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I'm in a new documentary


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I don't know what to think right now. I start college on Thursday and am taking part in a documentary on freshman life in college. During orientation in June, producers came to my college, which I can't say the location yet, and posted sign up sheets for incoming freshman. They wanted to film freshman life in college and how stresful it can be. There were so many people that signed up. You should've seen the sign up sheet. They was filled with names thousands of names. The producers called back 250, back in July. I just so happened to be one of the 250. We were asked questions about our friends, family, etc, and then sent back. Afterwards, I got a call in late July, telling me that I had to go back up to the college for another group meeting. The group was then brought back with only 25 this time. The producers told us that 11 of us would get a call in the next couple of weeks, telling us whether we made the final 11 or not. Well, I practically forgot the whole thing, or at least that's what I like to tell people so I don't sound so desperate. But today, I got the call and was told I was going to be one of the 11 cast members of this new documentary. Filming is going to take place until May of next year, filming our entire freshman year. The producers are so secretive about the entire thing. 2 of my friends made the final 11 as well which was totally weird. None of us know what's going to happen when we get to campus Thursday. We were told to go about our lives in a "normal fashion" and to try and ignore the cameras as best as possible because there will be many there. No one knows what the whole thing is about. There is a lot of talk about the show being on MTV after the new year. I just think that's wishful thinking though. The producers didn't have any recognizable logos on their things. I think if any of us saw MTV on something, we would know what the show was. Instead, the producers claimed that the documentar is going to be a locally brodcasted show, nothing major. My friend thinks they only said that so we don't expect fame from the whole deal. I'm really excited, yet nervous about the whole thing. I'll keep you guys posted on anything I hear or when I find out for sure if this is local or national.

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