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  1. 1 hour ago, titan1978 said:

    From what I have seen watching tons of eps on YouTube, Simms is my favorite Mindy, followed by Krista.


    Krista’s Mindy is very much Billy’s daughter- flashy, determined, a little bit nasty at times but not an evil person, and feels like a Lewis right next to Billy and HB.


    Kimberly’s Mindy has all those layers too, and also more of a serious and sultry personality.  It’s almost as if Josh raised her- she’s still a Lewis, just more internal.


    I cannot imagine the original Mindy in the affair with Roger storyline.  At all.


    Nope, Tesreau's Mindy would more likely have reached up on tiptoe and popped Roger in the jaw after stomping on his foot, if Roger ever made a move, lol.

  2. 15 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    Some in the media are already reviving their campaigns against Kamala Harris:




    And he's getting a multitude of pushback in his Mentions, as it should be.



    It's getting real across the pond. I'm considering the source but still...


  3. White supremacists and neo Nazis have always been 'all in' with domestic terror from the beginning so it is of absolutely no surprise that they'd be chaos makers in any situation where there is mass violence, especially with this current administration that appears to defend violent their actions. Despite Trump's attempts to back away from that quote about the shooting following the looting, the fact remains that he instinctively and freely quoted the words of an avowed white supremacist.

  4. 34 minutes ago, DRW50 said:

    Some said those were Quakers, as the Amish don't protest and they didn't dress like the Amish. (it also led me to read some sad details about Amish people and puppy mills)...


    It's been apparent from early on just how many white people, on the left and the right, have jumped into this tragedy to make it all about their own goals, but it's been pretty much confirmed now as the mayor of St. Paul said all of the people who were arrested yesterday for violating curfew were from out of state. 


    Here are some horrible videos of black protesters begging white protesters to stop destroying property, only to be ignored, or to have these "allies" try to use the police against them.




    The people who want to wreak the most havoc are the least likely to suffer the fallout.  It wouldn't surprise me if there were/are many 'Bernie Bros.' among those crowds inciting violence. They're the main proponents of 'burning it down'.

  5. Thanks @DRW50

    I guess I'd better watch that video before it "vanishes".

    12 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    This seems to be another Youtube channel that reuploads various clips from sites over the years, but there are at least TWO 1972 pieces I honestly don't remember seeing before. If they are also new to you you'd better save them while you can.


    @All My Shadows @Mitch @vetsoapfan @NothinButAttitude @DramatistDreamer @soapfan770 @Paul Raven @Soapsuds @slick jones (apologies to anyone I forgot in my rush)





    Bumping this onto a new page.

  6. 11 minutes ago, pdm1974 said:

    The show seemed to struggle with direction in the end. The pace became extremely fast...so even if you liked a storyline, sometimes it would wrap up in 6 weeks! And, I remember there was one point where it felt like every single storyline had to do with wanting a baby or having a baby. Not to mention the non-use of characters like Lisa and Nancy who could have added so much with just semi-regular appearances.


    I suspect that this might have been because headwriters had abandoned the art of doing a detailed story projection and may have run into problems and either shortened/ended storylines earlier than anticipated.

    Hillary Bailey Smith did a great solo interview on a podcast for one of those soap magazines (or is it the only soap magazine at this point?) and she mentioned that Doug Marland used to write these highly detailed story projections that would encompass at least a year or more.  I think that is why he was able to construct a story that went on for months and at times a year+ and keep it going. I suspect that all the old school head writers likely did detailed and expansive story projections.  The great thing with a story projection that is highly detailed is that you can present it to other writers and everyone can really scrutinize it and it allows others to 'dig in' and add even more detail.  Believe it or not, the more detail you put into it, the more freedom you have to make adjustments and 'tweaks' to each story when necessary. And a detailed story projection really helps when you have multiple stories occurring simultaneously.

    ATWT, toward the last decade had really poor B and C stories--hell, they could barely keep an A story going!  That told me that the head writers in the last decade had likely ceased doing any type of detailed and expansive story projections, that is, if they were doing them at all. I actually think that none of the soap head writers do detailed story projections any more. Many look like they are making things up as they go along, flying by the seat of their pants.

  7. 24 minutes ago, KMan101 said:


    I'm so glad he said those things! It's true! ATWT was NOT good those last years. But so many just loved Pissy's years. I don't get it. (I also don't think Kreizman had enough time to make any impact, not that I think he could have saved the day, of course)


    If I were to hazard a guess, I would choc it up to desperation. A lot of people seemed to think that any criticism would result in automatic cancellation of the show, even though that was not how it worked. There were angry letters and far stronger criticism of stories and characterizations for decades and the show survived and thrived because the show was fundamentally still a really great show at its core. Criticism, phone calls and letters are not going to destroy a great show.


    I think that many fans know, whether they would admit it or not, that the show was on a razor's edge of cancellation for those last several years and they were scared that the World would stop Turning. So any peep of discontent was squelched in favor of pretending that the content was good quality, hoping that would be enough to keep the show on air.  Scott Holmes said it best, as bad as it was, he would've kept doing the show had it remained because of the security the job gave him.  For many fans, the presence of the show provided them a measure of security by just being on air five days a week.

  8. Well, God bless Scott Holmes for speaking those truths! The quality of the show was not good in those final years. Whenever I tried to say it, there would inevitably be one or two persons who would try to paint me as a hater and a negative force. Who better to testify than someone who was actually living the experience?!  Holmes came onto the show when the show was still fire, so he would know when exactly the standard dropped.

  9. 2 hours ago, ChitHappens said:


    I have 6 brothers and I'm worried all the time.  A few years ago, on Christmas day, my brother was in a car accident.  Elderly lady, who should not have been driving, hit is car.  It was a jag.  Thank goodness he wasn't hurt but the car was totaled.  His replacement car was a 2009 xxx.  Can't remember the make.  I asked why he downgraded.  He said he had been pulled over about 4 times for no reason.  He didn't want to deal with the degradation any longer.  I was pissed for him.  Not sure many of you know what's it feels like to be in constant worry every day.  Trust me, you don't want to!


    I worry about both my brothers too, one has dreadlocks.  The other brother was once arrested for driving a "stolen vehicle" that, it turns out legally belonged to our eldest brother (the one with the dreadlocks) who had loaned him to drive. The charges were dropped after my brother spent the night in jail. So, yes, I very much understand that sense of worry, which I also feel for my nephews.

    Lately though, I also worry for my nieces and whenever I next go out because black women are gunned down and assaulted by the police too, although those reports tend not to get as much media attention.

    2 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    I went to college with him. One of his best friends from college can't believe that such a sweet guy was killed.


    Man, this must hit differently for you right now. I hope you have some emotional support right now.

  10. 56 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

    Alan is horrible and talking over Scott and interrupting.


    Scott Holmes trashing the ending of ATWT. How the show went out in a wimper. How horrible the last few years of ATWT were and how bad the storylines had become.


    Do you remember at what minutes this happened? That I'd like to see, lol! I don't really want to watch the entire video though, I just want to skip that that part.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Soaplovers said:

    The Kimberlin Brown and Tracy Bregman one yesterday was outstanding 


    It really was.

    I just saw the playback around lunchtime today. I only wish that Sony and all these soap opera production companies could see the value in these livestreams and allow these hosts to use video clips. Instagram has a 90 second rule for copyright protection of music, perhaps something could be worked out on YouTube for video clips? Being able to see clips from the actors' scenes truly enhances the discussion, imo.

    I'd low-key love for Scott DeFreitas to moderate those Locher Room discussions. He was really good in the Don Hastings/Kathryn Hays discussion.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

    Lawd Alan starts it off with his name on logos followed by the atwt opening...lololol

    This interview with Ellen and Scott is sinking fast.


    I'll be skipping that one.


    I know we all have our critiques on Michael Fairman (with good reason) but he could really lead a class on how to do these Zoom discussions with soap stars well.  Alan needs to learn the art of moderating a discussion as well as utilizing audio visual aides on screen.

  13. 4 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    A remote I and @DRW50 enjoyed is discussed. The Frankie and Darryl remote from Switzerland and the tram/cable car. 




    I expected higher numbers for it but it ranked #3 for week. That remote was beautifully  done. Too bad it never made on dvd or to YouTube.


    There are still a lot of well done episodes missing from YouTube and/or haven't been seen since their original airing.

    I wish someone would've asked Kathryn Hays if she had a copy of the Labor Day episodes where Kim went through labor and gave birth to Christopher at the cabin. That is among the most sought after episodes on ATWT and it would be a kick if she actually had it somewhere on VHS or something.

  14. What a fun discussion!

    Say what you want about Michael Fairman but that discussion had a good flow to it and I didn't see any technical glitches. There might have been a lag or two on Tracey's end of the feed but it was hardly noticeable.

    And despite the aspect of that the video clip looking like it was lifted straight off YouTube, the use of video clips and photo stills is something I've wanted to see in the Locher Room livestreams because it really enhances the discussion.

    Honestly, these production companies ought to see the value in allowing some (even restricted) use of clips that don't use music.  They could use the 90 second Instagram rule for copyright protection.  I hate that Instagram rule in terms of musically based livestreams but I think it could be very effective in video based livestreams.

    And it was good to hear Kimberlin Brown talk about how readily she embraced the role. She wasn't trying to segue into being a romantic heroine, she really wanted to be the Annie Wilkes of daytime drama. She played her position with relish.


  15. 1 hour ago, Soapsuds said:

    I think she had barely had a child when she was asked. I did enjoy MBE in the role.


    Was this the early 00s? She was asked? I didn't know she had been asked back in the early '00s.  Since Bryce wasn't playing Craig, it probably wasn't worth the return stint for her, especially having just had her second baby.

  16. People truly are fed up. The deaths keep happening, over and over and over and over and all people did was criticize peaceful protesting because protesters 'took a knee' and it made some folks uncomfortable. Well, now a man has died after 'taking a knee' to his throat.

    Trump is exactly the worst possible person to sit up in the White House in this type of combustible situation. The. Worst.

  17. 9 hours ago, Khan said:


    Agree.  As wonderful as Doug Marland's writing always was (IMO), Robert Calhoun gave his work on ATWT a certain energy that Laurence Caso never could.


    And that's really the difference between stage and screen. On stage, the written word is the alpha and the omega, sets and stage production are the icing but you can stage a powerful production with practically nothing on stage (believe me, I know). It stands in contrast to television where no matter how good the writing may be, you really can't pull off a convincing production without... well, production--set pieces, proper lighting, wardrobe, hair and makeup to help set the scene. On soaps, in particular, it's very important. 

    Yeah, you can still have stunning, engrossing dialogue and cheap sets and it could still be darn good but think about how distracting it has been anytime you've watched an actor on screen with horrible makeup, wardrobe and set pieces that look as if they were made of plywood. It has the effect of taking away from the overall performance. I would never diminish the effect that Calhoun's work had on the show, it is very much present on the screen with some of the show's best performances.

  18. 3 hours ago, victoria foxton said:

    The only murder mysteries Doug did on GL were Lucille's, Diane's and Joe's. ATWT had way way more. The only dud being Carolyn's.


    MKA only agreed to do 6 months. Which was a real shame. I really liked Neal. But had she stayed. I don''t know if the character would've fared well after Doug's passing. Royce didn't fare well after Doug's passed. 


    One aspect that doesn't get discussed enough is how many actors either wanted to leave because they had other opportunities that they wanted to explore or that they simply wanted time off from the grind of soaps, which is understandable but often creates huge challenges for the writing of storylines.

    I was watching a string of episodes from '94 over the weekend and in terms of Terry Lester, I will say that, despite how disappointing the conclusion turned out to be, Lester really had chemistry with pretty much every actor he shared scenes with.  I saw him in a scene with Scott DeFreitas (Andy) and appreciated how well both actors played off of each other. It was nice to see both actors invested despite the scene being quite brief.

    3 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    Martha's acting on this episode was horrific.




    Samantha Markham was such a dull character. The two actress that played the role were terrible too.


    I missed much of the time that this character was on the canvas but from what I've seen, much of early Samantha seemed like a lot of filler. I didn't see much of the show when they put her with Kirk.

  19. One would think that this would've made more news when it happened but I guess not.


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