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Days:CDN TV Guide spoilers for wk of 7/9

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Doug and Julie receive the translations of the first two letters between Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady; Chelsea wants to spill the beans about Danielle's infidelity.


The group is anxious to read the second set of translations; Grandpa Shawn decides to face his demons in Ireland.


Bo and Hope head to Ireland to bring Grandpa Shawn back home; Nick tells Chelsea how Kate blackmailed him.


Tony and Bart break into Roman's car in order to determine the location of Sami's safe house; Bo and Hope track down Grandpa Shawn in Ireland, where he reluctantly agrees to return to America with them.


Tony ties EJ to the safe-house bed and tries to shoot him; Kayla proposes that she and Steve have another child together, but Steve isn't receptive to the idea.

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Well Marlena had three episodes this week, and i know john and marlena are on the 4th of july show..But i agree, why can't we get some J&M spoilers..But that said, these spoilers sound wonderful..I love seeing doug, julie, and grandpa shawn listed in the spoilers...The Ireland stuff sounds like it will be great for Bo and Hope fans...Also the tony, bart, and ej stuff sounds great..Wonder if this is when Bart bites the bullet..

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Looks like a pretty balanced week.

Good to see that things pick up again after tennis. Looks like a solid week.

As for J&M, Marlena is involved. It's John who is in and out of this. It is a little glaring but it surprisingly doesn't bother me all that much. I am kind of sick of the character and Drake.

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