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Anyone saw it?


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I am just wondering if anyone saw The Eurovision Song Contest that aired in Helsinki in Finland a few weeks ago, if you did what did you think of it?

The countries from eastern Europe where all winners, while Sweden came in place 18 and Finland in 17, Won did Serbia, a young girl who looked like the Osbourne (Kelly& Jack), won the show with a song who she sang in Serbian, and in second place came Ukraine with a crazy man in his early thirties dressed out as a woman in her sixties, and in third place came Russia with a modern pop song sung by three girls. In Last place came Ireland.


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I did see bits and pieces of it.The Netherlands (where I live) didn't even make it to the finale and Italy (My native homeland) hasn't competed since 1997.When I was little it used to be a big happening we used to get together with friends and/or family to watch it but for me it lost his charm when more countries were allowed to enter and when it became allowed to sing in English.

From what I saw of this years edition I wasn't impressed I don't think I will remember much of it next year while I still remember a lot of the song from editions from the 1970s and 1980s.

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