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What character you would never thought to be recast would you like to see recast?

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Any character whether you love them or hate them that you want recast that you would never expect to happen.

I know I would like the see how somebody else would play the great Erica Kane at least for a day or 2. I don't know who. Maybe Robin Strasser.

I know nobody can replace Darlene Conley but I would like to see who can fit her big shoes as Sally Spectra for a day or 2. At least like to have an actress just as good as her to at least have a few scenes with CJ or Clark.

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Here are the roles which I think are un-recastable, I'd NEVER accept a recast for:

Sally Spectra (the late great Darlene Conley) NEVER...only one actress can play Sally and sadly she's gone forever.

Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) THE supreme daytime diva. Never in a million years.

Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) I must admit that this character was recasted, for a handful of episodes in the early 1980s by Giselle McKenzie when Cooper went to rehab, but the recast flopped hard and the role belongs to Cooper.

Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) Although a largely back burning character I don't think any other actress could play this role with the same depth and sense of fun which Rogers brings to the table.

Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) NEVER, EVER, EVER

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) There is only one VN.

I think the biggest thing with these roles is that the lines have been blurred between where the actor and character begin and end.

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Erica Kane


Luke Spencer

Laura Spencer

Brenda Barrett

I would never, ever, ever accept a recast of them

But, I never thought I would accept a recast of Sarah Brown's Carly on GH and I have. I never thought I would accept a recast of the original Edward Quartermaine, but John Ingle is perfect. I can see those characters being recast again.

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So far everybody's stating the obvious ones, but I have a few who I would never want to see recast even though they aren't considered legends:


Reggie Montgomery

Danielle Mongtomery

Lena Kundera


Roxanne Balsom

Marcie Walsh

Kevin Buchanan (to say Dan Gautier is amazing is an understatement)


Kate Howard

Damien Spinelli

Dillon Quartermaine

...now can we do a thread about who we think SHOULD be recast and with whom? :lol:

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