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  1. 1 hour ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    Sigh. :rolleyes:


    White Midwesterners aren't exactly that enlightened either and probably are worst. Some of these truck driving, supposedly patriotic rural types would beat up a gay person if they could get away with it, but a religious black southerner would bandage, protect and feed the same person. There are some black people who are quite socially conservative, but there are many more socially conservative whites who control the electorate.

  2. Buttigieg could pull off a win in Iowa, but the problem for him is that he has no path forward on Super Tuesday because he has no support among black voters.


    Harris is the candidate that I believe could also pull off a surprise win in Iowa and be able to push through into Super Tuesday. She's taken an interesting strategy of going to some voters homes to cook them dinner in Iowa and has been practically camped out there and in South Carolina. Strategically focusing on a couple of early states is for the best.

  3. If Sanders does not win NH then he has no real path to the nomination. If Biden can get out of IA and NH at least a second place finish in one he can win SC and make it to Super Tuesday to close things out. I don't see an actual floor fight happening. With that said, someone not in the top three could sneak up and win Iowa, which would give them momentum moving forward. If that doesn't happen I have a really hard time not locking things in on Super Tuesday (barring any unforced errors or gaffes on his part).

  4. Cult mentality is never a good thing in politics. There is actually Sanders fan fiction and it's no secret how weird fan fiction of any kind can get at times. Someone even created a coloring book with his head superimposed over a muscular body. The number of young people who seem to really think that he has given their life purpose is really disturbing and he does nothing to discourage it.

  5. NJ-2 voted for Trump, but not by a wide percentage and it's hardly as supportive of him as some rural areas are. Plus in redistricting it probably will end up dropping the redder parts. Jeff Van Drew had a reputation of being a moderate Democrat in the New Jersey State Senate and he's trying to duplicate that record in Congress, but voting against an impeachment inquiry when there really is evidence of wrongdoing makes no sense.

  6. Sanders is tone deaf when it comes to non-whites and has limited political acumen outside of populism against billionaires. The fact that the NAACP in Vermont could never get a response back from him tells you all that you need to know about him.

  7. 5 hours ago, te. said:

    Why is he allowed to make so many mediocre shows and why are people watching them?

    He is able make shows because he built up a following doing plays marketed toward urban audiences which no one else really targets. When you find an untapped market you tend to do fairly well.

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