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OLTL PLUS PreVUE: Week of July 9 Edition

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I will be extremely p*ssed if this turns out to be Marcie, and she can't have children... like I've seen speculated on other boards. I'm tired of the whole "barren woman desperatly tries to keep a child that isn't hers" storyline... not to mention they just did this with Kelly. They should at least have some sense to change it with new characters involved. Not to mention, it's all suddenly if it's her... they couldn't even give the fans a decent storyline to arrive at this; which would lead me more to the fact that this storyline is all about Todd and Todd/Blair reuniting yet again at the expense of yet some more other characters. It will be just a day or two for her to mention it to her doctor husband, who will diagnose his wife and then a less than five minute scene with a confrimation.

Now, I can deal with Marcie having trouble concieving... or she might think that she can't have children... but her suddenly coming to conclusion that she can't have children (after no clues... or less than a week worth of clues) and it being true, is just a slap in the face to this Marcie and Michael fan.

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