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  1. Just when I thought Fish Mooney was soon going to be "sleeping with the fishes"---she goes and does that thing with the spoon. Sure didn't see THAT coming. WOW!!
  2. With Sally gone, Liz is turning out to be just what is needed in the devious piece of work department. One can easily feel sorry for Huck if it wasn't for his stubbornness where his son is concerned. Yes he's missed a lot of years with him, yes he has the right to spend some quality time with him to a certain extent, but, my goodness talk about going about it the wrong way. Even he (Huck) should have known that you don't take a child on a stake-out. Javi (sp) will never un-see his father killing someone. Liv NEEDS Mama Pope, and she needs her NOW because I believe Pops is SCARED of her (Moms). Agreed the Emmy belongs to Joe Morton again.
  3. After being pregnant for what seemed like 18 months, I half expected the little devil(pun intended) to literally walk out of her womb. Especially since he's been doing all sorts of things from within the womb lately. With all of the weird things going on in Portland that the police have been investigating, it's unbelievable that Wu hasn't suspected something diabolical is the reason. If Juliette knows, why not Wu??
  4. That seems to be the point Rowan/Eli was trying to make, when he was "reading" Fitz during his(Eli) interrogation.
  5. AHHHH!! Just what we needed a visit from Walter Bishop/aka/John Noble starring as Henry Parrish "The Sin Eater". Hope he sticks around for awhile. John Noble sure does weird very well.
  6. The only way to watch this show is IN THE DARK, it is that creepy crawly good. That Sandman kept me up way pass my bedtime (which is almost always very late).
  7. Boy what a roller coaster ride. LUVED IT!!!! Never liked Mellie or Sally but think that the ultimate pairing next season should be the two of them working together. One scorned woman can do much damage HOWEVER two conspiring scorned women would really wreck havoc. F&O have become tiring to me and their tryst are no longer romantic but rather pornographic. I want them to fail. James and Cyrus seem to be heading to splitsville. One is not as naive as he seems while the other is certainly more dangerous. Gee, the Assassin's apprentice is really getting into the job and is fast liking the thrill. Will the Assassin have regrets in showing her another use for a screw gun. Looks like it. Don't know whether to be glad or sad for Huckleberry Quinn (that name is soooo appropriate). And then there's Daddy Dearest. Like everybody else-- I also didn't see that coming.
  8. Huck is stinking to high heaven--AGAIN . Everybody in the room is gagging and gasping for air --AGAIN . Quinn explaining to him that she had researched the effects of water-boarding and some-how understood---PRICELESS .
  9. Yes, yes and yes. Guess she doesn't know the Cyrus, Amanda Tanner connection. Can't wait til Huck finds out that Liv's apartment has been compromised.
  10. Did Verna tell Fritz that Mellie was also a part of the "vote rigging cabal"??? If she did then Fritz's do you love me overture to Mellie makes all the sense in the world.
  11. The problem I have with David is-----he doesn't or didn't seem to realize that it didn't matter that he was an AAG. He should have realized that when Huck was being held and tortured. That Pope and Associates continue to screw him in the name of protecting a client should have also told him that maybe just maybe he shouldn't trust any of them. I didn't find Huck's conversation with Quinn hypocritical at all because he was right, she can't live in two worlds she can be either Quinn or Lindsay not both. If Huck killed Hollis for her (paid or unpaid) she would have definitely crossed over to the dark side, while he on the other hand crossed over long ago and seems to have no regrets. Cyrus putting a hit out on James was no surprise, after all he had Amanda Tanner killed. Finally, I don't think we've seen or heard the last of Olivia and Fritz, especially since there are more episodes to come.
  12. Everybody needs a Huck in their life, not only will he have your back, he'll have your sides, your front, your top and your bottom. He is what the old folk would call "True Blue". But, "Holy Plot Twist Batman", I was not prepared for what unfolded. Wonder if David Rosen will joined Liv's merry band of criminals after he finishes licking his wounds. Great show.
  13. Jim Caviezel's John Reese must be made of teflon or else like Wolverine he's made of animonium(sp). He's freaking indestructible. The season finale was really good although running up and down flights of stairs in five inch hooker heels has been sooooo way over done.
  14. LUV this show along with everybody else. Is Clair's "father" the new Lionel Luther or what?????
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