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  1. Xander mentioned that they paid off the doctor. Sarah did mention last week that the baby seemed different, but Xander said something to convince her otherwise.


    Will wanting to stay in prison is just stupid. Of course he would be concerned about Maggie, but it's idiotic writing for him to want to stay in prison for something terrible he didn't do.

  2. 1 hour ago, Soapsuds said:

    Will: Victor did this to me.


    No sweet darling Will....you did by blabbing out loud that you did without knowing the whole facts.

    Agreed, Will was saying he caused the accident, but wasn't even sure about it. Clearly he has none of his mother in him because Sami would have not given herself up like that with no proof.

  3. If Sanders gets the nomination, I cannot vote for him in the general. I'm in California, so my vote won't really make a difference on account of the electoral college. Russia already targets black social media users to try and keep black voters home and Sanders accepting this endorsement gives them more fuel for their trolling, so he'd have a major problem in swing states where the black vote is critical. That's why he would be a terrible nominee.

  4. 2 hours ago, Gray Bunny said:


    Total clickbait. Love her or hate her, people are going to read and respond to what she has to say. But yes, there is an unnatural, unjustifiable hatred towards this woman and all the evils she hasn't done. 


    Sigh... We should've done away with the electoral college after Bush/Gore 2000... 

    The Electoral College won't be abolished unless a Republican wins the popular vote but fails to secure the electoral vote. If that somehow occurred these Republican legislatures in red states would be tripping all over themselves to get rid of it.

  5. When you have Bernie Sanders practically hitting another candidate, I think it's perfectly relevant for his likeability among colleagues and others to be highlighted. In a general election these things would be a problem and make voters feel as if their choices are between two angry, elderly men with delusions of grandeur. Clinton merely voiced an opinion and Sanders supporters are angry because it was a valid one.

  6. He did send out a tweet days before the election saying that not everyone thinking about voting for Trump was racist and that seemed like a signal to his supporters. He never said anything to dismiss the talk by his supporters about the primary being rigged and that spoke volumes.

  7. I do like Kristen and Lani as friends. Soaps often do not formulate female friendships well and this one is off to a good start (for now at least).


    I know that the Gina and Stefano storyline is ridiculous, but I couldn't but help but enjoy when they walked into the party. That was classic soap opera.

  8. Bill Cosby is someone that I wish I could yell obscenities at, because he has no remorse and no self-awareness. Even before the revelations I never much cared for him because he was too pretentious.


    Eric Monte (Good Times) claims that the idea for the Cosby Show was stolen from him after he pitched it to a producer who would go on to produce the Cosby Show. I don't know how true that is but it wouldn't surprise me if it was true, because it was odd how Cosby finally managed to find a hit after other failed television comedy show and pitched idea can easily be stolen. Taking another black man's idea, making money with white producers off it and not compensated him for it seems more slave like than a silly joke.

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