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PSNS: The summer and finale

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Hey y'all, this is what I think will happen this summer in all the stories:

Theresa and Ethan defeat and expose the blackmailer, but there are consequences: Little Ethan is revealed to be Ethan's son, and Ethan hates Theresa for lying to her. Julian uses this revelation to kick Theresa out of Crane and onto the street. Now there's a power vacuum at Crane, and all of the Crane heirs compete for power, which leads to Endora being revealed as Julian's daughter. Ethan reunites with Gwen, and Jared's too-good-to-be-true nature is revealed when the truth about Arabella comes out.

CLIFFHANGER: Theresa finds JT's memory stick and exposes Gwen and Rebecca!

Eve and Julian adjust to having a sociopath, gender-morphing Vincent/Valerie as their son/daughter. Whitney miscarries her baby with Chad, while Chad tries to "cure" his homosexuality in an effort to win back Whitney.

CLIFFHANGER: Whitney catches Chad and Vincent having sex..again!

The Charlie's Angels (aka Paloma, Simone, and Jessica) learn that Alistair brainwashed Jessica into becoming a murderer in his efforts to destroy the Bennett family. Noah and Paloma break up when he learns of her role in the johns murder coverup. Meanwhile, Sam investigates Grace's demise as Ivy works her way back into Sam's good "graces" so to speak.

CLIFFHANGER: Grace is alive---and she's being held hostage by Alistair!

Thanks to the efforts of Theresa and Ethan, Miguel and Luis are cleared. Kay learns the truth about Fox's deception and leaves him for Miguel. Luis and Fancy get engaged.

CLIFFHANGER: Charity arrives at Kay's doorstep! Sheridan learns that Beth and Marty are alive!

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I think the cliffhanger will be a huge explosion or earthquake during a huge Party/Carnival/Ball and it will happen during the last 5 minutes. We will be left to wonder who survives and who bites the dust (leaves the show)

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