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  1. Anyway, they had to change their clothes from last night. They spent the night together, got dressed, maybe had a breakfast. Monterey is further from Santa Barbara than Carmel, it means that at first they decided to continue the trip but then start to argue again (maybe Lionel was too pushing) and Sophia put an end to it. I'm impressed how she screamed at him "Damn you!" No social distance at all. She was definitely there all night. The detective was watching over them, and he reported to CC that Sophia left the yacht only in Monterey Did you see Sophia and Lionel spend a night together in 1990? The story when Gina made photo report about this and then blackmailed them? In the morning they were going to run away from each other secretly and accidentally bumped downstairs. So typical Sophia and Lionel.
  2. Wow, I missed Dylan cheating at the casino I don't think that CC knew about... well, now I'm not sure I didn't say that santa-barbara-online makes mistakes in every article I said that mistakes come across in articles about Sophia and people associated with her. Maybe Sophia isn't Lilian's favorite character, and she just doesn't remember and doesn't wish to rewatch Sophia's storyline. Maybe Dylan is her favorite character
  3. Rigged? I hear about this at first time. Something like that could happened in any casino but as far as I remember Dylan was interested in good reputation. Brick and Amy would hardly work in a cheating place. No, as @amybrickwallace said, this brilliant idea came with Lily Light) But she didn't exist when the casino was opened
  4. We know nothing about Marcy but A openly demonstrates wishing to work with her again. I think he has contact with her. As for Kelly, I like Carrington as much as Robin, and she is back to soapdom. Nothing is impossible
  5. It's needed asking him He is available on Facebook. It seems to me that even the idea of reuniting the classic SB cast for a mini-series is not so crazy. Just need to hurry while most of them are alive. I see the problem only in the copyright holders. I mean, who holds the rights to the names and characters? NBC? Disney? Or is it not a problem at all to shoot several episodes with the SB characters no asking copyright?
  6. Well, well, well What if I have proof they weren't in the middle of the ocean or even a few miles from shore? The “good night” dialogue between CC and his private detective: -Not much to report, Mr. Capwell. So far Lockridge’s yacht hasn't moved an inch. They still anchored off Carmel -They both still on board? -Yes, sir. - !!! CC is so upset because he knows Sophia has the opportunity to go ashore. Carmel is 190 miles from Santa Barbara. Not so far. She could have ordered Lionel to turn the yacht to SB (CC was definitely counting on it), she could have taken a cab. But she spends the night on a board of the parked yacht. It's like if she spent the night with Lionel in his apartment or hotel suite. CC understands what this means. The next day they sailed a little further, to Monterey, and there was another dispute, and only in Monterey Sophia went ashore.
  7. In the evening Sophia was terrified. The next day she is in the same condition. The question is: why do you spend the entire night on a yacht if you are so upset, feel discomfortable and can go ashore at any moment? That's illogical. The answer is: in the evening Sophia was afraid of what might happen, and in the morning she was horrified by what had happened (It's a, it's a, it's a-a, it's a sin! ) She says: "This whole trip has been a mistake". And he answers: "Nothing we've done has been a mistake, not when two people love each other". It's more like talking about what happened on this trip than about their love in the distant past. You said correctly that Lionel wouldn't have backed off. And he really tried to fight for her. He immediately came to the Sophia's apartment (which he found and furnished for her) and said that she wouldn't run away from him. He followed her relentlessly in the casino. He gambled the all-or-nothing game with CC, he even fought with him! He didn't care how Augusta looked at it all. He made the choice! I so loved it. And then the authors just dropped this storyline, as they dropped many other things, and switched to Lionel-Augusta and CC-Sophia relationships.
  8. I don't remember the details, but Minx took care of a good education for Brick. Something related to finance or management.They knew each other long before his arrival in SB, Minx sponsored him openly since his childhood, allegedly because of some incident in the past when he saved her life in the circus. Lockridges were shocked to see that their driver deftly deals with accounting, while highly suspicious Minx absolutely trusts him. As I said, Warren took after his father and grandfather, who spent the inheritance, while Brick took after her. Minx really saw him as an heir, and she didn't care that he was illegitimate. She just forgot to explain the reasons to the rest of the family. They thought that Grandma had gone crazy or Brick had just somehow fooled her. They hoped that this new favorite would soon disappear as quickly as he had appeared. And here is Lionel's first reaction after Minx confirmed that Brick is her grandson: "It turns out that you seriously want to put him above me and MY children!" I hate that he firstly perceived Brick as a competitor for Minx money and secondly as something that unites him with Sophia. He will find his way to Brick as his son only in a year. Even CC, to please Sophia, offered Brick his friendship earlier. Of course, Brick was more Lockridge than Capwell or Wayne. He was connected with this family from the very beginning. And his role was significantly reduced after the Lockridge family broke up.
  9. Minx bribed a priest who listened to Sophia's confession on the wedding eve. The irony is that Sophia was not a Catholic, and this aroused Minx's suspicion when she noticed her entering the church. Sophia had just found out that she was pregnant by Lionel and she needed to make a decision whether to abandon the wedding or go on to the end. The second variant meant that she will hide the fact that her child is not CC's (there was no intimacy with him before the wedding). Minx knew Lionel was having an affair with Sophia, but she has never discussed it with him. Her first decision was to tell him about Sophia's pregnancy, obviously considering it as a priority. Maybe she preferred Lionel to divorce and marry to Sophia for their child. But she didn't have time, because Lionel informed her that Augusta was also pregnant. And the scales tilted to the direction of Augusta because she was pregnant + wife, and Minx kept silent about Sophia. 9 months later she came to hospital to watch her first newborn grandson. And there happened to be another newborn boy. Minx acted spontaneously. Switching was not by plan.
  10. It would be a revolution in soap storytelling. Soap operas don't describe real life, but reproduce archetypal and mythical plots in the form of real life. All these twins, amnesias, switching of children... I don't mean that everything that happens in soap operas is based on myths but there's a lot of mythological stuff. Of course, kidnapping in real life is a criminal offense. But in soap opera switching of children is a repeating mythical element. In the legends this is job of evil spirits, fairies and other unprosecuted creatures And in SB the changeling baby was taken from a circus family not by chance. It was well done. Minx performed the function of a fairy (and she would never regret what she had done). If she were tried for this, it would be the overthrow of the myth, as if the laws of real life were applied to a fairy tale. I like it, it could be fresh postmodern solution, but unfortunately, the authors did not think about it. Only Amy started talking, but as I said, Amy looked like a earthly "black sheep" in the fictional world.
  11. I just watched these episodes. The idea to sue Minx belonged to the sensible Amy, although Wallaces were the most affected party. They were innocent and punished for nothing. The only consolation was the wonderful grandson Brandon. By the way, I was thinking about why they were never introduced to each other, Katie would be a wonderful grandmother. The rest received their existential punishment or benefit, and everyone understood it (Sophia punished Lionel, Minx punished Sophia etc). And although this story was not personal for CC, and both boys were outsiders, he promised to punish Minx for kidnapping and fulfilled it. So it was neutral CC who became the instrument of retribution that Minx deserved. Full circle.
  12. The answer is "no way" If you were impressed by Lionel's encounter with Channing in 1979 and how shocked Lionel was to learn in 1985 that Channing was his son, then everything that was shown in the flashbacks in 1991 doesn't make sense. The 1984 and 1991 versions are mutually exclusive. The most glaring difference is that in the early version Lionel didn't know that Channing was his son until 1985, in the version'91 he found out about it back in 1969. It's a matter of choice, the 1984 version or the 1991 version. Many Eden's fans, for example, ignore the 1984 version and believe that in her presence Sophia told Lionel that Channing was his son. I ignore the 1991 version and focus on the original one. They are incompatible. Yeah, they have a great collection of magazine stories, interviews, photos, critic reviews of that years. Also Nicolas took exclusive interviews with actors in our days. The site has the accurate dates of the characters arrival and leaving. It's just not worth referring to this site as expert at storylines. There are a lot of factual errors.
  13. Unfortunately, I cannot advise to believe the articles about Sophia on this site. I don't know if this concerns to other characters that Lillian writes about, but a lot of about Sophia, her storyline and her men is fanfiction. I assume that she tried to unite the 1984 and 1991 versions in this article, but she had a wrong knowledge of the subject. The version 1984. Eden was not on the beach and nearby. Marcello wasn't a casual beach runner. He is stalking the Capwell family and, in particular, Sophia. He is obsessed with revenge and takes Sophia away to hurt CC. Lilian doesn't know about it. Channing never hated Sophia. He didn't part with her ring (which he took away from Lionel because considered him unworthy to wear it). Ted didn't welcome his mother with open arms. He disowned her almost immediately because he was afraid that her comeback would affect his relationship with Laken. The version 1991. Eden was not only on the beach, she was on a yacht. Moreover, she was not alone but with Channing. The kids heard Sophia's confessions that Channing is Lionel's son. Lilian doesn't write about Channing at all.
  14. SHE DIDN'T LEAVE RIGHT AWAY. She spent night there and left the boat next morning. Here is the chronology: 1. Sophia provokes Lionel (yeah!), he kisses her, and after a short resistance, she puts her arms around his neck. She is in a yellow jacket, he is in a suit 2. A private detective instead of "good night" informs CC that the yacht is moored, but no one has gone ashore. CC breaks his cane in a rage and goes upstairs. Before that, he had remained calm and confident that she would come ashore before nightfall. 3. Lionel and Sophia show up the next morning. They aren't dressed like the day before - he is in a sweater, she is in a crimson blouse. Undoubtedly, she spent the night on board. And it's hard to believe that after Lionel's storm they fell asleep on a separate beds because Sophia was too lazy to go ashore previous night. If she had refused Lionel, she would have left immediately. She was always afraid to stay alone with him because she was losing control. As for the fact that she's annoyed, it's typical for Sophia to pretend after sex that nothing happened. 4. After the fire, she fervently denied that anything had happened between her and Lionel (and it was truth). But now, after the boat trip, she makes it clear to Ted and Eden that it's none of their business. By the way, she changed after that night trip. Whatever happened on the yacht, it restored her self-confidence. But it's a hurtful that the important part of the Sophia's storyline has been stolen from us.
  15. WAW! I wonder if it is possible to bet somewhere that she will be asked about Dominique and half of the interview they will talk about this boring storyline, makeup, dressing up - the period when Sophia herself didn't exist? Please don't! Let's come up with questions that no one has asked her yet. Ask her if she chose her partners? This is more or less known about Jed. But Chip Myers didn't succeed in casting for the role of Scott, and someone liked him so much that the TJ character was invented for Chip. Why was Stephen Slade recasted after 2 months? Who chose John O'Hurley? She was never asked about it. Do you have some unreleased questions to Judith?...
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