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ANOTHER WORLD 127 Jake is closer to the truth than he realizes



ANOTHER WORLD 127blogentry-14971-0-30781400-1364434552_th

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction and CarlD2

Directed by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Jake is closer to the truth than he realizes


Johnblogentry-14971-0-55031000-1364433030_th is on his cell phone...

John: We need to meet. It's time we tell Donna.

John hangs up and Gregoryblogentry-14971-0-72804300-1364433047_th is behind him.

Gregory: Who was that?

John: It...was the hospital.



Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-76269700-1364433123_th answers the door and Vickyblogentry-14971-0-93354100-1364433136_th walks in.

Vicky: You can have your old bedroom back. I've prepared the space for you.

Vicky looks around.

Vicky: Why aren't you packed? Kirkland we agreed that you were gonna move back home.

Kirkland: No mom, YOU agreed. I didn't consent to it.

Vicky: Honey I'm concerned for your safety. You would be better off living with Jake, me, and your sister. Did you call the police?

Kirkland: I didn't get a good look at who did it. They had masks on.

Vicky paces and comes to a realization...

Vicky: No...no you're lying. You know who was behind it don't you? It was your father wasn't it?



Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-12745500-1364433781_th knocks on the door and Derekblogentry-14971-0-26168900-1364437624_th opens it.

Derek: Lindsay...honey what are you doing here?

Lindsay (walks in): Mom told me something was wrong. I got here as soon as I could. Are you alright?

Derek: I'm fine. I wasn't expecting you, but I'm sure happy to see you.

Lindsay: Oh my God. Mom lied to me.



Jakeblogentry-14971-0-74212000-1364434346_th sits at a table with his knee propped up on a chair next to him, and Staceyblogentry-14971-0-75483600-1364434363_th walks up to the seat across from him.

Stacey: Is this seat taken?




Kirkland: Dad is capable of a lot of things, but I can assure he didn't set it up for me to get beat up.

Vicky: How can you be so certain? Grant will do anything to get that mayor's seat. You know you really need to think about dropping out of the running. I don't want anything bad to happen to you honey.

Kirkland: Mom you don't have to worry. I'm gonna be fine.

Vicky: Sorry, but as long as I'm your mom I'm going to worry about you, and I don't want you living in a neighborhood that's not safe.

Kirkland kisses Vicky on her forehead...and they put their arm around each other side by side.

Kirkland: I can't convince you to stop worrying about me huh?

Vicky: Nope. You'll never be able to do that.

Kirkland: I'm not five anymore mom, and I'm not moving back home.

Vicky: I don't care if you're EIGHTY-five, you're always gonna be my little boy.


FELICIA blogentry-14971-0-73396700-1364435071_th sits at a table at Bay City Center and Gregory sits across from her.

Felicia: Gregory. Hi.

Gregory: Hi. I'm just gonna get to the point.

Felicia: What could that be?

Gregory: Are you having an affair with my father?

Felicia: Excuse me?

Gregory: It's a simple question. Are you and my dad messing around?

Felicia: Young man I resent that you would even ASK me something like that. I am happily married and I would never cheat on my husband.

Gregory: That still doesn't answer my question.

Felicia: Gregory you're being very disrespectful right now, and I don't appreciate this at all.

John walks up to the two of them.

John: Gregory that's enough! It's time for you to leave.

Gregory (looking back and forth at John and Felicia): I'm not gonna let you two hurt my mom again.


Lindsay: Mom lied to me AGAIN!

Derek: Honey maybe your mom's right. Maybe you shouldn't tell Jake the truth.

Lindsay: Oh God. You, too?

Derek: Look what the news did to our family. This information could hurt his family, too, and I know you're not the kind of person who wants to hurt others. Your mother and I didn't raise you that way.

Lindsay: It doesn't mean that YOU'RE not my dad. I will always consider you as my dad.

Derek and Lindsay hug...

Derek: I love you more than anything in this world, and so does your mother. Neither one of us wants to see you get hurt. You're Stacey's miracle...OUR miracle. You changed our lives, and I will do anything to protect you. So will your mother.

Lindsay: I watched Jake and...my sister as it turns out...have a bonding moment, and I asked myself why couldn't I have that? Jake is my father, too.

Derek: But baby you could hurt Bridget. You could hurt Jake, and ultimately yourself, by telling the truth. I'm actually afraid of what could happen if the truth came out, and that's why your mother has been trying to stop you.

Lindsay's eyes well up with tears...

Lindsay: So...dad...what do you think I should do?

Derek: It seems like yesterday you were our little girl, but you're not anymore. You're all grown up. I can't tell you what to do, because it seems like you're resolute about telling Jake. I have to ask, though, if you're prepared if things don't go the way you want them to, because that's a strong possibility.

Lindsay's phone vibrates...it's a text from Gregory that reads: Your mom is here @ BCC with Jake.


Stacey: How is your knee?

Jake: It's coming along. Your daughter's a great therapist.

Stacey: Lindsay's gonna be otherwise occupied.

Jake: What happened?

Stacey: She went to L.A. to see her dad.

Jake: Is Derek okay?

Stacey: He's fine. She just needed to go visit him. It'll be good for her. Well I gotta get going.

Stacey drops her cell phone, which lands next to Jake. They both go to retrieve it, but Stacey gets it, and ends up face to face with Jake as she picks it up, creating a moment...

Stacey: Um...I'm gonna go...I'll see you around.

Jake stares at Stacey and has a flashback of being face to face with a woman, and kissing her. He then has another flashback of making love to this same woman. He then flashes back to the Los Angeles Dodgers shot glass, and the woman drinking out of it.

Jake: Oh my God...it was Stacey.



blogentry-14971-0-26168900-1364437624_th Kevin Carrigan makes an appearance as Derek Dane


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Great installment. It's classic soap that just as Lindsey agrees to keep quiet, Jake begins to remember. I'm glad you included Derek - that conversation with Lindsey did a lot for her character.

I really enjoyed the dialogue between Vicky and Kirkland. It sounded so much like her.

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I hope if we see him again he might talk to Felicia - they were supposed to be very close (as he sort of idolized her - it was a weird story), but the show sort of forgot.

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