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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Credit to Z&K's Jules

Scoops for the week of April 30:

Emma finds a rifle at Wildwind.

Josh and Hannah have sex.

Ryan declares his love for Annie.

Ava can't keep her hands off Sean.

Can't Miss: Friday, May 4: Adam has a heart attack.

Week of May 7:

Amanda wants Adam to pay for his crimes.

Kendall fears an uninvited guest will ruin Ryan's wedding.

Babe warns Adam to stay out of her mother's life.

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I'm guessing that Kendall is talking about Greenlee - which hopefully means that Greens won't even be lurking for a week...she'll go straight to Kendall.

Most of this sounds good though. I think I'm going to enjoy Hannah/Josh. ;)

Adam having a heart attack makes sense and adds a good twist to the entire story - as I'm guessing this is when Janet takes off with Jenny for good - so Adam can't really help.

Thanks for posting Angie :)

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