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  1. Yes, I've read it. Maybe 20 years ago. It is very interesting, and very detailed. But I don't understand how anyone would think "Oh, this guy would be a great writer for a soap opera," based on that book. His plays give a much better understanding of his ability to write drama.
  2. I can't remember the details, but a few people thought they saw hints in some of the things she said about Another World. And some folks were connived she was a total fake, (which wasn't true at all) and I think they were just willing to believe anything so they wouldn't have to admit she was for real. Who knows really?
  3. At least two soaps have already had time jumps. Guiding Light jumped ahead one year in its final episode. And Dark Shadows jumped ahead 25 years, from 1970 to 1995. So what Days is doing is unusual for soaps, but it's definitely been done before.
  4. Guiding Light jumped ahead a year for it's final episode. And Dark Shadows jumped ahead 25 years. Someone needs to tell the soap press not to pee their pants over this. I has been done before.
  5. You're right, the incidental music was terrible. Embarrassingly bad. Using that synthesizer was a stupid idea. It made the entire show seem like it was on a shoe-string budget. And when that nazi treasure story stated, I knew the writing was going down hill fast.
  6. Wow, what has happened to Matt Ashford's acting skills? His acting at Jennifer's bedside today was awful. He was stuttering and stammering, and using what almost sounded like a child's voice. His reaction to Jennifer's waking-up was just not not convincing. Not genuine. I have always thought he was a terrific actor, but today's performance has me questioning that. Maybe he's been out of the business too long.
  7. Fake time jump spoilers??? Unfortunately they aren't fake. I only wish they were. I believe the time jump happens this week, or maybe next week.
  8. His plays were published about a decade ago, and available at very reasonable able prices. They are now out of print, but can be found on Amazon and Ebay occasionally,. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up significantly. Well worth reading, if you are a fan of Lemay.
  9. I remember her identity was sort of questionable. And some folks believed she was Jacqueline Courtney in disguise, at least for a while. LOL. I never believed that one. But her name must have been real, at least in some legal way. Because that was the same name that appeared in the DOOL credits.
  10. Why was she banned? I'm not her, by the way. But she was telling the truth about DOOL. I can't attest to any of her other claims. Actually, I don't really care why she was banned. But why can't her name be mentioned?
  11. Has anyone read any of Harding Lemay's plays? I've read a few, and they seem very much like his work on AW. Families with lots of conflict. And nobody is really a total good guy (or girl). All the characters have flaws that influence their actions.
  12. Anyone remember [S.W.S.N.B.N.], who used to post on the WOST message board? She bragged about writing an episode of DOOL, and everyone thought she was lying. But I watched on the date she suggested, and her name was right there in the credits. She was actually very knowledgable about soaps. Particularly NBC soaps from the 1970s. Why is [!@#$%^&*]'s name hidden in my post above?
  13. If I'm not mistaken, the front door to Ben's house is the front door from the old Martin House set. It's definitely not an apartment door or a hotel room door. I thought it was strange, they have the bed right inside the front door. As if the bed is in the living room of a house.
  14. Yes, Miranda was the show's first attempt at replacing Iris. It didn't work -- mostly because Miranda and her clan were introduced as an entirely new family. I've always thought it would have been more successful, if Miranda had been Mac's widowed sister-in-law. Then her move to Bay City would have made more sense, and her family members would have been Corys -- perhaps feeling superior to Rachel (as Iris did) and causing more direct conflict in the Cory family.
  15. Actually, Olivia Delany was never named as Olivia Matthews' mother in any of the episodes. Some fans just assumed that, because of the name "Olivia" and because Russ had briefly dated Olivia Delany after she divorced Robert. But somehow the myth got published, and now most people think it is true. But it was never mentioned in any of the scripts.
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