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AMC: SOW Spoilers

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Thanks to ZnK's Jules

AMC's Zach Cashes In On Chandler

JR figures out that Zach is the mastermind behind Adam's missing millions this week on All My Children, but he's too late to stop Zach from taking the Chandlers for more than their money.

"Zach's getting Chandler Enterprises and another ugly house," laughs Thorsten Kaye (Zach), adding that's what happens when you make a deal with the devil.

In exchange for raising the ransom for JR's phony kidnapping plot, "Zach said, 'As collateral, I want all the stock in your company. I want all your money. I want your house. I want your cars. I want everything you own,'" reminds Kaye.

Make that everything Zach owns. "Zach will probably get a Chandler office," shrugs Kaye. "But that's just gravy."

The real accomplishment is demonstrating his power and exacting revenge for what JR did to Kendall.

If there's an upside to this downswing for the Chandlers, it's that Adam and JR realize that while they may not have two nickels to rub together, they have a common enemy. Still, "I don't know if it's a Kumbaya moment," Kaye chuckles.

But the twist does have Kaye singing its praises. "I like Zach and Adam as adversaries," Kaye observes. "They're good characters together. They're both all about business."

Too bad Adam has lost his.


There's a pro-SS letter, and a an anti-Kenlee letter. Here's the latter:

Can't Agree with Kenlee

I do not get how anyone can think the Kendall and Greenlee friendship on AMC is this wonderful thing. Greenlee was never satisfied unless Kendall was miserable. Nothing thrilled her more than taking something Kendall loved and making it her own. To have Greenlee return to town, immediately demand everything and feel betrayed when people want to keep their happy lives is unbelievable. Just when I thought AMC was getting back on its feet, it has resorted to another toxic relationship where Kendall is the loser and wants us to think it's "special". Let Greenlee mess with Ryan's life. Let Kendall go live hers.

L.L., via e-mail


Week of June 25:

Aidan joins Amanda's search for Seamus Wong.

Krystal gives Ava a job at the Comeback.

Erica feigns a malady to play on Jack's sympathies.

Jamie and Babe celebrate after she takes her GED exam.

Greenlee vows she will never lose Ryan again.

Can't Miss: Friday, June 29: Annie walks out on Ryan.

Week of July 2: Adam is devastated by JR's betrayal. It's Fourth of July fireworks when Kendall assembles the Fusion women. Annie and Greenlee go at it.


Miss: AMC and B&B's Scrambled Eggs Fry Viewers' Brains

Egged on by tasteless baby stories and overripe fertility issues, AMC and B&B have served up some undercooked tales that take reality a little too...ovar-easy.

AMC fans watched as the recently returned Greenlee agonized over the loss of her precious fertilized eggs--a loss so devastating that she had the man responsible arrested. Simple biology promises that Greenlee, like other healthy women her age, has a solid supply of eggs. So why boil over the eggs in that one basket? Because the Zach-induced blackout at the fertility clinic destroyed the eggs that were fertilized with Ryan's sperm. Make that Ryan's stolen sperm. Even if viewers forgot that Greens neglected to get permission to stir in his genetic material, Ryan has recently made it pretty clear that he doesn't want to be Greenlee's baby-daddy. If she can't get him on board first, those fried eggs are the least of her problems. [Editing out SOW's comments on B&B]


There's also an interview with SS where, when asked if it was intimidating to work with AM and CM, she says that they're both "so nice in general--kind and giving and silly and fun".

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