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  1. 1989 seems to be when audiences, who judging by ratings were loving the Rauch stuff before, seemed to lose patience or interest with everything. These reviews have made the rounds but I'll repost them just to give a sense of how Critics reacted to Rauch... 1984 (just when Slesar was joining and before Rauch came on, who replaced him quickly with the Corringtons--who he knew from Texas--who didn't last long either) 1986 1988 (from one of my fave soap writers, Chris Schemering) And just cuz I have the files here, an article about Joe Stuart's take over of OLTL in the late 70s.
  2. Have I??? Who do you think you are asking?? Though we call them "psycho-biddy" films
  3. I was watching some 1984 OLTL episodes (from before and then after Paul Rauch became EP in July) and watching the writing credits--does it drive anyone else how completely off they are on OLTL's Wiki?? LOL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_One_Life_to_Live_crew
  4. Geraldine Page is in my top 3 actors. Back then, especially, there was no way either of those actors would have agreed to a daytime soap in a regular role. I mean yes Kim Hunter had done an arc on Edge of Night, etc, but Page and Bridges' careers were still more prominent than hers was when she was on a soap. Wait--Cranston has a book and mentions Loving?? Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg is semi active on FB. A couple of times, and maybe after a couple of drinks, I've been tempted to message him and ask him about his memories (if he has any) of the pilot film. But then think better of it. (Though, I mean, surely he's tired of all those questions about Brideshead Revisited, or his dozens of Rolling Stones videos and would find it refreshing, right?? FUn random trivia considering Larry Kramer's passing--he directed the original Broadway production of The Normal Heart. Opening just a month or two before was Broadway's first gay AIDS drama, the now forgotten, but IMHO better written hit, As Is. He didn't direct that, but the impossible to find, except for 15 minutes on youtube, cable TV version of As Is from 1986 was directed by... Michael Lindsay-Hogg)
  5. So very strange! Agnes' archives I went to had the As The Earth Turns bible, but she's listed as co-creator with Irna and Ted Corday, so that makes sense. (it also had two radio "outlines" as they called them--one for Dr Joyce Jones, which was an Irna show Agnes did write for and was at a time that Agnes could have done the actual initial creation--and... Ma Perkins. Which... Maybe she or someone involved in the archives had a copy in and just threw it in there? Talk about random!) Also--re Bell and Nixon. Bell co-created Another World. We know that Irna only wrote it briefly, the implication being her plan to go full out melodrama for it didn't suit her actual style. And then the show floundered under Lipton (there may have been another writer before him) and then Agnes Nixon came on in... 1966 I think. If Bell was co-creator, why didn't he go to that show? Instead, in 1966 he went to Days of Our Lives, which he was not, as far as we know, a creator of...
  6. *waits impatiently for the Debbi video*
  7. Thanks!! I missed that issue somehow, though I was trying to get all the AMC ending mags, I wonder if I can find a scan.
  8. Oh, that's more than fair. Im certainly not talking about MW now.
  9. It probably helps that, besides Vincent's, they've been edited. But I agree. Even the Ladies of Loving reunion, which had a *bit* of that at the start, was much tighter and show-centric. Wow! Lots of work put into that. Funny enough, I just found a SOD which voted OLTL as worst show of 1989.
  10. Oh I wouldn't mind if Susan was asked about John--one of his first big storylines was kidnapping her (and then "kidnapping her") in the Destiny on the Danube arc. They definitely worked together and he was pretty major to the 90s of the show. But otherwise, I agree with you. No secret about the micromanaging, but glad to hear him say that. I'm more curious about the earlier comment--Lorraine came on as a favour to Agnes Nixon to try to fix AMC for its anniversary after Pratt's mess--we've basically been told that in interviews. Also, from the start I thought Lorraine said she didn't want to take on the responsibilities of a HW anymore and it was just an interim job? It is true that in 2011 it was announced she would be the new HW (and then, what, a week or two later the AMC cancellation announcement...) I mean obviously Vincent should know far more about this than myself, but...
  11. YES to Julia Bar. I actually liked Billy Miller on AMC--I know many fans don't agree (it was one of B&E's better stories actually--the reveal of his true motives was drawn out but in a good way--for a long time I just thought he was a regular bit player, playing a friendly bartender who had a few lines at The Comeback). But it did seem a bit awkward to have him among actors who were on the show much much longer. I was never a big Babe fan, but Alexa's love for the character and show was nice to see. The host made one of his first real faux pas I thought when he asked for memories of John Callahan. His character was pretty much decimated by the time most of these actors came on, and, as they mentioned, they never had any real stories with him or even memorable scenes that I can think of. I wished Bobbie had confirmed that they immediately took Krystal in a different direction because I remember the first couple of scenes we saw on her (on the phone to her daughter) it was implied that she was going to scam her daughter and only connecting now that she was rich--and they showed her sleeping around in a cheap motel, etc. Then when she showed up in Pine Valley nearly all of that was out the window. Anyway, I welcomed the video, but yes, the least interesting so far (but I'm not too surprised...) Interesting about them being aware of David Canary's deteriorating health when he returned for the final few ABC episodes. I remember thinking his depiction of Stuart seemed off, but otherwise it was great to see him. Then when he appeared (very briefly despite being on contract) on the online version, it quickly was aware how wrong things were. From all I've heard, most of the actors really liked him. I thought that eventually him and Kate both got along (certainly they've joked about how much they hated each other at first). He seemed loved at, no pun, Loving...
  12. I actually didn't see it as shade--at least not the way she said it, but maybe that's just me...
  13. LOved the story about director Kaplan's notes (he was a regular at AMC from 1977-97) Interesting when they started talking about AMC being the best soap--something of course some actors, for a myriad reasons, seemed more keen to say than others (reasons like maybe they were on another soap for a long time, maybe their character didn't have the best writing, etc)
  14. By 1992, when I started paying attention to the soap ratings, AMC was pretty consistently number 2--I believe this stayed until 95 or so.
  15. Yep, when McTavish's final run at AMC really became awful. It barely even seemed like she or any other HW was in charge. Not because the writing was bad-and it was--but McTavish has had bad writing eras before, but it just really felt like suddenly no one knew what they were doing (Pratt's final months being similar).
  16. I loved Tess on Loving--never really liked Hickland on OLTL. The Curtis stuff is kinda grimy and sleazy for Nixon--but I admit I have a soft spot when she goes out there with the Gothic drama and the story really appealed to me.
  17. Which is pretty amazing! Ha I've noticed And gosh, I really don't mean to cast any shade on fans of them, and hate that my comment sounded like I was. Just for myself, I don't see any of the things I love about daytime soaps in any of the shows.
  18. Jeez--thanks as always DC for such a thoughtful recap. I completely agree about Ceara's use in Loving. I know that when Agnes Nixon created her character and got Genie to accept it, according to Genie, she was offered a role that she "couldn't say no to" and that would cross over to various ABC shows. I suppose it was too hard to think of how that would work at GH... I have a lot of affection for the Carter Jones/Loving crossover, but that's mostly because it was what made me a steady Loving viewer. I can't say that it was a particularly strong time for the show.
  19. Ha I loved him and yes, always had his pink haired clip from Geri's Bag it Up video in my avatar. A completely useless character who was on way too long, although I would prefer his storylines over Ryan's...
  20. Which AMC livestream with Jon Lindstrom?
  21. They also, especially under Tom Ellis, went heavily in a corporate business direction which felt devoid of character in the late 1980s... I agree about the campus. Agnes Nixon in her bible mentions how the campus will be used as the required "marketplace"--the term she always uses for a location where she can have characters interact, run into each other, etc. Traditionally she admits to rather awkwardly using the hospital as a "marketplace" (which is still true of many soaps--cuz, you know, we all go to the hospital so often in real life) and how the campus setting will mean they won't have to use that "tired trope". The campus also is a good excuse for different generations to mingle--students, young professors, older tenured professors and administrators, etc.
  22. Oh I remember. But, this just seems to be accepted practice now. I would hardly expect the budget Daytime Emmys to have issue with this when higher profiles are doing the same. Sadly Great episode scripted by Richard Kramer (who went on to write the first Tales of the City series, some great novels, and was very generous when I asked to interview him for a project). The rules were ridiculous--basically no touching, but they were allowed to have a cigarette which was a concession of sorts. And a number of affiliates did not air the episode, it was pulled from reruns, sponsors pulled out (of course an actual *bed* scene was completely unheard of at the time and something daytime wouldn't do for a long time, despite some serious inroads in gay storylines in the 90s). What do you mean by the reality of RH? Great point about Loretta Young! Lucille Ball probably should get mentioned for this too (even if hers was a partnership with Desi).
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