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  1. AOC backed Cabán and urged her twitter followers to contribute to Cabán's campaign.  It paid off last night. 



    A mess.


  2. 5 hours ago, DRW50 said:


    I read that Eric Trump was spit on tonight. Well, he's probably into that anyway. 


    Is that why he's trending?  (Shrugs) Oh well.

    7 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    They just want to be pandered to so they can feel morally righteous. Well, tough [!@#$%^&*]. 


    I think this is a group that has made the conscious decision to cede moral high-ground in favor of pushing through their agenda.  There is no moral righteousness with this group now, just play-acting.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Juliajms said:

    ^ I'm starting to feel like we are in the Soviet Union. I get that things aren't as bad as that, but the corruption, lies and denial of reality is off the charts.


    He'd already been indicted (and re-elected despite it) on charges that he and his wife were misappropriating funds for school tuition and vacays but I guess once the 411 about the five 'side pieces'  came to light, his wife likely decided that she'd had enough.  The question is, have his constituents finally had enough?

  4. The only downside to that election news in Turkey is that some are now suggesting that Erdogan will likely move to strip some powers from the new mayor.   As Erdogan was formerly the mayor of Istanbul, he likely knows the ins and outs of the position as well as the underbelly as to how to weaken the position.

  5. I kid you not, Babis was quoted as claiming that he wants to make the Czech Republic "great again".  Sound familiar?


    1 hour ago, marceline said:


    What I find interesting are the people who seem to not notice that homophobia. I have friends who swear that Ameica is ready for a gay president because they seem to be incapable of realizing that Trump is the backlash to the fact we elected a black one. So many on the left have just disappeared into this cocoon of denial about the American electorate.


    While we have children dying on the border and soiling themselves in detention camps with barely no collective action, nothing surprises me about the denial of the American electorate.   I can pretty much say I've felt this way since before Trump's election but his election solidified the feeling.

  6. 53 minutes ago, Khan said:


    Actions like those wouldn't scare me into voting for Trump.  If anything, they would make me more determined to see the other person (whoever that will end up being) win.  But, I don't consider myself a card-carrying member of his cult to begin with, so who the hell knows, lol?



    You're a rational person, who I've heard has a Birthday today, so Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy it!🍷

  7. So, does the Trump administration simply plan to terrorize people as a re-election strategy?  He issues a threat to launch a strike against Iran, then pulls back at the last minute.  Then he issues an order for I.C.E. raids in several cities all over the country, then rescinds the order at the last minute.  

    To paraphrase @Khan, this is all so shameful!



    I'm still reading this article but thought I'd post before I forget because this seems like a recurring theme so far.  I still think that there can't be a clear sense of anything (let alone front-runner status) until the debates begin. 

    Presented without further comment.


  8. 29 minutes ago, Franko said:

    And by many accounts, she was reluctant to do so.


    For as many missteps as Doumanian was reported to have made during her tenure (and by the way, Robert Townsend would NOT have been one of them, Townsend showed that he was insanely talented during the 1980s), at least she had the sense to promote Murphy to cast member after he had made four appearances on the show as a featured player.  So in Doumanian's case (with the hiring of Murphy and Piscopo), I guess even a broken clock can be right twice a day.



    I find it more problematic that there wasn't room for both Murphy and Townsend, while there had been room for both Ackroyd and Chevy Chase in previous years. 


    I also think Lorne Michaels stifled Chris Rock's humor on the show but that's a story for another day.

  9. I tend to believe Tommy Davidson.  It's well known that SNL had a problematic history with its black talent, especially black comediennes, until Maya Rudolph. 


    Lorne Michaels had nothing to do with Eddie Murphy's being hired to SNL, Lorne Michaels had temporarily left SNL before then.  It was Jean Doumanian who hired Eddie Murphy.  Of all the players that had been hired during Doumanian's brief tenure, only Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy had been kept on, the rest were all fired.


    As for Spike Lee's disdain of the show, well I can remember a time I wasn't so crazy about Spike.  I had often found his portrayal of women in his films to be problematic.  In the late 90s when I had just graduated from college and was in my first real job at an arts institution, I saw Spike Lee walking the halls, and in passing I gave him a very pointed side-eye.  In fact, I think I cut my eye at him (lol) and I wasn't the only one-- a few other black women at my job did the same thing, LOL.


    It was interesting to read Firestein pretty much agree with Wayans that rerunning the series aged the series, I think Keenan said that it devalued the series. Firestein very candidly talks about his perception that there was ethnic cleansing occurring at Fox,  something we on this  board have discussed as a strategy that other networks like UPN and the WB (that later became the CW network) engaged in.  I wonder whether anyone tried to get Barry Diller's feedback about what happened BTS at In Living Color.  I'm curious as to what his remarks would be on that aspect.

  10. So many Americans seem intent on ignoring the fact that Trump is a predator, a thug and a criminal.  Will Ms. Carroll's account be added to the nearly two dozen other women who publicly proclaimed Trump to be a sexual predator, only to be discarded when Trump hurls insults?  It's disgusting the level of criminality  and scandal that Trump brings with him.  It's constant, you can barely catch your breath!  


    Another trash person who has managed to scale political heights despite also having zero regard for women.  If they, in the U.K. had any sense at all, they'd dump him.


  11. If my post alluded to the aspect that the U.S. is using Iran as a smokescreen for MBS/KSA, I should have been clearer-- I meant to say it straight out.

    Again, the provocation and reprisals with Iran is meant to draw attention away from MBS/KSA who is being scrutinized once again for their part in Kashoggi's killing.  The U.N. wants further investigation, which the Trump administration and MBS/KSA obviously don't want because for them, it's bad for business.


    If you look at the social media of Agnes Callamard, who led the investigation and prepared the report for the U.N., you will see she is being swarmed by Saudi operatives, many who are paid to send out spam subtweets to harass her.  It's an organized effort and it's become their M.O. Hopefully some further investigation will eventually be mounted.

  12. 1 minute ago, Wendy said:


    I think it's a bunch of nothing. Everyone involved were adults. Was it seedy? Maybe. But nothing that the GOP likely hasn't done.


    I hope so.  The good thing is that it involves the son and not the candidate.  It would be better though, if that paternity suit is the thing that turns out to be a bunch of nothing.

  13. The GOP is feasting on this Hunter Biden thing.  This is just going to remind people of his relationship with his dead brother's wife.  Maybe the GOP is expert at maneuvering this type of thing but for Democrats, this has the potential to snowball.  Already, it seems like this is becoming way too much baggage for one candidate, jmo.

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