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  1. 1 hour ago, Roman said:
    Business Insider
    ‏Verified account @businessinsider
    Trump tried to poach German scientists working on a cure for coronavirus and offered cash so the vaccine would be exclusive to the USA

    What he was really trying to do is find a way for his companies to profit from any medication to fight the virus and secure the patent for it.

  2. A lockdown is necessary at this point to at least try and stop the trajectory of new cases. Only grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed to be open under the stipulations of the countries that have locked down, so that is probably a good blueprint to follow. Of course you have working people who can't afford to miss that much work and this terrible administration isn't going to reimburse them which is a huge problem for a lockdown.

  3. 2 hours ago, dio said:

    DAYS really lucked out with the coronavirus pandemic situation. I'm assuming all the shows are gonna have to shut down production, eventually. Meanwhile, they have almost a year's worth of episodes in the can already. And more people will be staying home in the afternoon and potentially watching their messy show. 

    That's a really good point. Filming so far ahead saved them quite bit of time they would have lost in this emergency.

  4. I could see that being true. There were entertainers in that era that had children they knew nothing about. She certainly brought a lot of energy to the screen and Cab Calloway was energetic so maybe that's where she got it from.

  5. Republicans don't have control of enough state elections for Trump to have any impact on elections being canceled. As long as there are enough states voting for a candidate to reach 270 then any cancellations that he could convince extremely red states to order would be rendered moot.


    Elizabeth Warren was never going to endorse Sanders. She didn't endorse Sanders in 2016 and received some ire. They have some of the same ideas but is more pragmatic than him and that is why she didn't endorse him then and won't endorse him now. When they got into it that argument after that one debate it was clear that they clearly do not get along.

  6. Obviously that person is trolling and not being at all respectful about Roscoe Born's death. Seeing someone on television and judging them from what character's they play is not a way of knowing if they are "off". Bipolar is a terrible disorder and it's sad to read that Mr. Born was afflicted by it and took his own life.

  7. He wasn't getting much work before Trump and he started cheerleading for Trump to find an income. People like him don't get hired because they can act, they get hired to get half naked in roles that have no substance. Now that he's older he can't get by on that anymore. When he ran for Congress one of my friends said she wanted to vote for him because she thought he looked good in Janet Jackson's video (face palm), so he really is just someone who has gotten by on looks.

  8. He clearly has admiration for Cuba and Nicaragua's communist regimes, so he's not going to worry about his supporters being toxic. Those were people who pushed revolution by any means necessary and while the governments they overthrew were terrible they ended up being not much better. If it takes bullying to takeover the party and win the nomination then Sanders is for it, but it isn't working because there aren't enough far left voters to put him over the top.


    With that said, he gave props to George Wallace for building a movement and has said things about most drug dealers being black, that class is a bigger issue than race, etc. Sanders has race issues.

  9. Some cases don't even get to trial for 6 months to a year, so it's totally absurd that the writers had Ben up for executions so quick. All Carlivati wanted was a overly dramatic execution scene where Ben was rescued. In fiction it is necessary to take some liberties with realism, but there is a limit and this story clearly crossed it.

  10. Klobuchar and Warren could take a number a delegates on Super Tuesday which would reduce Sanders' chances of running up a sizable plurality of delegates. Sanders' supporters include a lot of oddballs who have no real ideology other than liking any candidate who talks about revolution and change (some of them used to support Ron Paul who is the polar opposite of Sanders).

  11. 2 hours ago, Khan said:


    Now, I'm picturing Joe Biden telling the crowd, "I was only supposed to be on every other Tuesday!".  Thank you, @ReddFoxx.

    You're welcome, lol.


    In post-South Carolina primary news, Biden is picking up donors from other candidates. This is big because he has been low on cash.



  12. Joe Biden had his Susan Lucci Emmy moment tonight. He has run for President four times over 36 years and this was his first primary win. That aside, his strategy to bet on South Carolina paid off and will give him a boost into Super Tuesday.

  13. That's not racist at all. Agricultural and domestic work is mostly done by immigrants now. And before immigrants, it was black people who were mostly doing that work. There as a bill that as passed in Alabama that was supposed to curb illegal immigration and free up agriculture jobs. Well once it was in place there were some legal citizens who signed up, but most of them didn't show up for work and lots of produce ended up rotting on the vine.

  14. 6 hours ago, Khan said:


    Ah, but Tyler Perry said he tried running a writers' room and it was (his words) "a nightmare."  Apparently, it was the other writers' fault that his ratings dipped, even though, as showrunner, it is HIS responsibility to ensure that every script bears his voice.  (Say what you will about Joss Whedon, but I never heard him blame Marti Noxon for turning the last two seasons of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" into a chore to watch.)



    Doesn't Tyler Perry realize that, at the very least, letting actors wear their own hair would be more cost-effective?  Or is the man just trolling the haters at this point?

    He's stuck in the same mode that he was in for writing his plays and he very much prides himself on lifting himself out of poverty with his work (he was living in his car at one point years ago), so I'm guessing that gives him an elevated view of his writing.


    Wigs are a big part of theatre, but on stage props like wigs are a lot more common as they are used there to hide microphones and to better help transform actors in their characters. Television and film is a lot different, but he doesn't seem to get that. Or maybe he really is trolling, which would be absolutely hilarious.

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