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  1. Meta wasn't on the radio show at the very beginning. So must not be reviving the show from the very beginning.
  2. It can only mean one thing. But it's hard to believe. Maybe some employee at WB is just trying to get a rumor started. Who knows?
  3. Iris, Dennis, and Elliot were the first of the Carrington/Cory family to move to Bay City. Followed by Mac at least a year later. Steve was still alive when Mac and Rachel married, and Frame Enterprises was the construction company Mac used to remodel the mansion he bought for Rachel. Steve didn't die until summer 1975.
  4. I was watching at the time, and you've described their "friendship" perfectly.
  5. If they are planning something, that's a strange way to announce it. When the Dallas reboot was announced a few years ago, Larry, Linda, and Patrick were on every talk show trying to drum-up excitement.
  6. I'm pretty sure Lily's entire adoption storyline was created by Doug Marland. And if that's true, Liz wouldn't not have been aware until he became head-writers, and decided to take the characters in that direction.
  7. As I recall, Iris and Rachel were somewhat friendly pre-Mac, because Iris wanted to make sure Steve Frame and Alice reconciled, in order to get Alice away from Elliott Carrington. At the time, Iris was desperate to reconcile with Elliott. But Steve was married to Rachel, which prevented he and Alice from getting back together. Iris pretended to be friendly with Rachel to get information about her marriage to Steve, and perhaps to break them up. I think Iris even took Rachel to New York on a shopping spree. But she secretly criticized Rachel behind her back. I think Iris eventually openly betrayed Rachel in some way, and that contributed to Steve and Rachel's split, allowing Steve to go back to Alice. But yes, their sons were best friends for years.
  8. No, that never really occurred in the 1970s or early 80s. But I guess it illustrated their strange relationship, and the ways Mac almost always forgave Iris's tricks.
  9. The house that Kim is in is the same house she and Bob lived in during the Marland era and beyond. But it had a little remodeling after their marriage. I believe the foyer and staircase were enlarged and a fireplace was added to the living room -- I think the fireplace replaced a large white tile stove. Years ago some posters were convinced Kim and Bob had moved into Chris and Nancy's old house. Nice to know for sure, they moved into Kim's existing house. Finally some evidence of that.
  10. Picking-up a sudden speech affectation in adulthood is a sign of emotional instability. I'm not saying that's the reason VW did it, but any other reason I can think of is even more disturbing.
  11. Did Rachel lose the accent? I don't remember that. But that accent was weird as Hell. What in the world was VW thinking? Nobody picks up a British accent in middle-age. Didn't that show have any directors? Also, Ada dating her high school sweetheart was a continuity error, because Ada and Rachel hadn't lived in Bay City until they moved there in 1967-68. Ada certainly didn't go to school there. In fact originally, Ada was from the South and even had a southern accent briefly. Although I wasn't watching, if you read the scripts, she seems a bit like Opal Gardner during the first few weeks. But then the writers began to write to Connie Ford's strengths, and she made the character her own.
  12. Something seemed strange about the Carolyn Crawford murder mystery, and perhaps you have just explained it. Marland was famous for always knowing who the murderer was, before one of his murder stories even began on-air. And his murder mysteries were always well plotted -- until this one. CC's murder dragged on for months, and involved too many new characters who the audience didn't care about. Since it wrapped up not long before Marland's death, I have always wondered if perhaps his health was failing, and he just wasn't up to his usually writing zest. Or perhaps he had turned-over the end of this story to one of his assistants, because of his health. Whatever the cause, the CC murder mystery certainly didn't seem like Marland was at the helm.
  13. The show may have been more entertaining under Pam Long, but it was still just a normal soap opera set in Houston. Even Pam Long couldn't give the audience what it was promised -- a daytime version of DALLAS. So I was always disappointed in Texas, from beginning to end.
  14. Texas probably should have begun as a 30-minute show. P&G and Paul Rauch clearly did not know how to launch a new 60-minute soap in a compelling way. It seemed their first priority was introducing all the characters, and NOT providing compelling storylines. It should have been the other way around -- use the characters needed to start the show with interesting attention-grabbing plots, and then introduce peripheral characters later. Texas seemed like it was being run by a committee. And we all know that NEVER works on a soap opera. The writers, Paul Rauch, NBC, P&G and God knows who else, were all trying to influence the action. They should have left the creators/head-writers (the Corringtons) alone, and let them use their vision. The Corringtons were very good at utilizing regional details in storylines and characterizations (as they had done so successfully on Search for Tomorrow), and that would have been perfect for Texas. I'm sure their version of the show would have been compelling. But we will never really know what their version was. Paul Rauch pushed Beverly McKenzie on them at the very last minute, and they had to retool the entire show. What was publicized as a daytime version of DALLAS, was nothing like DALLAS. It was really just a normal soap opera set in Houston.
  15. I saw all those episodes, but I had already planned to watch Texas. So having all those characters on AW for weeks didn't influence me one way or the other. Looking back, I don't think it was wise to include all those scenes in Houston on AW. I did enjoy the Bellman family (Reena, Stryker, Victoria, and Kevin Cook) while they were on AW and living in Bay City, and they are the reason I had already decided to watch Texas. So those four characters, plus Iris and Dennis would have been enough cross-over to introduce the new show. But TPTB tried to introduce nearly every Texas character on AW, which was over-kill, and frankly, a little boring. Plus, some very important Texas stuff happened on AW (Alex Wheeler finding Iris, Mike Marshall's suicide, etc.), and that action probably should have occurred during the first episode (or week) or Texas, rather than on AW. The premiere of Texas was underwhelming, and that may have been caused by so much Texas action having already occurred on AW.
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