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  1. Okay, I'll find the eps and watch a few more. Maybe I'll get hooked. Thank you!
  2. Thank you. Ive watched only a couple of episodes of this series, but was a huge fan of Dark Shadows. Would you say Strange Paradise is as good as DS? Or is it just a lesser imitation? Serious question. I'd love to hear how people feel about Strange Paradise, before I invest the time watching it. Thanks!
  3. Somewhere in a box, I have the original bible for "Another World: Somerset" (later retitled, Somerset). The original is in the P&G archives in Cincinnati. The archivist made a copy for me, when I visited around 1996. If my memory is correct, the working title for the show was "Between Two Worlds." And I recall the character Robert Delany was supposed to be murdered during the early weeks of the show. Of course, the character ultimately survived and later crossed-over permanently to the mother show, Another World.
  4. I never realized Vola was such a problem. I talked to her on the phone a few times years ago, and she seemed rather normal. What kind of difficulty did she cause?
  5. If you are talking about who I think you're talking about -- yes, she definitely wrote at least one episode of DOOL, because I saw her name in the credits. I am not aware that she had any connection to OLTL, although she may have been a fan. She told me her favorite soap was Another World, and she really knew the history of that show! We had a couple of conversations about AW, and how she learned to speak English by watching the show.
  6. I don't think so. I believe she moved into Ernie Downs's house, when they got married (1969 or 70). After Ernie died, she married Gil, and then Charlie -- but stayed in the house she had shared with Ernie. So she and Rachel lived somewhere else when they got to Bay City in 1967.
  7. Does anyone remember where Ada and Rachel lived, before Ada married Ernie Downs and moved into his house?
  8. Who were some of the longest running characters on Love of Life? I'll post the obvious ones: Van, Sarah Dale, Bruce, and Rick Latimer. Most fans don't realize Rick was on the show as long as he was -- way over 10-years. I have no idea which characters would come next I'm terms of longevity. Maybe Meg, although she was missing from the canvas for many years before her return. Love of Life (like Search for Tomorrow) had a very fluid cast over the years, with relatively few long-term legacy characters. This trait was both good and bad, for both Love of Life and Search for Tomorrow.
  9. FYI -- There is a cast mistake in the post above: Vivian Carlson (listed in the cast list), and Vinnie Phillips (mentioned in the synopsis) are not the same character. Vivian was a long-running character, and I believe Bruce's former mother-in-law. Vinnie (Lavinia) Phillips was the mother of Dr Dan Phillips and wife of Lloyd Phillips. Vinnie and Lloyd were recurring characters who appeared occasionally while Dan Phillips was on the show. Vinnie and Lloyd never lived in Rosehill, their home was in Boston. Vivian is not mentioned in the synopsis, although she is listed in the cast list. And
  10. You are absolutely right about that. I was about to reply to my own post with something similar. Lemay's Liz was just a little more meddling and a little more unstable than Mary Matthews. But I can't imagine Mary behaving like Liz did. Mary had no motivation for that sort of behavior. Mary was a fundamentally happy woman, while Liz was fundamentally unhappy. So it made sense for Liz to be a meddling trouble-maker. I completely understand why Virginia Dwyer resisted Lemay's attempts to turn Mary into a neurotic meddler. But maybe she should have cooperated. Had Dwyer out-lasted Lemay,
  11. I loved Irene Dailey as Liz, but I think Harding Lemay toned-down the character too much, when he reintroduced Liz in 1974. Dailey maintained very little of Lindley's volatility, and became even more mellow, as the years went by. Lindley's Liz was really more of a villainess, and not just a meddling relative (as Lemay wrote her for Dailey). And sadly, nearly all the post-Lemay writers mellowed Liz even more -- turning her into little more than comic relief. That showed how little they really understood the character and her history.
  12. It has been suggested that Agnes Nixon created Palmer and Nina's relationship as a more extreme version of OLTL's Victor and Vicky. But I have never seen that confirmed by Nixon herself. Of course Palmer and Nina were created nearly fifteen years before the Victor/Vicky relationship on OLTL was re-written as truly incestuous -- and that was done by Michael Malone, not by Agnes Nixon.
  13. I understand that Connie Ford and Nancy Wickwire (AW's Liz Matthews from 1969-71) were involved for several years.
  14. I purchased several of Lemay's published plays about a decade ago. They are wonderful and character-driven, just like Another World, during his tenure there. Although I didn't recognize any plots or characters shared on AW from his plays, there are similarities -- slightly dysfunctional families, resentments, returning family members with an ax to grind, meddling relatives, and lots of subtext in the dialogue. While reading his plays, it is easy to imagine which actor from AW could be cast in each role, and hear their voices as you read. Although I haven't found any character
  15. Having watched the reruns on RetroTV for the past few years, Mona is not nearly as difficult or as villainous as I remember her from watching in the 1970s. She really was much tamer and much less snobby than I remember.
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