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  1. You are right, but I can't imagine soap opera writers not knowing what to do with Rachel's two sisters! Neither Nancy nor Pam ever returned to the show (Nancy just a couple of guest appearances). Even in later years, when AW was struggling to keep the 50-ish Rachel relevant, the writers did not think to bring back one (or both) of her sisters? Or Rachel's trouble-making father, Gerald Davis? And what about Sam and Lahoma?? The idiots in charge seemed to have completely forgotten Rachel's working-class roots, and her relatives who could (and should have) come out of the woodwork to get a little of that Cory money.
  2. You are correct. It is a myth, and I wish it would go away. At least two former soap head-writers have stated in interviews that ii is not the truth. I believe those writers may have been Claire Labine and Agnes Nixon, but I could be wrong about that. The creator(s) of a soap opera, and their estate(s), may get royalties, depending on their original agreements/contracts and the Writer's Guild regulations at that time. But head-writers do not get royalties for characters they create.
  3. I don't see any reason for choosing between Alice and Iris. The characters were very different.
  4. At what point did Lisa become rich? Was it after her divorce from John Eldridge, and her return from "Our Private World"? Or was it when she married Whit McCall?
  5. Nancy Wickwire is one of the actors. She played Liz Matthews after Audra Lindley left the show, and she certainly resembles Lindley in this film. Wickwire has been rumored to have been Connie Ford's partner. And it has long been speculated the character Nancy McGowen was named after Wickwire, who had been ill and passed-away just a few days after Ada's baby was born.
  6. There was no viable explanation to explain why Susan would be living in Ellen's house all those years. Except TPTB simply wanted to keep the set and use it. Most people don't realize, the Steward/Lowell house was (at the time) the longest running soap opera set still in use -- having been used on ATWT since the beginning. They also probably put Susan in Ellen's house simply to save money by using an existing set, rather than building a new set for Susan.
  7. Sorry, but I don't know what you mean by this. Aren't all soaps completely different soaps?
  8. Great photos! Thank you for posting. I always thought the actor cast as Martin Peyton in the daytime version looked too young and healthy to play the role. In the primetime show, Martin Payton was very frail, and seemed to be at death's door.
  9. It's been about a decade since I re-read the book, but wasn't there one actor with a drinking problem (Fitzpatrick), and another actor who had trouble with his lines exacerbated by drinking (Coster)?? Not sure about the details, but I believe Coster had trouble with lines (and maybe drinking), and Fitzpatrick had a drinking problem. It's all really speculation, however.
  10. Yes, most fans of Lemay's book speculate that actor was Coster. And Lemay's statements about Nic's problem learning lines may have been influenced by complaints from Beverly McKenzie. The "problem" didn't seem to come up, until Nic was working opposite her.
  11. Perhaps, but if books contain only the things people remember anyway, then why write books? Especially biographies and autobiographies. 90 percent of the stuff in Nic's book is remembered only by him. Yet he recorded it for posterity. That's one of the most important purposes of books, in my opinion.
  12. Somebody must have convinced Nic to limit the Another World information in his book. They probably told him it took place too long ago and nobody would care about it. With all the crap that was happening in that studio in the mid-1970s, it's ridiculous that Nic didn't discuss it in his book. Another World was on fire in the ratings and it had critical acclaim, all while the cast and crew were being booed, screwed, tattooed, and barbecued by Paul Rauch and Harding Lemay. Santa Barbara got an entire chapter, even though SB never got the ratings AW had -- even while SB was running. And of course SB never even got close to number 2 in the ratings, where Another World spent most of the 1970s (while Nic was there). I don't mean to be critical of Santa Barbara, but it was certainly not a more important soap opera than Another World.
  13. About a year ago, several fans of classic AW tried to convince Allan to interview remaining AW actors from the 1970s -- the show's highest rated period. We even provided him with a list of actors to contact. Allan didn't even respond to us.
  14. Is that an old interview? If so, I've probably read it.
  15. Of course they will mention Another World, but I'm confident any discussion of Nic's soaps will focus mostly on Santa Barbara, and possibly ATWT. I doubt they will spend more than 5 minutes on Another World. Especially since Nic was on that show in the mid-1970s, and Allan probably wasn't even born at that time. Plus, AW was embroiled in controversy in 1975, and Allan won't touch that. He should definitely ask Nic about working with George Reinholt and Jacquie Courtney, but I doubt he will. He should also ask Nic about head-writer Harding Lemay and his unique writing style -- but he won't. Sadly.
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