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  1. No, it's a play. Did you see the link from xInDepth that I posted? She also had a feature article (another link) on adopting a second rescue dog. SO CUTE!
  2. Yes, VR, I am appreciative today of the assistance I'm getting via private messages. I doubt that many people did not know that that was Patrick McNee who died this year. He & Diana Rigg were the original Avengers. Now, you have gone even further & accused me of having a mental illness. You're just pitiful about this. I'm working as hard as I can here to get along with all y'all. And, I've got people sending me messages to help me. And, I am very hopeful that sooner instead of later I will fit in here. STOP CALLING ME NAMES. I WILL NOT CALL YOU ANY.
  3. Does anyone know who else was considered for Buzz? And, was the pairing of Fiona Hutchison with him always tip-top? I saw her not long ago & she was working with kids. They had big plans for something that I think will be Christmas-time.
  4. Okay. Rebecca Budig was the Michelle after Miner. Nancy St. Alban was Michelle Bauer Santos. Budig apparently has very powerful parents.
  5. Well, he was fired. Both he & Rachel Miner, who had played young Michelle to his young Billy were both fired. In his case, he was considered to be too short for whomever had ended up as that next Michelle. I can't think what her name was. I'm blank. But, I do know that later she ended up over on ABC. Someone will think of it. Gosh, I loved both of them! Bryan Buffington and Rachel Miner!
  6. I thought "Always" was just overdone at the end. And, Beth had been with Alan ... and then he died. And, Harley was gone. Otalia was solid. Jonathan was going to do an okay job of parenting Sarah. Bill & Lizzie were going to be a pair. Buzz & Lillian were going to be a pair. Vanessa & Billy were going to be a pair.
  7. So, does that include their Wednesday night block of 3 shows and Thursday night's L&O:SVU?
  8. WOW What a catalogue! I saw over the weekend that Strasser said DOOL told her they were done with her. Interesting, hmm?
  9. I don't follow. For starters you didn't answer my question about Doug singing to Julie. After that, what empty board space was I gobbling? It seemed to me that I was following rules.
  10. Hey, @slick jones I can't help but wish you liked me. Just sayin'.
  11. Was Doug singing to Julie not appropriate?
  12. Ohhhh, yeah, they both look fantastic!! Now, it is high time for one!
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