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DAYS #19: Just Press Record




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa is shocked and in disbelief by what she sees in her hallway. Her mother being handed keys by her landlord.

THERESA: Do I need to ask again or is someone going to talk?

Kim turns to face Theresa, a tentative smile on her face.

KIM: Well...honey. I was trying to call you to tell you this. I had a viewing with your landlord and...well...I put a deposit down on the apartment just across the hall from you! Isn't that fantastic??

THERESA: Oh my God. Like...I think I might actually be dying, right now.

Kim walks to Theresa and takes her hand.

KIM: I know! Isn't it great??

Theresa's eyes bug out, and she pulls away from her mother. She is not impressed.

THERESA: No, this is the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen. Are you absolutely nuts??


Roman is in his office, just finishing up a call. He sets down the reciever on his office's land line and types a quick note on his computer. His face wide with satisfaction.

ROMAN: Gotcha!

Roman immediately picks the phone back up, and dials Kate.


KATE: Kate Roberts.


ROMAN: Kate! It's Roman Brady. I need you and Lucas to come down to the station. It's urgent.


KATE: I'll be right over.

Kate hangs up the phone, a wide, sinister smile crosses her face.

KATE: Jordan Ridgeway, whatever your crazy little plan is, it ends right now.




Victor steps into the hallway after the Titan board meeting lets out, his grumpy demeanour plain as the nose on his face. Brady struts out immediately afterwards, smug and confident that he put on a good presentation. He slaps Victor on the back in self-congratulation. Victor doesn't respond, but tenses in reaction.

BRADY: SO! Grandfather! How was that?

VICTOR: If you want my honest opinion, that was the most embarrassed I've ever been in my adult life. And that's no small feat, considering the number of times I married Vivian Alamain.

Brady's expression changes immediately, from cool confidence to confused and upset.

BRADY: Seriously? I mean, you're actually gonna go there right now with me?

VICTOR: Gladly. You're a CEO of a multi-national corporation, not a high school dropout contemplating which McDonalds to apply to work at. You've got responsibilities, Brady. And it's high time you actually took those responsibilities seriously.

BRADY: Or what, Grandad? You're gonna take over as CEO? I dare you to try. The board has to vote me out to reinstate you. You're over 80. They want young blood with the energy to hold up under all the pressure of this job.

VICTOR: I'm well-aware. And after today's performance, I definitely look like a strong candidate in comparison.

BRADY: Hah. You know, you're funny, Grandad. Really. You could've had a second career as a comedian. You know that?

VICTOR: Save it, Brady. I'm being serious. I know you hear this every day at least twice, but I'm really worried about you. I'm worried you're on a slide into something that could destroy your entire life. And I might not be able to help lift you out of it. And frankly, I just can't deal with that at this age. Excuse me.

Victor saunters away, calmly, but inside he is evidently troubled by Brady's behaviour. Brady shakes his head, watching Victor walk away.


Jordan walks into the Horton town square, looking for Sheryl. Upon finding her, she sits down at a table at the cafe area. Jordan's concerned after Sheryl's revelation at the hospital.

JORDAN: Alright, I'm here. I have to meet Rafe in a half hour so you gotta make this fast.

SHERYL: God, I wish you hadn't taken up with Rafe. Seriously, I know why you did it but it makes everything we've planned so much more difficult.

JORDAN: Okay, if you dragged me out her to give me another lecture on how dangerous it is for me to be dating the guy that gives us access to a good chunk of the info we need to pull this off, I'm going back to my apartment to get ready for my date.

Jordan gets up to leave, Sheryl stops her.

SHERYL: Woah woah woah! Jordan! Wait. I meant it when I said I had to talk to you about Lucas.

Jordan sighs and sits back down.

JORDAN: Fine. What is it? Why do you think Lucas is onto you, Sheryl?

Sheryl leans in, as if to share some great secret.

SHERYL: I ran into him at Club TBD earlier. He was...off. Like, really cold. I'd never seen him look at me like that before. There was an ice in his eyes, and he was definitely holding back something.

JORDAN: That's it? Seriously? Sheryl, you know that Kate's after me, not you. And there's no way she's going to figure out who I am. She wants you with Lucas. I don't know what you're so freaked out about.

SHERYL: What if you're wrong, Jordan? How can you be so damned sure Kate doesn't have it in for me too and has just been playing nice this whole time? We need to get our ducks in a row, and fast, or there'll be no chance of stopping the oil sands project, especially if we have to fight both EnerNext and Kate Roberts.


Roman greets Kate and Lucas at the door of his office as they arrive.

ROMAN: Kate, Lucas, have a seat.

KATE: Thank you, Roman. I'm glad you called when you did. I think I know exactly what's going on with Jordan and Sheryl now.

ROMAN: Well, so do we. And we have a plan. All you two have to do is follow it down to the letter, and Jordan and Sheryl will be neutralized.

Kate smiles a wry smile at Roman's news. Lucas carries a bit of uneasiness as he looks to his mother.


Will is on his phone at the apartment, a concerned look on his face. Gabi walks in at that moment and flashes a quick smile to Will, who waves back. Sonny enters the room, holding Arianna. Will sighs in exasperation suddenly.

WILL: (into phone) Hey, mom. Uh...so I need to know when you're able to come by so we can make you dinner. I really do have some big news for you, so whenever you can come by would be great. Uh...EJ is totally welcome to join us if you two are on good terms, because I never know where that stands lately...umm...give me a call back. Bye.

Will drops the phone on the table in front of him.

WILL: Voice mail, again!

GABI: What's wrong? Is Sami okay?

SONNY: We have no idea, we've been calling for about an hour. No answer, just goes straight to voice mail each time. We had some big news to share with her...and you too, but...you know...

WILL: We kinda wanted to make a big announcement to everyone at once.

GABI: Well...why don't you give EJ a call. Maybe she's with him?


Abigail is heading for the door of her office, files in hand, not really focussing on where she's walking. She opens the door to her office to head out and standing before her is EJ.

EJ: I need to talk to you, RIGHT now!

Abigail raises an eyebrow and gives EJ a knowing smile.

ABBY: So! Back for seconds so soon, hm? I didn't think I was that good.

EJ walks right past her and into her office.

EJ: That's not what I meant, Abigail.

Abigail stops the sexy intonations and tightens right up, suddenly feeling a rush of insecurity. Unbeknownst to either of them, Anne Milbauer has just approached her office door, which is still partially ajar, to ask her a question, and overhears EJ's next comment.

ABBY: Well then, what is it?

EJ: We have got to stop this affair, and right now.

Anne's curiosity spikes, she hides around the corner, just enough to be within earshot, and, with some quick thinking, immediately pulls out her cell phone, hitting record.



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Oh good ness Now Anne hatin ass Milbauer got the secret. This is not good at all.

Kate just think she got Jordan in the bag.She dont even know what Roman found. Thirsty.

I just llove the scenes at Titan. Brady is a dumg fukk and I know his day is coming.

Loved Kim and Theresea' scene. Can't wait to see what happens next on that one.

I also love Victor's lines. How many times did Vic marry Viv?

Another great show with a great cliffhanger!!

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  • Members

Anne Milbauer????? Uh oh they're in trouble.

Good use of history with Victor and Vivian.

You've got Victor Kiriakis's character down pat...as you do many others..

And I could picture Kim and Theresa's scene on TV.


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I think u should be the head writer for days LOL. OMG I cannot believe Anne knows. I love the Vic Viv history tie in. Excellent job as always.

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