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SOD Spoilers

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Cover story:

Marlena goes Missing and John takes off too. Gist of it is that Reilly had planned this story so Sheffer kept it. It ties into Stefano and the gloved hand story. Marlena is missing from NJ and blood is found in her room. HS goes to great lengths to reassure viewers that Jarlena will not be gone long and that they will be seen a lot in the near future. Upon return to Salem Marlena takes place as Belle’s mother, a romance with John and a Heroine. Jarlena will also be involved with Steve and Kayla and Bope.

HOTN: MBE, SN, Steve and Kayla

VCR alerts:

Bo tells Hope that Shawn is Claire’s father

Chelsea sees Steve and Billie kissing

What will happen:

Lucas goes after Billie (that was a typo, it actually should read Lucas goes after Austin)

Shawn talks to Frankie about his parental rights

Shelle share a tender moment

Chelsea and Bo bond

Patrick tells Hope he’s innocent

Cute interview with Rachel Melvin and Darin Brooks.


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Wow I am a little ticked Jarlena are gone again but the story sounds good. It seems JER was going back the Dimera route too but I am glad Hogan kept it. It does sound intriguing.

Sounds like a week of reaction and fallout coming next week which is ok with me as this week has been exciting. Next week the show can breath a bit and then give us some great fallout.

Sounds good though. :)

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