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DAYS #18: Part 2 - Sami/EJ Showdown




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Hope stares down Aiden at the table, where Jenn and Aiden are sitting at the town square. Jenn tries to break the awkward silence.

JENNIFER: Uh...Hope. Hi! Uh..sorry. I've had a bit of a rough day.

HOPE: So it would seem--

Aiden gets up with a start, grabbing his coffee cup.

AIDEN: Look, I don't want to interrupt family time. Jenn?

HOPE: Oh don't leave on my account.

AIDEN: Well, I do have some things to get done anyway, so it's alright. Jenn? You gonna be okay?

JENNIFER: I'll be fine. Thank you for the coffee.

AIDEN: It's my pleasure. Hope.

Aiden walks away, Hope glares as he departs before sitting down beside Jenn.

HOPE: So why were you confiding in him of all people?

JENNIFER: Hope, he ran into me at the hospital, I didn't even have time to--

HOPE: Jenn. Really. I just...the man's a real jerk. I would suggest you stay far away from him.

Jenn, surprised by Hope's strong dislike, is at a loss for words.




Eric leads a blindfolded Nicole to a clearing in the woods, and has her stop in the middle of the clearing.

NICOLE: Oh God. We stopped. Eric?

ERIC: (laughing) Yes?

NICOLE: Why did we stop? What's going on? I'm still not a fan of surprises, if you hadn't noticed.

ERIC: Why don't you have a look?

Eric gently pulls off Nicole's blindfold, revealing to her a beautifully arranged picnic, complete with freshly picked wildflowers, and soft music. Nicole is taken aback by Eric's gesture.

NICOLE: Eric! What is all this?

ERIC: It's a picnic, what else?

Nicole and Eric sit down on the blanket the food's arranged on, Nicole still absolutely in awe of Eric's work.

NICOLE: But...I thought you'd reserved at Chez Rouge.

ERIC: Oh, you're disappointed now?

NICOLE: NO! Don't be ridiculous. I'm shocked but I'm certainly not disappointed!

ERIC: Oh I know. Well, I wanted to give you a special night. But I also wanted to do something a little more...intimate. Especially since it's such a beautiful evening.

Eric snuggles in close to Nicole.

ERIC: You see, I figured, we could sit back, have dinner. Watch the sunset, and just relax. Get away from all the problems in our lives for a while.

NICOLE: Mmmm, I like the sound of that.

ERIC: I figured you might.

Eric leans in to give Nicole a soft kiss.


Brady has just burst into the Titan board room, shirt untucked, the smell of alcohol on his breath. He bows regally to the group.

BRADY: My apologies for my tardiness.

Brady jumps up and moves to the head of the table.

BRADY: NOW! Let's get this show on the road! Grandfather, may I?

VICTOR: If you insist.

BRADY: I do.

VICTOR: You're on your own, Brady. (whispers) Try not to make an ass of yourself.

Brady throws a shady look Victor's way, but shakes it off and begins. Brady slurs his words and stumbles.

BRADY: Okay, so tomorrow...is a big...bigday. For all of us! And do you know why? Because we are going to announce our merger with EnerNext. And that's gonna kick off a whole bunch of other awesome stuff. uh...do we have a ...a power point or something of this? I feel like I need a visual. Anybody?

Victor shakes his head, deeply embarrassed by Brady's state. As Brady continues to speak, Kate's eyes suddenly bulge out of her head. She squeezes Lucas' hand, startling him.

KATE: Oh my God, Lucas. I figured it out.

LUCAS: OW! Mom! That hurt.

Kate pulls her hand back.

KATE: Sorry, sweetie.

LUCAS: What did you figure out, anyway? That Brady's the worst CEO in history?

KATE: Ha! Far from it. I figured ou--


Brady points in Kate's direction. He starts to wag his finger lazily about.

BRADY: Am I boring you two or something?

Kate furrows her brow as much as she's able to, pursing her lips into their usual soured expression.

KATE: Pardon me, Brady. Carry on.

BRADY: Thank you, Kate! Now, you see..

As Brady carries on, Kate leans over again and whispers to Lucas some more.

KATE: I've figured out why Jordan and Sheryl are in Salem.

LUCAS: Why? What is it?

KATE: This! EnerNext! The oil sands project. Lucas, they want to shut it down, and take Titan down with them.


Theresa is in her apartment, readying herself to leave for the afternoon to work. Remember at the last second to grab her phone, she picks up, seeing a text from Brady.

Reservations @ 8 chez rouge. C U then wink.png

Theresa smiles broadly, then places her phone in her bag and heads for the door. She hears some talking in the hallway as she does, but thinks nothing of it. As she opens the door, there stands her mother and her landlord in front of the apartment right across the hall. Her landlord handing Kim the keys.

LANDLORD: There you go, Mrs. Donovan. Welcome to your new home!

THERESA: What the hell is going on??

Kim and the landlord both look to Theresa is surprise. Theresa is incensed.


Sami runs over to EJ and pulls the phone from his hand, stopping him from making a phone call to turn himself into police.

SAMI: EJ, What the Hell are you doing??

EJ: What does it looks like to you, Samantha? I mean, what do you want me to do to prove to you that I'm not hiding something, I'm not lying for Kristen. If there was a way I could track her down, I would. But even then, it would kill me, because I know what she's gone through in her life. Just like I know that if you had been put in similar circumstances, you wouldn't be in much better shape.

SAMI: How dare you compare me to Kristen at all? I've grown, and changed since I was teenager. She still carries on like the world owes her something.

EJ: You really don't get it, do you?

Sami cools off, looking more disappointed and deflated than angered.

SAMI: What's there to get, EJ? You see your family's problems as bigger than mine. But Eric didn't do anything to deserve what Kristen did to him. And my sympathy for your sister ends the moment she takes her hurting and uses it as a weapon against anyone within a 50 mile radius.

EJ: And that's what I mean, Samantha. Neither of us are perfect, either. Right? I've done hideous things. To YOU! And you to me. And yet, somehow, we learned to accept those things and move on. Why can't that be the case for Kristen?

Sami explodes, not willing to hear another word from EJ defending Kristen.

SAMI: Because she raped my brother!

EJ: And I raped you!

Sami is stopped dead in her tracks. Her eyes glaze over as she contemplates the truth in EJ's words, as though an unbroken trust had been breached with his bringing this up. EJ, impassioned, but not enraged, continues to shout back to her.

EJ: You remember that, surely. I forced you to have sex with me in exchange for Lucas' life!And yet now, here we are. My ring on your finger. We're planning to marry. Do you not think Kristen can be afforded 1/10th of the same benefit?

Sami sits down at the desk. She can barely breathe, but manages to choke out a few words.

SAMI: EJ...I need to be alone. Please go.

EJ: Fine. If you need me, you know how to reach me.

Sami breaks down in tears as EJ slams the door shut.



Recommended Comments

Another great episode. i dont think ever once did Days ever call what EJ did to Sami what it really was RAPE. I have never been able to get into EJ due to this fact. It was so glossed over and it Seems Ken Korday out to do it again with Shabi Gabi. I hope this is a turning point for this duo ( EJ/Shami). I could never get into them any way. All the time they hoot and holler only to have forced sex. Even after he raped her. It says a lot about Sami's character.

So effing Cool Kim is living right acorss the hall from Theresea. This is going to be great I so look fwd to all the interactions. I hope kim got her a wire hanger.

And Brady still being a dumb Fukk. I cant wait untilt the day he gets what is coming to him. But great job on capturing that bum. He's a predator.

GREAT SHOW. The last few been really good keep it up!!

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WOW!!! My heart was gripping at the last scene. How you touched on that history...

I love the humor of that meeting at Titan, and yet the story moving toward their merger with the nefarious EnerNext...

And Kim living across from Theresa...GOOD ONE!!!

Good episode beebs!!!

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You combined EVERYTHING the real DAYS is lacking...

you did BUISNESS, DRAMA, ROMANCE, and even a HISTORY mention in ONE EPISODE!!!!

I think this by far your best yet Beebs!!!!!!!

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