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  1. On 2/23/2020 at 12:57 AM, John said:

    Martha Byrne in a talk with SOD Podcast claims when she originally auditioned in 1984 for ATWT's Lily, she was up aganist Lucy Deakins (who got the job) & Amy Locane (Melrose Place, Cry Baby)


    Martha also states that OG Lily, Lucy Deakins took the film The Boy who could fly & in doing so broke her ATWT contract & Martha was brought in the next day to take on Lily


    EDIT TO ADD: Martha on SOD Podcast said her 2008 exit began as a contract issue but the reason she left  was because of a power struggle from the other side and that wasnt ok & became dark. So she couldnt go back to work there.


    I just finished listening and that was so funny that Lucy Deakins got the part over her for two roles!  Byrne also auditioned for The Boy Who Could Fly from what I heard in the podcast.  

    Interesting how she said that Marland originally wanted Holden and Emily to be the "it" couple before seeing Martha and Jon interact in story.  She confirmed what I always suspected with Marland that he placed characters/actors in positions and made decisions based on how they interacted with one another.  You can literally see this happening with the case of Frannie and Casey and Lyla scenes. I'd love to hear podcasts with other former actors from the show to get their take on whether they believed their characters were going in one direction and then started to turn in another direction when it came to a pairing.


    That stuff about Shannon briefly being considered for Lily's mother is kind of wild but from what I remember, Shannon was pretty thick with Dusty and Lily and had some brief intrigue with Lucinda but ended being a red herring in the mystery of who was responsible for the mysterious phone calls to Lucinda.


    I am now more curious than ever as to what specifically happened that made Bryne feel as if the situation at ATWT was so untenable that she gave them the deuces once and for all. It really sounds bad.

  2. Someone once said something to the effect that, no matter the age, death will always come as a surprise. This is a bit of sad news, even for us who no longer watch Y&R or rue what it's become, because most of us appreciate the decades that this show has entertained us and Lee Phillip is part and parcel of that coming to fruition. I'm sparing a thought for her children, grandchildren, family and loved ones. May she rest in peace.

  3. Gayle has been too long doing the newsmagazine gig, her journalistic instincts have dulled but Isn't Nora O'Donnell supposed to be the hard-boiled newsperson? Isn't she on the evening news?

    I can't think of one debate this season where the moderators truly asked pertinent questions that led to any enlightening moments.  Just a grab-bag of mostly messy made-for-TV moments.


    Something that should be concern for those who care,


    Apparently South Carolina allows 'open primaries' so a number of Republicans claim that they plan to vote in the Democratic primary just to vote for Bernie Sanders. 

    Not good.

    Yes, and it is most definitely because Republicans believe that Trump would be Bernie.

  4. 14 hours ago, Forever8 said:

    Christine Lakin (Al, Step By Step) and Alaa Khaled ( DJ Khaled's brother) Co-host a podcast called Worst Ever Podcast. Where they have interviewed several former child stars including Staci Keanan, Nicholle Tom, and several members of The Mickey Mouse Club that aired on Disney Channel.


    Interesting but I was thinking more along the lines of a TV/streaming show, not a podcast. Something like Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee maybe even go to other parts of the world and talk to former child stars there.  I remember Netflix had a documentary on a group of South America's most famous child stars who were in a music group and searched to find out out what happened to them. 

    I mentioned Culkin because of his status of one of the world's most famous child stars at one time and the fact that, from an interview with him that I recently read, he's obviously still processing what that all meant.  JMO but it could be fascinating to see him connect and interview others who were once in a similar position. 

  5. On 2/24/2020 at 12:08 AM, DRW50 said:

    Saw these on Youtube. Not sure if they are new or just reuploads, but...


    That first one really gets to me. Scott Bryce was such a beautiful crier (no wonder Marland went to town on Craig tears) and such a beautiful man. He always knew how to bring out the vulnerability in  Craig. And he and HBS worked so well together, like a real brother and sister.


    I agree with all of this. And facing the possibility of going to prison for life is legit something to cry about. If American Psycho had been written and adapted into a film the early 80s, Bryce would've been perfect for that Christian Bale role, 😬


    Am I the only one who is curious about what happened to the child actor who played Andy in this episode? Macaulay Culkin is doing all of these podcasts about all these random topics but what he needs to be doing is hosting a show looking for what happened to these various child actors, from the well known to the obscure. Kind of like a Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee type of series but with former child stars.

  6. 3 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    What will they do about the Italian Open in May? 


    🤷🏾‍♀️ Probably pray that it goes away by then. Chinese officials told the W.H.O. that they believed the infections would crest by April but the numbers have not declined, only slowed since then.  Italian bureaucracy is a total mess, so it's any guess what the Roman municipal government will do.  The ITF had better take charge of this.

  7. 2 hours ago, Chris B said:

    This was a glorious storyline! It's one of the first Y&R stories I remember from the original airings. In addition to the stuff you mentioned, I believe this is what also led to Victor leaving Diane for Nikki who he thought was dying which of course reunited them after *10* years apart. The way people are fighting over this Chadam/Shadam or Skyle/K*la mess, I have no idea what they'd do if the show had good writers and their couples were apart that long.


    Well, if the standard of writing had been kept up and had never fallen, viewers, except for the most rabid of fanbases, would likely have been patient. Keep in mind that, back then, with stories that had slow-builds, there were often so many other compelling storylines going on at the same time, that viewers weren't bored silly the way most tend to be today.  Half these 'stan wars' seem to happen out of sheer boredom, imo.

  8. Long past time for tennis to build a comprehensive plan to protect players, ballkids, staff and spectators from the coronavirus. Indian Wells, where viral outbreaks have been known to happen in the past is particularly of concern.


  9. On 2/22/2020 at 1:55 PM, Khan said:

    And in the meantime, I think, Bell and Alden would have Ripley methodically ingratiating himself into others' lives.  He'd be Lily's new interest, or Devon's new business partner, or Jabot or Newman's latest chemist, or SOMEthing.  Not just, "Baby, I'm back! Oops, I stabbed the wrong girl!  Peace out!"


    This!  This was what I was speaking of the other day!  Thank you, somebody gets it!


    Remember Veronica Landers, she was Miguel's love interest, all the way plotting how to get Joshua (Nikki's new husband) back and when she realized she wasn't going to achieve this, she took him out and almost took Nikki out.  Not one of the storylines done in the past several years have been half as memorable as that. Veronica was not a main character and the detail and build of her story puts this mess to shame.

  10. What that Carole Myers tweet tells me is what I've already figured out in Iowa: voters lost interest in this primary race and are not coming out as they ought to.  The U.S. has always had a problem with turnout but this presidential primary season seems especially bad for the numbers.  I have my thoughts on why I think that is (and it would be observational speculation on my part, tbh). Suffice it to say, that I knew enthusiasm had dulled when the Culinary Union refused to endorse any of the current candidates.


    At this point, I don't think Biden can take the black vote for granted. I don't think any of the candidates can take the black vote for granted. In addition to Bernie, the fact that Bloomberg seems to be suddenly picking up so many endorsements among various prominent figures across different political persuasions should be a cause for concern, imo. I hope I'm wrong but so much lacks promise about this election season so far. I really hope I'm wrong.

  11. JMO but I think that Joe Biden should cease from doing this type of things. If people start putting this in the context of the other times he's done it, he could be further inflicting damage to his own campaign, far more than his opponents past and present could inflict. This seems totally unnecessary.


  12. 2 hours ago, lovely_m said:


    This has been known for years. I don't know why it never got discussed in larger circles, other than the fact that there is no will for it in mainstream media. 

    Bernie's lack of ability to fund raise for other candidates never gets discussed, nor the fact that Obama campaigned for him when Obama barely got in the Senate yet Bernie never returned the favor. 

    Democrats need to seriously think about how bad Bernie would be for candidates down the ballot and how vital it is for Democrats to maintain the House and take the Senate. If Democrats allow someone incapable of lifting other candidates on the ballot, they're dumber than within the realm of imagination.

    Say what you will about Biden, Warren...most of the other candidates in the race have all raised quite a bit of money for other candidates in Congress. Hell, Kamala Harris raised a sh*t ton of money for others, while nobody could be bothered to return the favor.

    I'm still waiting to hear when Bernie has done this for anyone but himself.

  13. 5 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

    Bernie, do you want Russia's help to  go on to lose in a landslide so that you can be a martyr and continue your grifting without any consequences, like having to actually make decisions and work?




    Rebel Wilson No GIF


    Since Bernie often looks like he can fall out at any moment, I gather that the Russians would rather he go up against their preferred candidate in the general election.

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