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DAYS #136: Anjelica goads Adrienne at the Town Square, Nick delivers a hard blow to the Titan board





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


RmmvEqJ.png s8zyCRx.png
Eric and Nicole lay in bed together, truly happy. They smile, breathing heavily as their heart rates descend from a long session of lovemaking. Nicole rolls over, resting against Eric's naked chest, before leaning in for a kiss.


NICOLE: You know...I could handle this whole...being married thing if this is how it's gonna be every day from now on.


Eric laughs, as Nicole smiles back at him.


ERIC: Yeah, if this was all being married was about, I could get used to it too.
NICOLE: Well, it could be. You know...I think we're both...very secure in our love for each other...and I know that whatever comes our way...I think we can get through it, as long as we work together.


Eric smiles, taking his hand and putting it up to Nicole's face.


ERIC: I will always be here for you, no matter what.


Eric pulls Nicole in for another kiss, as Nicole's phone goes off. They both stop and sigh. Nicole's head falls face-first into Eric's chest, as Eric laughs quietly to himself.


ERIC: You'd better get that.


Nicole lifts her head, and begins to whine jokingly.


NICOLE: But I don't wannaaaa...


Eric continues to laugh, as Nicole leans over and grabs her phone from the bedside table.


It's Abigail.


Nicole's expression immediately changes, as she answers the call.


NICOLE: (into phone) Abby?




7mpLHru.png uetqIub.png
Abigail stands in Nicole's office, her back to Jerome, who sits at Nicole's desk, looking at her computer. He looks on, stunned by what he's seeing on the screen.


ABBY: (into phone) Hey Boss! Uh...I...I'm sorry to bother you. I know you had an appointment and all, but...




Nicole furrows her brow, a bit annoyed and a bit confused as to why Abby's calling.


NICOLE:  (into phone) Uh...it's fine. Now's not really a...great time...




ABBY: (into phone) No! I, I'll make it quick. Promise. It's...really important.


Abby looks over her shoulder to see a stunned Jerome reading the article headline from the flash drive Nick sent them.


EnerNext & Titan: Fraudulent Arguments in Environmental Impact Study & Associated Payoffs


ABBY: (into phone) You're gonna wanna come down to the office...right away.



NO1SJYT.png 413Fbzy.png 9MZ77zM.png YtWN1ZI.png W9BIuJj.png SLDcIpu.png L7qoPYw.png
Nick paces the Titan board room, holding a pack of sealed envelopes in his hand, as the rest of the Titan board sits in stone silence, stunned by what Nick's held over their heads, and what he wants. Tyler, ready to stop Nick before he goes too far, gets up from his seat.


TYLER: I...uh...I think we've heard enough to make our decision on your proposition, Mr. Fallon.


Nick smiles, and turns to face Tyler, responding with a condescending tone.


NICK: Oh, I don't think so. Not quite yet. 


Nick holds the envelopes in his hand up to prominently display them to the rest of the room. He paces up and down the room still, as the others, most notably Kate, look on in discomfort. Tyler sits down, knowing he won't be able to stop Nick.


NICK: You see, as I mentioned before, I've been keeping a veeeery close eye on all of you here at Titan. And I've gotta say, you guys know how to cover your tracks. But not quite well enough.

JOHN: And what exactly does that mean?


Nick looks over to John, placing the first envelope down in front of him. Without breaking his gaze for a second, even to blink, he looks John dead in the eyes.


NICK: Why don't you open the envelope and find out?


Nick suddenly breaks gaze, and turns to walk around the table. As he does, Nick flips through the envelopes, placing down one before each board member as he finds the ones for the person before him.


Once completed, he leans on Kate's shoulders slightly, causing Kate to stiffen instantly.


NICK: I think we're ready to begin. 


Nick looks at everyone, a sickening, smug smile on his face, as the board members glare at him murderously.







wK1rXOr.png XpzwY1b.png
Anjelica stands in the Horton Town Square, smiling at a less-than-impressed Adrienne, who stands opposite Anjelica, with her arms folded.


ADRIENNE: Anjelica. What are you doing back in town?

ANJELICA: Well, I see you don't pay much attention to the news. Not that that surprises me. You always were a bit of an intellectual lightweight.


Adrienne rolls her eyes at Anjelica's jab, biting her tongue before she says something she'd regret.


ANJELICA: Among other more...personal matters, I am here as part of my campaign for the state governor's office.


Adrienne can't help but crack up at Anjelica's announcement. Incredulous, she responds, very amused.


ADRIENNE: As if you have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning.

ANJELICA: Oh, come now, Adrienne. A person's past indiscretions are hardly a reason to keep a person out of government these days, we all know that.
ADRIENNE: Yes, well, I don't think I've ever seen anyone run for office after having tried to blow someone up.


Anjelica looks at Adrienne, a more serious, lethal expression in her eyes, as the smile disappears from her face.


ANJELICA: Ah! those old lies, and innuendoes. Frankly, Adrienne, I think being in that explosion knocked something loose that should've stayed in place. You're long overdue for a doctor's visit. May I suggest ah...Dr. Marlena Evans?


Adrienne, fed up, grabs her shopping bags, and brushes past Anjelica to leave.


ADRIENNE: I don't have to listen to this. Enjoy your visit, Anjelica. I hope it's very short.


Anjelica turns to call out to Adrienne, goading her once more, and stopping Adrienne in her tracks momentarily.


ANJELICA: Oh, I expect it won't be. Seeing as my son's living with you and Justin. I hope I'll see you at dinner tonight at the Kiriakis mansion?


Adrienne sighs, before turning back around to face Anjelica.


ADRIENNE: Well, I would but we tend to not let stray cats in the house, much less eat off the dinner table. 
ANJELICA: What are you saying? You're not even going to let me share a meal with my son?
ADRIENNE: Anjelica, quite frankly, I'm sure no one would have an appetite with you there. And I hate wasting food.


Anjelica chuckles to herself.


ANJELICA: Ahh yes, that old blue collar spirit. Waste not, want not!
ADRIENNE: Which reminds me that I don't have the time to waste on you. So...


Adrienne grabs her shopping bags from the bench and gives Anjelica a fake smile.


ADRIENNE: Have a great day, Anjelica.


Adrienne walks off, leaving Anjelica behind, a raised eyebrow and shaking her head.




Kate holds open the card Nick's enclosed in her envelope, sighing as she's reminded of her part in his attempted drowning. Lucas looks over, panicked as he holds his card in Kate's direction, tensing in frustration. He whispers forcefully.


LUCAS: How the HELL does Nick know about the entire plan?


Billie sighs, resting her fingertips on her forehead, as she reads her card.


Billie, the spy came to town to hide in plain sight at Titan. Trying to get the goods on her mama's boytoy's new girlfriend. What a wonderful waste of our secret service's resources.


Billie sighs, knowing her reason for being in Salem has been found out.


BILLIE: Maybe mom was right.


Kate looks over momentarily at Billie, shrugging as she looks back toward Nick.


KATE: Trust me. This is the best thing we can do.


Across the table, Justin looks at his card, reading:


Justin, actively trying to falsify environmental assessments so you can rush through a forcible eviction from a citizen's hard-earned property? You should be ashamed.


Justin looks over at Billie, a similarly concerned expression on her face as his. He closes his card and lays it down on the table, as he looks over at a smug Nick.


JUSTIN: And just how do you think you can prove any of this.

NICK: You really wanna test this theory, huh? That I didn't come to this meeting prepared? 


John jumps in, closing his own note. He holds his arms out, looking at Nick incredulously.


JOHN: Oh, come on, Nick! You're bluffing! There's no way you have something on every single one of us with enough proof to back it up that you could take each of us down.


Nick saunters over to John, staring him down with his trademark grin.


He leans in close to John, never breaking gaze.


NICK: I wouldn't push your luck, Mr. Black.


Nick leans in and whispers in John's ear.


NICK: (whispering) I know about your little plan to save Roman Brady. And it's not gonna work.


John tenses immediately. He recognizes Nick is serious, and looks over at a concerned Justin. Sitting back down, he puts his hand over his mouth, sighing heavily.


Nick, meanwhile, turns back toward the head of the table, leaning over it to speak to the rest of the room.


NICK: Now, as I said, I'm not bluffing. In fact, as I speak, I am about to have a small...wedding present sent to one of my greatest allies in the fight to stop this little project of yours: Nicole Walker. 




Nicole readies herself to leave Eric's hotel room, frantically trying to adjust her dress, as Eric stands nearby, shirtless, trying to help zip her back in. Meanwhile, we hear Nick's voice over the hurried scene.


NICK: (voiceover) You see, I've sent a little document to her new husband, detailing some of the things I've uncovered about HER indiscretions, using the same methods I used to dig up all kinds of dirt on all of you. I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it shortly.


As Nick speaks: Outside the hotel room, a man walks toward the door. After a moment, he makes his over and knocks on the door.


Inside, Nicole and Eric stop in their tracks, before Eric heads quickly over to open it.


ERIC: I'll get it. Might be room service. I didn't get them in time.


Nicole laughs quietly, as she adjusts herself, before putting her shoes on.


Eric opens the door, to find the messenger Aiden sent to his room, with a large manila envelope in hand.


MESSENGER: Eric Brady?


Eric looks on, confused, as he clutches the envelope.


ERIC: Yeah. That's me.


After taking the envelope, the messenger holds out a tablet and a stylus for Eric.


MESSENGER: Sign here.


Eric signs for the document, still unsure of what to expect to find inside. As he finishes, he hands both the tablet and stylus back to the messenger, before shutting the door behind him.


Inside, Nicole looks puzzled as well, as Eric begins to open the document.


NICOLE: What is it?

ERIC: Dunno. Wasn't expecting anything. Were you?


Nicole shakes her head, as Eric opens the envelope and pulls out what's inside. As he does, one of the pages of the document falls out of

Eric's grasp and falls to the floor, just out of sight underneath Eric's nightstand.


NICOLE: What is it?


Eric's jaw drops, as he struggles to catch his breath. He realizes the information the documents contain.


ERIC: Oh my God. This is it.

ERIC: It's the Chyka file. I finally have proof that Kristen drugged me.


Nicole gasps in horror, as she realizes Nick's taken action against her. She braces herself for Eric's reaction. For now, Eric looks up at Nicole, stunned, but with a bit of a smile on his face.




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