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  1. Sorry that this is a reply to a long ago question, but I’m just now discovering this board. My recollection is that Meredith died several years before Victor. After Meredith’s death, Larry Wolek and his son Dan moved from Llanfair to live with Larry’s sister Anna and her husband Dr. Jim Craig. There was a reading of Victor’s will, and if I remember correctly, Dan did receive a very small inheritance, as did Larry. Larry may have used some of the money to pay for Dan’s education and for the down payment on the house that he and Karen moved into…
  2. The actor in the second picture from the corner (top right) I believe is James Storm. James was the second actor to play the role of Dr. Larry Wolek, taking it over from Paul Tulley in the fall of 1968. When James’ brother Michael was taking over the role in the early part of 1969, the writers had Larry become injured in a fire at the hospital. Naturally, he had burns to his face. When the bandages were removed after the plastic surgery, it was Michael playing the role. I think I saw James on Dark Shadows for a while . Incidentally, Larry’s sister Anna met her future husband Dr Jim Craig during this time. I believe that the actor change from Robert Milli to Nat Polen took place shortly after Anna and Jim started to become friends.
  3. Actually, Jim and Anna’s wedding was not in April of 1970, but in early August of 1969. There is one entire episode of OLTL posted on YouTube that is dated 7/11/69. You can see Meredith and Tom Edwards in the library at Llanfair talking and Anna is there with Meredith. A later scene shows the first Victor Lord (Ernest Graves), trying to help Tom discover who he is. He mentions that he and Meredith are experiencing a “family crisis” , and need some distraction. It seems that this was when Viki, in the persona of Niki Smith had “escaped” to the west coast. This would explain why she was not at Jim and Anna’s wedding. If you watch the entire episode, you can hear the announcer speaking over the closing credits reminding everyone to tune into the launching of Apollo 11 on the following Wednesday, July 16. I think this is one of the only two OLTL episodes from the very early years that are available in their entirety. The other episode is from November of 1968 and is available at the William Paley center (formerly known as the Museum of Broadcasting) in Manhattan. Hopefully when more of the museums open, I can get a chance to go to the city to see it. I began watching OLTL from the very beginning. I would watch it after school, and during the summer when I wasn’t working. When I was working full time in an office, we were allowed to have radios at our desks as long as they weren’t too loud. I had a radio that carried the audio signal of the local tv channels so I could listen while I worked. I eventually got a vcr, and continued to watch until the storyline got too ridiculous for my taste in the late 90s. I did watch the 40th anniversary show, and the final show, though.
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