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AMC: SID Scoops

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Courtesy Of Terri From Soapzone:

The week opens with Ryan/Annie enjoying some couple time at a beach resort. MC says that Annie is really excited about starting a new life with Ryan. She's got good friends, she's getting along with Kendall, enjoying working at Fusion and has this love of her life who's a good man and they're getting married. She couldn't be happier.

Greenlee goes to a spa, and runs into Kendall!! Greenlee tells Kendall she's back to reclaim Ryan.

SG says that Greenlee is living in a world where she feels the second Ryan sees her, he's just going to be all "Thank you so much, Greenlee, for coming back!" She's not even thinking that the world in Pine Valley went on without her. Kendall informs her that Ryan is about to get married and that NO ONE wants her around. It's a harsh reality for Greenlee.

Kendall tells Greenlee to stay away and tries to get a message to Ryan. Jonathan thinks Kendall's trying to ruin the wedding, so he intercepts the message and makes sure Ryan never receives it.

Cameron Mathison says he thinks fans are gonna be excited to have Greenlee back. "Ryan and Greenlee were such a serious item and the departure was so hard."

Annie is completely unaware of any impending doom. She's heard of Greenlee, but isn't thinking of her. "Ryan doesn't talk about her at all, really. AS far as Annie's concerned, she's just somebody in the past."

Greenlee runs into Hannah and spills ALL. Greenlee sends her Dynamite Kiddo ring to Ryan, but once again his brother thinks it's Kendall and sends it back.

Cameron Mathison says that right now, Kendall is just trying to help. And with a little help from Zach, they keep the wedding alive.

Kendall catches Greenlee about to interrupt the vows, and locks her in a room at Wildwind! Greenlee ultimately escapes but AFTER the ceremony. Ryan/Annie even get to Salsa for the attendees!

Just as they're about to cut the cake, the police arrive and arrest Ryan for bigamy! Annie defends her husband who swears he filed his papers. Ryan gets the shock of his life when he gets to the station and comes face to face with Greenlee who says SHE had him arrested.

VCR Alerts

May 8 - Amanda wants to make Adam pay

May 9 - Ryan assures Annie everything will be fine

May 10 - Greenlee is poised to blow the nuptial sky high

May 11 - Babe warns Adam to stay away from Krystal

May 14 - Ryan keeps it real with Annie

May 15 - Greenlee shows up at Fusion

May 16 - Zach sees Hannah's softer side

May 17 - Kendall tells Zach she wishes that Greenlee was gone

May 18 - Annie worries that Ryan and Greenlee still have a thing for each other

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Interesting - I'm actually excited to see all this play out. I'm just laughing at the fact Cameron thinks "Ryan and Greenlee were such a serious item and the departure was so hard." I may have been sad to see Rebecca Budig leave, driving that car out of Pine Valley, full of tears. But Rylee being a serious item that shook fans to the bone? LOL. No.

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Exactly Ryan and Greenlee were not a serious item and one of AMC's worst couples....so let me get this straight. Greenlee comes back and wants Ryan back and then she has him arrested? Such a good way of saying she wants her man to fall back in love with her. What a stupid bitch

Greenlee go get hit by a bus!

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