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  1. Oh no not him. He is very untrustworthy. He wanted a ridiculous amount of money to have a link to his files.
  2. Ah yes I will keep the account as I owe so much back to others on this forum.
  3. I hope the login worked ok!! I still think the quality is really nice
  4. Afraid not they got rid of the first hundred and fifty at least
  5. You guys have made me a very happy person and I thank you. I have a Videoland account which I was going to cancel as I'm in the UK and due to Brexit can no longer use it (apart from with VPN which isnt great) If someone does want to use my credentials for the classic b&b episodes on there I'm very happy to keep the account. Xx
  6. Me too! So excited and thank you SO much to all the angels
  7. Hi all I'm so grateful to finally have my account approved after a lengthy wait. I just wanted to say how hugely grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to watch B&B from the start, it's amazing. Those uploading are wonderful wonderful people and have my eternal gratitude. It's lovely to be able to post here finally All the best Mark
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