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  1. 31 minutes ago, ReddFoxx said:

    Democrats took the high road in 2016 and it didn't work. Clinton's biggest mistake was not nuking Trump on the airwaves in swing states early. She could have framed him as a fraud easily by highlighting him not paying people, his bankruptcies, charitable fraud and so much more. She also should have ran an ad in Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia reminding people of how he took out an ad calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, because if there was anything that could have gotten black voters to the polls it was that. Whoever is the nominee is in 2020 has to run against Trump's record and character, because the election is an indictment on Trump.



    Clinton was probably aware that women are held to much higher standards than their male counterparts.  Much of the electorate will applaud a man who is vocal and can trade insults but when a woman does it, she is seen as arrogant and deserving of being put in her place.

    Had Hillary went into a full-throated verbal assault on Trump, I just don't believe it would've went over well.  I don't have that much faith in the American public to give a woman the same space as a man in many aspects in life, including presidential politics.

  2. Since the merger in August, shares of CBS and Viacom have each dropped about 20%. 

    Also, according to the newly merged company's chief executive, Viacom-CBS will be looking to reap half a billion dollars in cost savings- which most people know by what means this will be- through layoffs and job cuts.

    Of course, there are implications for all divisions of both companies but I don't know what further implications there could be for a division like CBS Daytime, an already stripped down department.



  3. 32 minutes ago, Darn said:

    I love how invested you guys still are in rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


    Headwriters and EPs don't matter on these shows anymore really. They're just warm bodies making sure that CBS has an hour of programming to fill 5 days a week.


    It's a parlour trick for me these days.  In the past, I used to want to "fix" this show, I'd put up storyline proposals and mini-pitches about what the show should do but I stopped doing that awhile ago.  Because it's fruitless. 

    The other day, someone started a thread about what you would do if you were a HW of one of these soaps.  In the past, I would've gone to town in a thread like that.

    Now, I could care less.

    I've said this before-- no writer that truly cares about his or her longtime prospects wants to write for one of these remaining soaps. It's been this way for about fifteen years now. 

  4. Since the first time I'd seen Gatti was on Guiding Light as Dinah Marler, I remember being very confused when I saw her portraying Keesha Monroe on Y&R.  I think that Keesha was definitely meant to be a woman of color, if not black. I remember wondering if Gatti herself was of mixed heritage but though there was never any indication of this being the case.

    I think Y&R was likely going for an ambiguously ethnic look.  The storyline was compelling, without doubt but  the casting choice was weird, even back then.

  5. Maybe because I watched a trailer from a movie that was embedded on the ShadowandAct blog but a few OWN shows appeared on the YouTube page and I noticed that Ambitions was on there.  It doesn't make sense for me to watch those episodes since I don't get OWN but I went to the social media page and saw that Rick Hearst is supposed to be on an upcoming episode. 

    Also, some people were lobbying for Sonia Satra to appear on the show, lol.  Strange, I'd have thought that people would be suggesting Amelia Marshall since so many have claimed Gilly and Alan-Michael not being paired was a disappointment.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Toups said:


    I did early voting and it literally took me 5 minutes to walk into the building and walk out. And even if you do vote on voting day, you don't have to wait the entire day or 5-10 hours like I see on the American news.    And what I love about the voting system in Canada is that it's paper ballot and all you have to do is mark an 'X' in the circle beside the candidate's name.   Then you put your ballot in a box.   Whenever I hear about ballot issues (hanging chads!, electronic machines not working, people having to drive, or being driving to, for hours to find a voting station), I just shake my head.   The American elections (campaigns and voting methods) are so chaotic.  I don't know, maybe it's easier because we only have 38 million people. 



    As for Harris, I'd love to see her as VP or AG. 


    I know, I actually accompanied my cousins to their polling site on Election Day years ago!  It was so quiet and orderly and everyone was in and out in minutes, LOL! Only once have I had an election experience that comes close! 


    I've voted in the Midwest, I have voted in NYC and in the suburbs about an hour and some minutes away, where I now reside and only if I show up at off-peak hours during midterms when turnout is suppressed, is it relatively quiet and orderly. But the small city nearest mine always, always has problems during election time. It's a mess and I'm not holding out much hope for it to improve by the primaries. 

  7. 30 minutes ago, Toups said:


    Why is that?  It's so long!  The primaries seems so stupid to me.  LOL    In this year's Canadian federal election, the campaign was 40 days! 



    That's the influence of (dark) money in politics.

    I have a lot of family who live in Canada and the last time I visited with them, Canada just happened to be in an election years ago.  It was orderly, straight-forward seamless process. I was struck by how, even in a metropolis like Toronto, people were able to get in and out without a bunch of commotion. In the U.S., that would only happen if you live in a small town but not in a large city.  It's generally chaotic!  Canada's political system is streamlined, the U.S. is unwieldy and at this point, I think it's like this by design.

    The party of "inclusion".


  8. 43 minutes ago, Chris B said:


    Honestly that is shocking to me considering she already qualified for the next debate and may have seen yet another bump from that. Still, I respect that she got out early and didn't string anybody along. 


    To me this is devastating. This is the second black woman to run to my knowledge and the media didn't treat her campaign with the historic respect it deserved. They beat her down at every turn for ANYTHING. First "flip flopping" on healthcare when in reality she hasn't formulated a plan previously. Now Elizabeth Warren has copied her plan but nobody says she's flip flopping. Biden and Sanders are both having money issues and laying off people and closing offices, but it's only front page news for Kamala. She had to be ten times as good as anybody to get decent coverage. It's racist and a shame. And she was still doing well, but probably realized she couldn't compete with unrealistic expectations of a black woman running for president.


    Now I will just be showing up in November. I have no desire to actively support anybody running. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are the best shot and Trump will easily eat both of them up with the media's help. I'm sickened by the media now saying how devastated they are that Kamala dropped out when they made this so. 



    That is the one upside, if you can call it that.  I can just tune out at this point and show up when I must.  Shirley Chisolm was the first and only other black woman to run for president.


    The pandering to Kamala Harris' would be voters on social media has already begun in earnest and honestly, it's embarrassing to watch it unfold.  These candidates ought to just give it a day before making desperate appeals this way.  The only one who actually sounds sincere is Castro, who was locked out of the last debate and will likely be locked out of the next one.


    I have to say one thing though and that is that it is damn impressive that in the midst of being relentlessly trolled by Russian troll farms and disparaged at every turn, Harris was still able to co-sponsor a piece of legislation passed the House Judiciary on a bipartisan vote.  Bernie has been in the Senate since Jesus was a boy and I don't think he has gotten that far.



  9. I saw a clip of Lori Loughlin's daughter speaking on her YouTube channel on some morning newsmagazine show over Thanksgiving weekend.  Why is this child speaking on a vlog while her parents are still facing jail time? Does she not think that anything she says could be used against them?

    Don't get me wrong, I could care less but it strikes me as pretty foolish legally-speaking.

  10. Kamala Harris' online "army" could be overbearing but 90% that I saw (I didn't follow any of them) seemed basically harmless.  I would be more concerned about the folks backing people like Gabbard (*hint* some of them backed Stein) and the fact that Americans still want to turn a blind eye to how unprepared election/voting apparatus still is.  We face the same problems that were apparent in 2016, that hasn't gone away and no one is doing anything to address this.


  11. Meanwhile Tulsi still has her army of Russian trolls and right-wing Hindu nationalists supporting her to stay in the race.


  12. I'm also depressed about this but sadly, I'm not surprised. Until Americans make sure that Citizens United is overturned and money doesn't have such a strong pull in civic/public affairs, the U.S. will get the leaders it deserves.  At this point, Trump is the leader that the U.S. deserves unfortunately.  I hope he won't be re-elected, but...



  13. On 12/1/2019 at 4:02 AM, VanessaReardon said:

    Y&R is so bad. About once a week I try to watch the show and usually tune out right after the opening credits. There is literally nothing to hold my interest. I cannot stand the new Chance and the Theo guy looks like he needs a bath. Who is casting the show nowadays? He/she should be fired. I never make it to the end credits to see. The show has no direction and is lifeless. 


    I can't even get through reading the summaries and spoilers, like I used to.  It all reads as  b-o-r-i-n-g. I don't know have how people slog through episode after episode.

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