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  1. I'm actually fine with not seeing things. Unlike some daytime writers, all that happened had a precursor to the reveal. The daytime soaps pull crap out of their hat and expect you to follow along as if you don't have a brain. How do ya'll get good quality screen grabs so quick WITH gif anime? Damn!
  2. Wow, enjoying everything so far. People wanted a family battle, and now they gettin' one!
  3. Noami, or whatever, he wants his real mama back now that they made up. He don't wanna eff her (play mama) no more. LOL.
  4. With his crazy ass, her being a bi-sexial bib holding ho () is just EVERYTHING!
  5. Yeah, Lucious...not feeling your cheating ways. You and Cookie do look good together though.
  6. Awww, Hakeem and Cookie. Love it!
  7. Whoa! Rhonda and Andre have no shame. Even going the woman on woman route to get what they want? Just wow. It was such a little thing but when Taraji/Cookie turned down the nobs on the song board to prevent the audio from getting out there from their argument.
  8. Nothing good ever happens at a soapy wedding. Looking forward to it though. Thanks for pushing for it, Anika! You'll soon regret it...
  9. Poor Andre. Watching the episode even though I previously saw the scene where he sees his family being a family with out him. Still sad.
  10. "You want Cookie's nookie? Ditch the bitch!" LOVE IT!
  11. Get off my screen, American Idol! It's ON!
  12. I need me some Cookie already because that Candy on The Haves and the Have Nots just can't (and will never) do it for me. As long as Tyler Perry is at the helm that other show will just be a washed up mess.
  13. This show is downright boring, long winded for unnecessary reasons, and a laughable mess. It's hard to watch the talented actors from daytime's past (and others) try to spin such gibberish into even a hint of 1 karat gold. Some of these characters are even worse than the worst of the worst daytime has ever offered. I don't mean that they do bad things, I mean the bad things they do is just cringeworthy. I mean, come on!
  14. Oh, they are trying, believe me. They're just copying the wrong elements and are hoping the networks will buy into it for next season. Hopefully the network execs realize (yeah, that'll never happen) it won't work without what actually does resonate with the millions of Empire viewers each week.
  15. I don't want to think about that, but I believe it'll be addressed in some capacity by the season finale. Remember, the feds haven't been shown since that happened. It won't be ignored. They aren't *bleep*, *bleep* and *bleep* from their horrid stints writing *bleep* hospital, *bleep* life to live or *bleep* anything.
  16. Let's just pray that those that are watching in that capacity don't watch and take the Dynasty-ish aspect of Empire to their computers, but the compelling characters aspect instead. Most importantly, you don't need to introduce new characters to bring in new viewers. The characters that have been integrated into the family drama have yet to take away from the core of the show and that's what I love most about it. Every core character has a purpose and a future. A right turn doesn't drive them into a ditch, but into a natural path to their destination before they take a left turn to the next stage.
  17. I know! I was like, "Wait, what? That can't be right." But it sadly is. Hopefully any new show that takes on the Empire model doesn't think it's all about showing dark skinned people on TV in prominent roles. I don't care if you're white, black, orange or blue, if the writing and the acting is there... I'm in!
  18. Yup, her face was EVERYTHING. Andre's breakdown and the shower scene. So much said without uttering a single word. The episode itself was just non-stop from beginning to end, agree. I loved everything about it. Not a single scene was wasteful for me as a viewer.
  19. It would be awesome if Cookie gets another baby out of this if the show actually goes through with killing off Lucious, which I highly doubt. He'll become another Magic Johnson and Robin Scorpio, IMO.
  20. I wanted the same thing, but I think it works best with neither knowing she saw. We know Anika won't be leaving anytime soon and she won't let them know she knows. It wouldn't work storywise. Or maybe not. She tells him the next day, per clips. And Cookie with her Lena Horne and Halle Berry comments in future episodes? LMAO. LOVE this show.
  21. Yes, BABY! Wow, even though Anika pisses me off. I did feel for her in that moment. Good acting, I guess.
  22. LMAO. I love my soaps, but I don't always get to watch them live. Empire, however, is JUST THE SOAP to watch live and talk about with others. You can't read recaps for this. Damn you, Lucious! Like others said, you can't help but hate him and love him at the same time. Wow, that scene with Lucious and Cookie the way he's just taking her and she's all up into it. YES! OMG, Anika!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Yes, Anika. He loves him some Cookie! Ha ha.
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