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  1. ^^I hope that this police officer, excuse me former police officer gets the same treatment as the police officer in the Anthony Baez case.  That officer was fired and eventually tried after initially being found not guilty but that was after the feds came in and re-tried the case.  In the Garner case, in order for there to be a similar outcome, there would definitely have to be a new administration in the White House. 



  2. 3 hours ago, ChitHappens said:

    Her involvement was big enough for Sveta to mention it.  I remember she gave a player some clothes.  That's the coolest thing because some of these people don't have or make enough money for basic tournament things.  


    Believe or not, Johanna Konta used to be a brand ambassador for EleVEN. 😅 


    Alexandra Dulgheru was one of the players who publicly thanked Venus recently for supplying her with clothing when she didn't have a sponsor but Venus has done that for others over the years.  

    Vicki Duval used to wear EleVEN (and may still be wearing it). One of the Rodionova sisters used to wear EleVEN and Ula Radwanska (Aga's younger sister) thanked Venus for making her a brand ambassador recently. 

    Jarmila Gajdosova, who's now retired was once a brand ambassador.  There are probably others that I've forgotten. 

  3. 2 hours ago, ChitHappens said:


    I read on Twitter, Venus played a role in Sveta getting the wildcard.  It was a snippet but I couldn't find anything on it.  I hope one of you detectives have something.  


    I read about that too.  There's some confusion as to how much of a role Venus played in this but it wouldn't be unusual since a number of years ago, she intervened in a situation for an Israeli player who was denied entry to a tournament in the UAE, even though the player, Shahar Peer was ranked high enough for direct entry (presumably for political reasons) to help the player get access to the tournament's main draw the following year. 


    Venus has engendered a lot of goodwill over the years, and much of this she has done very quietly, with few people knowing (she has donated tennis clothes to players without clothing contracts, some she has made brand ambassadors while others, little known journey-woman players, she has simply given them EleVEN tennis and workout clothing). 


    Now that I think about it, I slightly recall that Peer's issue (with the UAE) may have been a visa issue as well, but I'm not sure.

  4. Even the NYT can still publish deeply affecting pieces.  This is one of them.  I read this on MSN.com's news site though but for some reason, MSN doesn't tweet out these links but in case you don't want to give the NYT site their click(s), there is also a direct link to the MSN website.





  5. I don't bother with MTP but a lot of people on social media seem to be suggesting that Larry Kudlow is inebriated (or high?) during his interview.  Not sure whether they mean it literally (as opposed to meaning that his ideas are outrageous) and I just don't care enough to watch in order to find out.

  6. Svetlana went from struggling to get a visa into the country to finalist and contender for the title in Cincy. Great for her.


    These interviews between Prakash and Venus were very popular on social media and did absolutely nothing to quell speculation that there was some flirtatious undertones going on, lol. 


  7. Y&R's successive writing regimes seem to have a real problem writing a character who lives a single lifestyle, despite the fact that over half of the U.S. population is unmarried. 

    Speaks volumes.

    18 hours ago, detroitpiston said:

    Griffith is a master at writing stories so boring you don't even care enough to complain about. You just stop watching.


    Seems like he's even worse this time around.  Last time, didn't he at least get people's hopes up with the Lauren/Carmine storyline before he botched it?

  8. 11 hours ago, DRW50 said:


    I agree with you, but then I feel like these games aren't meant for anyone outside of his base. It seems to work every time. I hope this time that doesn't turn out to be the case.


    Netanyahu does have an indictment hovering over him, which is more than ever happened to him previously. I'm seeing more people within the Jewish community publicly chastise him publicly on this latest issue and others just seem very exasperated with the notion of him doing Trump's bidding. Only time will tell how far any of that goes. 

  9. 2 hours ago, DRW50 said:


    Bibi is a messy and thuggish figure so I'm not surprised he didn't go that route. 


    Today they offered Congresswoman Tlaib the opportunity to visit her grandmother, which she declined (and I can understand why she did), so that ends up making them look magnanimous, even though they have no right to be seen that way. So the optics tilt their way, as usual. 


    I actually don't think that a whole lot of people are buying that.  And in terms of optics, I'm going to say that Netanyahu still comes out looking worse looks worse. When Haaretz puts humanitarian gesture (i.e. 'humanitarian gesture') in quotes, you know that nobody is fooled. 


  10. 51 minutes ago, Melroser said:

    If the networks truly don't care, (and I agree that they don't), then loosen the reins and let the writers and directors do their thing. I know there would still be producer interference (looking at you Corday) but I wonder how much of the network's b.s. hurts the shows. 


    I've always wondered about contract "guarantees" with actors. How restraining is that with writing for a show? If you want to do a big story focusing on 6-8 people, it must be frustrating to have to randomly shove in "Joe" or "Jenny" somewhere just to get them a guarantee and throw off possible momentum/pace. If I were writing, I would want to write for who I want to write for...it's my story and if you don't like my stories then fire me. But can writers even do their own stories??? Seems like the answer is no. 


    The networks still care about cost and cost can dictate in television today.  I suspect that if CBS were a subscriber network they'd be less inclined to 'count beans' and more inclined to take some risks, but these networks are so consumed with keeping advertisers happy (or what they think will make them happy). 


    On Y&R, there are a bunch of relatively new-ish or underwritten characters who are almost a blank slate.  If you really set your mind to it, you'd be surprised how you can actually come up with a story for the character and a new character doesn't actually have to consume a whole lot of story until the character has spent enough time being integrated.  Y&R hasn't done this well in over a decade.  They insist on shoving new characters into heavy storyline when the audience hasn't even begun to care about the character yet.

    To me, most of the problems (and I'm speaking of Y&R because it's the last soap I watched regularly) are creative, i.e. on the page.  Y&R writers seem to have an enormously difficult time writing storylines for non-white characters and they also appear to have a difficult time writing compelling storylines for characters that are women. 

    It's a dream of most writers to be able to write their own original show from their own original pilot but a professional writer should also be able to write a commissioned script or a script from someone else's story. It's challenging but in most cases it's definitely doable and it can actually stretch you in terms of putting your talents to use in building your craft. 

    It just seems as if most soap writers in daytime don't want to stretch themselves creatively or professionally.  And to be honest, it kind of sounds borderline lazy artistically.


  11. 37 minutes ago, xtr said:


    I wonder what the ratings will be like for this episode and this wedding in general. Especially since the ratings have had a sharp decline lately. And I do largely attribute that to boring storylines like Kyle/Lola's. I know that a lot of people on Twitter said they aren't watching it.


    I don't know what will happen with the fans that don't really post offline, but it seems like a lot of people are tired of this couple. They are boring, Lola is ridiculously propped and it doesn't help that other young characters are either propping them/being used to give them storyline, thrown under the bus for them or just sent away. While they continue to get story after story. And none of their stories work, including this last one with this very weak secret of Kyle's. 


    And IMO, they aren't likable enough for more people to just tune in for their wedding and wish them well. Soaps have had some boring/duller couples, but people didn't hate them. And could tolerate them. A lot of people (at least online) can't stand Kyle and Lola. 


    First, I have to preface this by saying I haven't watched Y&R in a long-a** time, lol  but I just checked social media out of curiosity and it actually looks worse than hate, it looks like total indifference. 

  12. 16 hours ago, Juliajms said:

    Not very good propaganda since the government itself has directly denied they bowed to Trump. I think they did though because they are heavily dependent on the US for aid and weapons.


    I'm actually agreeing with you on this.  This situation looks extremely messy, at least from my vantage point.  When I think of the "good" i.e. effective propaganda from days of yore, it delivered a very simple, self- assured message that left no doubt or room for people to question (at least not publicly).  This didn't in this instance.  It was all very chaotic, messy and indecisive.  Bad propaganda, AFAIC.

    27 minutes ago, Khan said:

    Well, the stock market must be doing REALLY bad this week, if Trump has to distract us all with the news that he wants to purchase Greenland.





    Most countries' leadership (the ones that are a full-functioning democracy and even a few that aren't) now regard Trump as someone who is off his meds.  Denmark basically told him to shove it.


    Even N. Korea basically is giving Trump the nuclear test version of "talk to the hand" as they've conducted an unprecedented 6th missile launch test since late July.  

  13. 39 minutes ago, ReddFoxx said:

    Why would Netanyahu be afraid of Trump? Perhaps Trump has some information from Russia that could be damaging to him.


    The tariffs have done nothing to stave off a recession and the areas that will be hardest by one are areas that voted for Trump (in part because of tariffs already harming farmers). Trump would make a recession worse.


    Hasn't Netanyahu been fighting off corruption allegations for like, the last five years?  He's now fighting formal charges too.  Perhaps there are some open secrets out there that Trump cronies dug up.  Trump himself revels in employing mafioso tactics.


    Speaking of unseemly persons-


  14. The U.K. is one thing, anybody paying attention knew that their economy was headed for a fall but the German economy, the most stable in Europe and not prone to economic slides ( and best believe, that Trump and his cronies will not be able to harvest Germany) is also experiencing signs of an economic recession, that and the nervous Asian markets trending downward (for the moment, Asia has been...no big surprise managing economically better than the West) points to stronger signals of a recession. 


    It's going to take someone much smarter than Trump is capable of, to pull the global economy away from a recession.

    When the media starts reporting, you know the signs are already being experienced in certain socio-economic corners. That's the way modern recessions and economic downturns work.

  15. 12 minutes ago, cattykittens said:


    Do we know Jess Walton doesn't want to work? I'm not so sure. She was happy to work as much as Sally & Pratt wanted her to.  I don't think Mal, or JG has asked her.


    It's the show that's been cutting back the air-time on the long time vets. And we haven't had anyone interested in writing for a successful, powerful, corporate woman in decades.


    I've always been dubious about that explanation. Veteran actors can sense when they're being pushed off the canvas and for some, it may be better to walk out the door than to be shoved. You can't convince me that if there were a very juicy compelling story somewhere for Jess Walton that she wouldn't take it.  It's more like Walton knows that it's garbage material no matter what daytime soap, what network, so why bother? 

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