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DAYS: A spinoff---your thoughts

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Chances are Days will never have a spinoff because NBC clearly wants to rid itself of soaps. But if I had my way, I'd do a Days spinoff.

It would be titled either SALEM LIVES or SALEM DAYS and would take place in Salem, therefore it could share most of the Days sets, and would probably be a half hour.

I'd centre it around Jennifer and Jack and their family. I'd bring back Michael T. Weiss as Mike and Jaime Lyn Bauer as Laura, and cast a hot newcomer to play Mike's son Jeremy.

Laura would get involved with a mysterious younger man named Chris. ;)

Billie and Frankie would be a part of the show and would be allies with Jack and Jennifer. Frankie's (and Jack's) ex, Eve, would return and cause trouble for both couples. Mike and Eve would end up as a coupling.

Eric Brady would return, played by Dan Wells (ex-Stan). He'd get involved in a relationship with Mickey and Maggie's daughter Sarah Horton.

Abe's brother Jonah and his wife Wendy would also be part of the show. Their teenage son Ben would be friends with Will, and these two would team up to learn who Ben's biological father is. Eric and Sarah's love life would get tangled up with Wendy and Jonah when it turns out Eric and Wendy had a secret tryst in Colorado that resulted in Ben.

I'd create two new young characters, a brother and sister. They'd be Tamara and Tyler Hanson. Tamara would come between Ben and Will, and Tyler would be Jeremy's love interest.

Days characters like Maggie, Doug, Julie, Marlena, John, Bo, and Hope would guest star from time to time.

That brings the contract characters to 18, which I think is just about right for a half hour soap (I checked--B&B has about 14 and GH:NS has about 20).

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Maggie Horton and Julie Olsen Williams star in Days of Our Hot Flashes

Mickey Horton and Victor Kiriakis star in Days of Viagra

Willow Stark and Max Brady star in Hoes of Our Lives

Stefano DiMera and Tony DiMera star in Days of Our Deaths

Shawn and Caroline Brady star in We Have No Lives

(sorry I'm bored)

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