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Bikini or Brazilian?


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I'm not quite sure which thread to stick this in, so I thought I'd stick it in a new one.

It is a little, um, delicate and I'm not sure I want to ask my lady friends "in the outside world." Because it's about waxing down there, and I could pretty much picture them clutching their pearls and going all :o

So... Trimmed or completely Bald? Bikini or Brazilian? Which do guys prefer?

I'm a Bikini-wax person myself. FYI, that does NOT mean that we have Bozo the Bush Clown going on down there.

I'm also not a big fan of heading down to the beauty parlor and have some total stranger part my legs like they are my gynocologist (and believe me, I am *not* a fan of going to see him, either) and then pour molten hot wax ALL over my private parts. And then rip the everlasting [!@#$%^&*] out of them. That pain is the female equivalent of getting kicked in the nuts. Hard.

I don't know whether any of you ladies who have had the Brazilian have ever experienced panty burn from rushing somewhere too quickly. Yeah. Ow.

I'm also a teensy bit unnerved when I hear that some guys like their ladies "bald." Maybe it's just me.

Or maybe it's like that question you ask guys about whether they watch porn and they are, all, like "Nuh uh. No way! I got better things to do." Then you realize that pretty much ALL guys watch porn.

So is it the same way with the Brazilian wax? Do all guys secretly like the No Hair Down There look? Curious to know.

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At Rite Aid, they have Nair products. It's a roll on with wax. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks easy to use. I heard Brazillian was painful. I'll try anything once.

It's funny you should mention this because I was talking about this with some other people. There's no wild bushes going on with them, but a trim is preferrable to looking like some little girl.

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Ahh girls with their misconceptions about what guys like.

Almost every single guy I know prefers a girl with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING down there. It is softer and just all-around more pleasant when you are going down!

Almost every chick I have slept with in the last 3-4 years has been bare down there...all of them have told me it is even more pleasurable without it.

There is nothing more nasty than preparing to go down on a chick, removing her panties and WHAMM OOOH...it is a MAJOR turnoff for me personally.

I will not go down on a chick that has any hair...I just refuse!

As for me, with my hair, if the chick I am with or dating wants me with no hair down there, I will do whatever she wants. Most prefer not to have it bare down there though, just very trimmed and besides going down on a guy is much easier as (depending on his size I guess) you completely avoid touching hair with your mouth! With a chick it is totally different!

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