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  1. 36 minutes ago, Khan said:


    See, that's what I think it was, too.  Well, that, and Ron Carlivati basically hitting the same storytelling wall that all HW's hit with this show.  (By the way, @ReddFoxx, I hope I didn't come across too strongly in my last reply.  I was worried I might've put you on the proverbial spot without meaning to.)

    Your post was fine, I didn't take it the wrong way.

  2. 6 hours ago, Khan said:

    He isn't phased by Jennifer's being in a coma for so long, b/c he isn't really J.J.  He's Michael Evans, the Militant Midget, in a J.J. mask.


    "Like Kool-Aid over the ice cubes, so are the 'Good Times of Our Lives'."


    Don't post things like that because the writer might be reading this board for ideas. Now Ralph Carter might show up as Abe's half brother Gabe.

  3. I was coming to post about her running into the wall. That was a scene that requires oxygen to watch, because that was hilarious. Tyler Perry comes up with the craziest ideas.


    Of course, that's probably what Melania Trump does when he husband takes off his clothes.

  4. 1 hour ago, Soapsuds said:

    It's ridiculous that JJ went over the deep end and started doping again because of her instead of his mom who was in a coma.

    Now that you mention it that is pretty ridiculous. They could have at least written it as being a combination.

    4 minutes ago, Antoyne said:

    How did Hayley die?? And why is Will in jail becoming best friends with the guy who killed him?

    So far we haven't heard the exact details, but supposedly Kristen murdered her.

  5. I'd want to play a villain that was part of one of the sanctimonious families. I would be Leonard Carver, the son of one Jonah and Lexie who comes to Salem full of rage and a need for revenge after being left in the foster care system for his entire childhood. He'd be the creator of that app that Gabi used to control Julie's heart and would push his way into DiMera by blackmailing Gabi with his knowledge of how she used the app. Then he'd work his way on to the city council and be a foil for Abe at every turn.

  6. There are no words for this type of foolery and funkery. He was probably involved with his daughter's boyfriend while she was still with him. There are just some things you do not do and this is one of them. I had an uncle who is now deceased who married an older woman who was from Germany and he ended up sleeping with one of her daughters, so this sort of idiocy is not uncommon.

  7. 1 hour ago, JaneAusten said:

    I hope people here know this is one of the ultimate southern insults and is not Bel Edwards sucking up to Trump. He also won by 3 points. Not a squeaker.

    I knew that and a lot of other people seem to know it, but it wouldn't surprise me if some people on both sides of the aisle were unaware of this being an insult.

  8. 6 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    Something that not enough people are paying attention to--how the Asian/Asia-American communities are voting.

    Campaigns are paying close attention to this. It's part of the reason why Democrats flipped every congressional seat in Orange County. Asian-Americans voted 77% Democratic last year which made them the most Democratic voting demographic behind African-Americans.

  9. Entering the presidential race in November is too late without question. Focusing on a state that is later in the primary while ignoring the earlier ones is exactly what Giuliani did in the 2008 GOP primary and he ended up being irrelevant before that state came up (Florida was where he focused on).

  10. The medicare for all plan by Warren is problematic, because it does increase middle class taxes and what is left of the middle class can't afford that. People simply aren't going to buy that the tax increase is really a savings because you aren't paying for private health insurance anymore. That is an extremely tough sell for voters. Out of who is left, I think Biden and Harris have the best chance of winning (Biden provided that he can stay on track and avoid unforced errors).

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