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You now when i remember Melrose Place, i remember it was a great show, only complaint it wasn`t a daytime one.

Seriosly why havn`t anyone exept for Lisa Rinna and Jack Wagner gotten any roles on Daytime shows, beats me, of course John Enos, if i care to count him since he where contract on Melrose Place, but seriosly what has happen to all the actors from Melrose Place, do they think they are too good for soaps, well i dont think that, so here is the ones i would like see on a soap or more soaps:-

Josie Bissett- First of all she is not just beautiful but very talented also, she could play all kinds of roles, a good Annie recast on gl.

Rob Estes- Here`s another great actor, and Josie`s husband, he can play a tough and a kinder role, he could make good on y&r.

Jamie Luner- Now she was just great at playing the bitch, and frankly if she were to go to and soap she must play a bitch, i dont think there are enough red haired bitches right now, i think she could be used on y&r, maybe as a longlost sister to Lauren.

Laura Leighton- She was just so funny, have her come to a soap who needs a funny redhaided woman, GH.

Grant Show- He was Goodlooking but he was also great at the tough part as much as the vulnable part, a part as Mike on Days, if Roark Chritchlow wont come back.

Courtney Thorne- Smith- Another great actress at playing both the good girl and the bad girl, any soap could she go to.

Thomas Calabro- This Man was just so funny watching, but which soap would be best for him?

David Charvet- He was also kind of a good actor, even if he was from Baywatch, he could maybe be a new love interest for Carrie in Days, i think they would be a better fit then her and Austin.

Marcia Cross- She was a great psychopath, and Sheila needs a new rival, maybe have Sheila come back to Bold and the Beautiful and let Marcia play her Chief or something like that, but then Marcia would never leave her role as Bree!.

Heather Locklear, would probaly never go to a soap, even if i think the kind of overrated at Melrose.

Linden Ashby- He should come back to Y&R and start tormenting Sharon.!!!!

So what do you all think??????

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I think that it isn't a matter of their ability to get a role on a soap. I think they just dont want one. Marcia Cross was on OLTL. She came from a soap to Melrose Place. She probably just didn't want to go back. Soaps suck in The Entertainment world. They are the lowest class of TV. Maybe it would be a step down to go from a Primetime series like Melrose, and go to Daytime. That's just what I think.

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Courtney Thorne Smith spent the past several years on "According to Jim" which I do believe was cancelled this past year.

I think Reality TV contestant know hold the honor of the lowest class so soaps moved up one.

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