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A Special In the Zone Tuesday, July 3

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This is something I am working on right now, and basically asking for help on all fronts for it. This is what I wrote so far...

In rememberance of the one year anniversary surrounding his death, BlogTalkRadio's "In the Zone," will have a special on-air tribute to beloved actor, Benjamin Hendrickson.

Hendrickson is best known for his role as Hal Munson, a role he had played for over 20 years on the CBS daytime soap, "As the World Turns." He previously was on another CBS soap, "Guiding Light," where he played villainous Silas Crocker, a man who kidnapped Nola Reardon, and came between the much loved supercouple.

Born in Huntington, NY, Hendrickson studied at Julliard, and starred in several theatre productions which include, "The Elephant Man," "Strider," and "Awake and Sing." He also made appearances in feature films throughout his career, but fans will always remember him as the good cop, Hal Munson. Though, Hal definitely had some shaky bumps along the way. Even Hendrickson would always joke about how he, "Impregnated the leading lady..." referring to Margo Hughes, then played by Hillary B. Smith.

He would then marry Barbara Ryan, three different times, married the scheming vixen, Carly Tenney, and have a son, Parker, dealing with an ex-wife who went crazy and shipped off three women to a spa, having a son who killed a soon-to-be-bride thanks to mouthwash, and having to deal with the loss of his eldest daughter, Jennifer Munson.

Yes, Hal may have been through hardships, but Hendrickson faced a lot more off-screen. In 2003, he started having medical issues, and suffered from depression after his mother's passing, and had taken a leave of absence from "ATWT." When his on-screen daughter suddenly died from a sudden illness, fans worried if that was too much for him, but those speculations were refuted when his nephew came forth in a Soap Opera Digest Interview. Though he passed away July 3, his last screen date was on July 12, with a special tribute to Hal/Hendrickson soon after.

Though many fans were not pleased with how his tribute was handled, "In the Zone" wants to make it right and give Benjamin Hendrickson the kind of tribute he can be proud of. Tune in Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 10 PM eastern at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/in_the_zone where fans of Hendrickson can give some of their favorite Hal moments, or Benjamin moments.

We miss you, Mr. Hendrickson.....may you always Rest in Peace.

Any takers...no more or less?

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