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OLTL- Very interesting Audition Script

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Per RavenBeauty-

The scene opens with Clint standing by a large framed photograph of Asa at Buchanan Enterprises. Clint is overcome with emotion as he stares at this and Asa's name on the door to his old office.

A reporter suddenly rushes up behind Clint and shoves a microphone in his face asking him if he feels that the shareholders have lost confidence in the company now that Asa Buchanan is dead. Clint angrily asks him how he got past security. The reporter continues seemingly unaffected and asks how else Clint plans to describe the steep decline in Buchanan Enterprises stock. Clint tells him that he is about to have him thrown out on his ear.

The reporter continues by asking if it's true that the board of directors plans on ousting Clint as CEO to find a more suitable replacement. Clint angrily asks him where he got his information and tells the guy to get the hell out of the building before he has him tossed out by security. Scene ends.

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    • I mean maybe RH and Vanessa would pop off in chemistry lol.. I actually wouldn't be surprised.   I honestly don't need Brenda in random pairings but I need some movement on Sonny's part to not be the worst.  Because I feel like the always put them back together on popularity with zero movement in the actual lovestory.  And I do feel like the show plays Brenda as so lovelorn for Sonny..which fine, but Sonny is a actual trash bag fire with like 17 kids from 17 moms so...........
    • Janet Wood can be found on page 105. I'll add more to an updated profile in the a.m.      Bobby Doran is on page 210. I added 2 movies there.  Maybe more pics Thursday. I'll add the Bob Bailey, Paul Ford and Jeanne Bates  info  after I add movies/ Broadway to them. Researched Paul Geary  and Jack Wells   +  Stephen Kay of GH and Days newcomer Helen Day.  @Bright Eyes  I'll have Max Ehrich and Cam Gigandet tomorrow, Friday the latest
    • Griffith and Amanda Beall said in that LA times thing that two characters have bunker sex, wonder if whatever Stark does leads to that.
    • I don't forego her having a fling or two, sure. But any kind of triangle or ongoing serious storyline where I'm expected to sit through four to six months of weekly spoilers like "Brenda considers her feelings for Austin," I'm calling SWAT. As for Cody, I have earmarked him for the fling that gets single mom Liz's groove back and then who knows what. I will never give up on Sarah. But no Claudia and no more fuckin' kids for Sonny.
    • what about Sarah Brown? Is she not retuning for the anniversary in some form? I've been saying they should bring Claudia Zacchara back and have her be the person behind Austin and them, even Selina perhaps. And they can make Dex her kid w/ Sonny or something. 
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