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The Office: Discussion Thread


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I thought the season finale was good but it wasn't as great as their other season finales. Season three was much better and season two was spectacular I feel that this season finale lost alot of it's momentum and alot of it's excitement and in some ways I feel that this season as a whole was one of the weakest ones since it got picked up.





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Funny lines/moments from Episode 5.1: "Weight Loss"

Dwight: Hold it in your mouth if you can't swallow.

Jim to Michael: Really? Nothing?

Stanley: We were fighting the power and eating whatever we wanted.

Dwight putting fruit and hammering a peach into the vending machine.

Andy: Hey Ang...ela *starts signing* ela, ela ela. eh.....

Andy: Every boy fantasizes about his fairy tale wedding.

Michael and Holly's rap! "Jigga jigga whaaaat"

Michael to Jan's belly: Who's your daddy? You don't know who your daddy is, do you.

Holly: He is not an idiot. He is mentally challenged. But he's doing a super job here.

Kevin: What a minute, back up. Do you think that I'm retarded?

Michael: What's wrong with these people? They have no will power. I once went 28 years without having sex...and then again for seven years.

Dwight: Happy birthday, Stanley *Dwight kicks the cake*

Kelly: I swallowed a tape worm last night. It's gonna grow inside of me and it eats all my food so I don't get fat. Then after a few months, I take some medicine, and then I pass it. Creed told this to me. It's from Mexico.

Cut to Creed: That wasn't a tape worm.

Ryan: And you got a goat tee.

Michael: I did!

Ryan: Did you get that after you helped me move and you saw mine?

Michael: Yes. Gooooooo tee!

Michael: You know my seduction method. I like to get in there and get my hands dirty.

Dwight: I will randomly select three people for liposuction......uhhh...Stanley, Phyllis, Kevin. And you will be responsible for your own medical bills.

Under the "Body Image Celebrities" banner - Marshmellow man, Elvis Presley, Jabba the Hut, Martin Lawrence's Big Momma" :lol:

Michael: Dwight, I want you to apologize to this beautiful, beautiful woman for forcing her to walk 5 miles, which for her is basically a death march.

Phyllis: I wonder what people like about me? Probably my jugs.

Holly: Why do guys not call when they say they're gonna call?

Michael: I don't know. I always call back right away.

Andy: Andy Benard does not lose contests, he wins them. Or he quits them because they're unfair.

And Jim finally proposed to Pam!!!! :)

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Toups glad you posted about the episode....I think it was a great premiere..Loved the Biggest Loser aspect..and my friend did the liquid diet that Kelly first tried, so that was funny seeing...Loved when she just fell off the scale...

And the Jim/Pam proposal was so romantic, loved the falling rain...

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Toups glad you posted about the episode....I think it was a great premiere..Loved the Biggest Loser aspect..and my friend did the liquid diet that Kelly first tried, so that was funny seeing...Loved when she just fell off the scale...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Kelly falling off the scale. :lol:

Liquid diet....that's just gross.

And the Jim/Pam proposal was so romantic, loved the falling rain...

Yup! Rain is very romantic. I'm glad they didn't drag out the proposal.

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Episode 5.2: "Business Ethics"

Michael and Holly in headbands and singing: "Let's get ethical, ethical, I wanna get ethical...." :lol:

Kelly: Why is okay for smokers to take breaks all the time? If I want to go outside and hangout once an hour, then I’ll take up smoking.

Oscar: Once, once one in a while, I, I'll take a long lunch break.

Michael: A siesta!

Dwight: Time thief! Time thief! Fire him!

Jim: Dwight, you've really never stolen any company time?

Dwight: Never!

Michaal: You are a thief of joy.

Angela: I once reported Oscar to the INS. Turns out he’s clean, but I’m glad I did.

Meredith: I'll go. Have you guys ever met Bruce Myers? The Scranton rep for Hammermill? Well for the past six years I have been sleeping with him in exchange for discounts on our supplies and Outback Steakhouse gift certificates.

Michael: Meredith, why don’t you tell Holly it’s not what she’s thinks, nothing unethical happened, and you just like to sleep around.

Jim “timing” Dwight for personal time. :lol:

Michael: She's my friend, and ultimately, my strategy is to merge this into a relationship without her even knowing.

Michael: Okay, new idea. We don’t report her at all. We just punish her.

Holly: We punish her?

Michael: Tell her she can’t have sex for 6 months.

Holly: I don’t think we could enforce that.

Michael: I don’t know....I saw this thing like a belt with a key.

Holly: A chastity belt.

Michael: No. It’s more of a underwear garmet that has little spikes....that sometimes are made out of metal. You know what I’m talking about. You unlock a little door....down....where you....where you put the.....

Jim: He has not stopped working... for a second. At 12:45, he sneezed, while keeping his eyes open, which I always thought was impossible. At 1:32 he peed. And I know that because he did that in an open soda bottle, under the desk, while filling out expense reports. And on the flip side, I've been so busy watching him that I haven't even started work. It's exhausting, being this vigilant. I'll probably have to go home early today.

Michael refuses to share the coffee with Holly so he takes the pot with him. Then he cuts in front of Holly just as she’s about to use the photocopier, and starts to photocopy a picture frame. :lol:

Michael: How do you tell someone, that you care about, deeply, “I told you so.” Gently? With a rose? In a funny way? Like it's a hilarious joke? Or do you just let it go. Because saying it would just make it worse........ Probably the funny way.

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Episode 5.3: "Baby Shower"

Dwight: Babies are one of my many areas of expertise. Growing up, I performed my own circumcision.

Michael dropping the watermelon/baby. :lol:

Michael: It does not matter to me at all whether this baby is biologically mine. I’m going to love it. It’s like when the dog nurses the tiger cub. Have you seen that video? It is so bizarre and unnatural, but, it... it happens

Stanley: I do not like pregnant women in my workspace. They are always complaining. I have varicose veins, too. I have swollen ankles; I’m constantly hungry. You think my nipples don’t get sore too? You think I don’t need to know the fastest way to the hospital?

Michael: If a baby were president, there would be no taxes, there would be no war. There would be no government and... things could get terrible. And actually probably it would be a better screenplay idea than a serious suggestion.

Michael holding up the baby car seat: Lion King!!!!

Jan singing about losing her virginity. :lol:

Dwight throwing the stroller around and then dragging it with his car. :lol:

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Episode 5.4: "Crime Aid"

Michael: In my opinion the third date is traditionally the one where.. you have sex. Does Holly feel that way? I don't know. I will probably find out tonight. If she starts having sex with me I'll know for sure.

Holly: Oh the mall could be fun.

Michael: Yeah!

Holly: We could go to the food court, get different foods. You could get chicken teriyaki, I could get a hot dog.

Michael: Some of what we order depends on if we're having sex after. [both pause, then laugh] Woah! Elephant in the room! Are we, do you think? Do you think we're going to have sex tonight?

Holly: Hell yeah.

Michael Scott: Ok so we do the restaurant thing and we can do-- we'll just do the restaurant thing first.

[cut to talking head]

Michael Scott: Probably get soup, or something light.

Holly: I didn't forget my keys, I just didn't want to make out with you in front of the cameras. Do you think they can hear us?

Michael Scott: Not if we turn these dials alll the way down. [increases mic volume] And now they can't hear us at all.

Holly: Oh good.

Michael Scott: We're totally alone!

Dwight: She introduced me to so many things: Pasteurized milk, sheets, monotheism. Presents on your

Angela: I never felt safe here.

Andy: You're always safe with me, I'm a very good screamer. And one day, we're going to move to Disney's Celebration Village in Florida and leave all of this behind.

Angela: I would very much like that.

Creed: Nobody steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do this disappeared. His name? [whispering] Creed Bratton.

Michael: To recoup their losses, I am planning a charity auction where people from all over Scranton can come and bid on our goods and services. I’m calling it Crime Aid....it’s like Farm Aid but instead of farms fighting against aids, it is us fighting against our own poverty.

Michael: Come on, let’s have an auction. Let’s do this. We’ll auction off people...like in the olden days. [camera zooms in on Stanley's face] LMAO!!

Holly: Michael scored the big ticket item: Springsteen tickets. The boss scored the boss!

Michael Scott: Yeah. I think that's pretty boss!

Holly: He knows how to get things. He got me.

Michael Scott: Woahhh!

Holly: Sorry.

Michael Scott: Twice. Right?

Both: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Michael Scott: [bangs gavel] The hell is that?

Phyllis: It's the only gavel I could find.

Michael Scott: It squeaks when you bang it. That's what she said.

I have to say, I'm loving Amy Ryan as Holly. Holly and Michael are perfect together.

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These last 3 episodes weren't that funny. :mellow:

Episode 5.5: "Employee Transfer"

Pam: So, apparently no one dresses up for Halloween here. I wish I'd known that before I used grease paint for my mustache. And I can't even take off my hat, because then I'm Hitler.

Michael: Hey. You crying?

Holly: No.

Michael: Allergies?

Holly: No.

Michael: Did Darryl touch you?

Darryl: What!

Episode 5.6: "Customer Survey"

Dwight: What is your name, sir?

Jim: I am Bill Butlicker.



Kelly: Dwight get out of my nook!

Pam: That's what she said! That's what she said! That's what she said!

Episode 5.7: "Business Trip"

Michael: Did you know that in Morocco, it is common to exchange a small gift when meeting somebody for the first time? In Japan, you must always commit suicide to avoid embarrassment. In Italy, you must always wash your hands after going to the bathroom. This is considered to be polite.

Michael: My boss is sending me abroad to do a presentation to an international client. And I have always been intrigued by all things international: the women, the pancakes, The Man of Mystery...

Michael Scott: Meredith I would like you to pretend that you are from Abu Dhabi.

Meredith: Hellloo...

Michael Scott: I am ashamed at your naked face. I must cover it with my jacket. [puts his jacket over Meredith's head] You are now sexy in your culture.

Oscar: I'm probably going to leave after one drink.

Andy: Yeah, with a hot slab of Canadian bacon in your hand.

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I loved wedding episode!!! One of the best and funniest episodes in a while.

The Youtube/Dancing down the isle thing was hilarious!! Kevin tripping and knocking things over, Dwight accidently kicking the bridesmaid, Andy having to use a walker.

OMG at Andy's scrotum. I was ROTLMAO when he did the "banana split" and started screaming....to his facial expressions when he was being carried out...to the ice pack while in bed.....to his feet up in the air in the car.... Ed Helms is brilliant.

Loved Kevin's tissue shows and ewwwww to him putting his feet int he ice machine. LMAO!

Dwight finding the "perfect set of twins" and Michael ditching the hot woman.

I loved Jim's speech about Pam, "I was waiting for my wife."

Michael: "It's a different sensation." LMAO!!

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Found this -


"The Office" — If You Watch, You're Probably: Superior to others… or at least think you are. People who consider themselves superior to others are 47% more likely to watch NBC's workplace comedy; these people believe they are extraordinary and brag about their accomplishments. (So, basically, the audience is full of Michael Scotts.) They choose brands like the BMW Series 3 over the Lincoln Town Car. "Office" fans also have some overlap with Gleeks: Those same experientialists are 44% more likely to clock in at the Scranton branch than average, and they prefer V8 vegetable juice to Doritos. And you know what's in V8, Dwight Schrute? Beets!




I don't feel superior and I don't brag - however I do like V8.


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Steve Carell will be leaving "The Office" early. The NBC comedy's executive producer, Greg Daniels, says Carell will be gone before the season-ending episodes in May.


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