howard.

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