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GH: Monday

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Thank you Nikolas! He definetly spoke from a fans POV. Everything he said today is exactly what Ive been saying for months. He was great with Liz.

-Lucky has no idea where the lies end bc she's been telling a whole lot of them for the past year. (not to mention, she still is)

-Lucky has every right to be angry at both of them and it isnt right for him to be forgiven on her timetable

-Lucky isnt angry just bc Liz slept with Jason. He's angry bc she lied about it for a year and then pretended that Jason was just a friend

-If Lucky carried on a friendship with Maxie, visit it her at work, talk in the park; would it be okay with Liz? Heck no, so she needs to understand why Lucky feels the way he does about Jason

THANK YOU Nikolas for taking the words out of my mouth. It was good to see an unbiased opinion look at this situation and offer insight

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damn the return of carzilla.. i truly enjoyed her time away with Jerry than I didnt have to see her scenes.

poor cooper and even spinelli :D

nikolas is an awesome big bro and he knows how to handle all of them. so when is he going to get a real s/l?

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