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Changing my SON name...


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Kenny = ?

Just to shake things up, I'm going to change my SON name for one month (or more). I can't think of any good ideas for my new identity, though... so I'm asking for everyone's help. Here's how it'll work.

1.) I want everyone to list random name ideas within this thread. Be creative, come up with anything or as many as you want. They don't have to be soap-related, and they can be totally random or humiliating. Just keep in mind, the name cannot exceed 26 characters. You choose whatever! :P

2.) In a few days, I'll choose my five favorite names from those listed within this thread.

After that, I'll ask everyone to vote for their favorite from my five choices. Whichever name wins out will be the name that I post with at SON for a month! And who knows? If I like it well enough, I might make it a permanent change! I'll also thank the winner in my signature for coming up with my fabulous new identity!

Sound fun? I think so... just use your creativity!

Create my name, y'all!
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These are all pretty stupid. :rolleyes: But alas.....

Blanche Dimera




Blake Sheep



.........................................personally, I like "Kenny". I don't know a better fit for you. :P

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