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  1. What happened to Ivan Kipling? Did he just stop appearing without explanation? He was obviously up to something with those kids, but it all just seemed to stop without mention. And was John Hensley's character written off, or did he just disappear?
  2. Are you sure that isn't from the first time Carla left town? I don't know what year it was, but I believe the actress was fired two times.
  3. Carla had become an attorney very quickly, and it didn't really make sense. I think they made her a lawyer because they were not interested in writing any personal storylines for her. So at least she could get some airtime as a lawyer. Then wasn't she in the middle of a murder trial (or some kind of trial), when she suddenly had to leave town, and another lawyer replaced her? If I recall correctly, she didn't even have any good-byes with the other characters -- she was just gone. I thought it was odd they didn't at least wait until the end of the trial. Am I right about all this? It's be
  4. Wasn't there a dropped storyline that included Ivan Kipling and a group of teenagers? I remember Jon Hensley was part of that group, and also one or two of the McNeil sisters. Although I was never a fan of Ivan Kipling (OLTL did not need its own version of Stefano Dimera), I was sort of into this storyline. Then, if I'm not mistaken, it was dropped with absolutely no explanation or wrap-up.
  5. He was definitely mentioned sometime between '73 and '75. I was watching, and I believe it was Pat who brought up his name to either Mary or Alice. So it is possible the memory I have is the mention in '75 that was listed by the AWHP. Mike did tell me the information was found by reading scripts. But he was not aware of any details. Typically, they note things like this in the daily synopsis, but not this time. That makes me wonder how they even remembered it, when they posted it. And a correction -- the date listed on the AWHP is May 9, 1975. I mentioned May 19 in my e
  6. Here's a question for AW old-timers: A couple of weeks ago, there was some update info from the Another World Homepage saying they had discovered the final mention of Mitchell Dru was May 19, 1975. But when I looked at the synopsis for that day, there was no information about that (as there usually is, for historical facts such as this one). So, does anyone know the context of Dru being mentioned? What was the scene?, the characters who were talking about him?, what did they say?, etc. I asked Mike about it, and he said he didn't remember -- which is unusual, because he and Eddie almost a
  7. I believe you are correct that the old contracts did not include special projects like home video VHS or dvds. So actors must agree to allow their scenes to be released for those purposes, or the project cannot go forward. But I'm fairly certain that reruns and flashbacks were included in the old agreements, and the producers do not need to get permission from the actors for those purposes, although they do have to be paid. Regarding VHS releases, Beverlee McKenzie famously refused permission to use her scenes in Guiding Light's Roger Thorpe video release. So that video does
  8. I don't think they need to get the rights, because ABC already owns the show. But I'm fairly certain they have to pay any actor who appears in flashbacks. Still, I would think those payments would be rather insignificant.
  9. I believe you are correct. I would even go further to suggest some of the actors you list as having contracts, likely did not. I doubt Briscoe, Karlen, or Pennock had contracts. And although Joan Bennett almost certainly was on contract, her guarantees of episodes must have been extremely low, considering she was often gone for weeks at a time. Maybe Edmonds also had a contract with very low guarantees. As you speculated, perhaps some of the other actors had short-term contracts -- maybe 4-months or 6-months. But I think many/most of the actors on DS probably had no contracts at all
  10. I remember when they mentioned the sons on an episode of Another World. One son was in the oil business with Striker, and the other one took care of the ranch. So at least originally, the Bellmans lived on a ranch and had four children. I think the Bellmans were originally going to the the core family. But all that went out the window, when Rauch insisted on including Iris in the show.
  11. I don't think Tom King had much influence on Texas. But I'm confident Rauch insisted on changing much of what the Corringtons wanted to do. Plus Rauch is the one who shoe-horned Iris into the show. Frankly, I think Texas would have been a far better soap without Iris and Alex Wheeler. The Corringtons could have worked their magic with the Bellmans, Marshalls, and Dekkers. Bringing in Iris in such a huge role completely threw-off the show's structure. I don't remember Striker's name being explained on Texas, but perhaps it was in some kind of ret-con. His name was explained
  12. Samantha was originally supposed to be Reena's sister. On an episode of AW, Reena mentioned a sister named Samantha. But when Texas premiered, Sam had been changed to her cousin. I think a sister would have been more interesting, and would have given Reena more depth. And I assume everyone knows Striker was originally an oil-man, not a lawyer. In all of his original visits to Bay City, he was a big Texas oil-man and acquaintance of Mac Cory. He was sort of the Jock Ewing of the Bellman family. But somewhere between Bay City and Houston, Striker got his law license and hi
  13. Great! Thanks for the information. So that either means Liz's maiden name was Hill, or Will's middle name was Hill. And since Hill would be a very unusual middle name, it is probably Liz's name. Thanks again.
  14. Was this the first adult Bonnie, or the second one?
  15. That's really interesting. I wish Mike would have explained the context of this discovery, and explained why/how he feels Hill was her maiden name. I found the announcement in the updates on AWHP, but there was no explanation at all.
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