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ALL: What does each soap need to improve on?

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Write the things that each sopas need to improve on to get better! :)

All My Children:

-They need to bring back Brooke, and Opal

One Life to Live:

-They need to have better storylines.


-They need to have character balance

General Hospital:

-Some of the characters are full of it :)

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Guiding Light

More character driven stories, and less corny cliche plots. I would add sets and such, but GL is ina tight spot with cash though. More vets too.


Less ridiculous stories, and more serious stories. Again I want character driven stories.


Looks like I have to repeat myself again...this show lacks character driven stories, and delves into silliness every so often. It's a shame. The show needs to improve alot. I want to see less Sharon, Phyllis, Michael, Nick, Kevin, Gloria, and Brad too.

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B&B needs to work on Diversity.

Y&R needs to recast Lily and Victoria with Davetta and Heather, bring back Dru and ashley and the show would be fine.

Days, could use a bit more divestiy, stop the island storylines. Stopp the Jer esque of Dragging these storylines, balance as in stop the forced deep throating of these new faces, bring back Stefano and Kristen, and Lexie, and Vivian, and Luara Horton, the show would be fine.

Passions neeeds better scrpit writers, and directors, and casting director. and a good co hw and it will be fine although the show is canned

ATWT needs a new opening.

GL needs better sets. What is with the staw set as the hopsital. Its like a teepee or a jungle hut

All the soaps new fresh faces BEHIND the scenes. All soaps need to take risk and all the soaps need to g oback to their own idnetities.

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