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ANOTHER WORLD 126 Michael needs help




Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written and Directed By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction and CarlD2

Will Donna help Michael?


Paulinablogentry-14971-0-52039000-1363990262_th is with Jackblogentry-14971-0-52103300-1363990329_th in his office...and Carlyblogentry-14971-0-44310000-1363990394_th has just shown up...

Jack: Carly what are you doing here?

Carly ignores Jack and goes straight to Paulina.

Carly: Hi we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Carly...Jack’s wife.

Paulina: I’m Paulina. Nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.

Carly then gives Jack a look...

Carly: I’m sure you have.

Paulina: I will leave you two alone to talk.

Carly: That would be a good idea.

Paulina leaves...

Carly: Were you two in the middle of something? Far be it from me to interrupt.

Jack: You don’t have to be a smart ass Carly. There’s nothing going on between Paulina and me. Did Grant send you here?

Carly: That doesn’t matter.

Jack: Where are the girls?

Carly: They’re at Rosanna’s.

Jack: Is that the latest place you’ve pawned my daughters off to?

Carly: You don’t know what’s going on at home since you’re hardly ever there!

Jack: Sage told me what’s been going on, and you need to get some help Carly. I know you’ve been drinking again.



Marleyblogentry-14971-0-46434000-1363990484_th lies in Tyrone’sblogentry-14971-0-52401700-1363990549_th arms as they sit on the couch, looking toward the ceiling.

Tyrone: My mom’s coming.

Marley: I hope you two have fun together.

Tyrone: You know I would really like you and my mom to start getting along.

Tyrone touches Marley’s stomach...

Tyrone: For the little one’s sake.

Marley: That sounds good in theory, but to think that Priscilla and I are going to be friends is a bit unrealistic right now.

Tyrone: Can you at least try?

Marley (smiling): I’ll think about it. I’ve got another pressing matter on my mind.

Tyrone: What’s that babe?

Marley: Donna. I’m worried about her.



Donnablogentry-14971-0-27052200-1363990727_th is lying on the couch as Michaelblogentry-14971-0-77214000-1363990873_th blots a cold cloth to Donna’s forehead...

Donna: Was I dreaming?

Michael: This was no fantasy. The man you love is here.



--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---


Carly: Is that what Sage told you? It’s not as bad as you think. I can control my drinking. I can quit any time I want.

Jack: It’s not that simple.

Carly: If you were home more often you would see that I’m not a drunk.

Jack: I’m getting tired of you blaming me for doing what is necessary to take care of my family.

Carly: Why did you take a job all the way in Bay City? You could have gone to work with Frank Cooper in Springfield.

Jack: I was devastated when the Oakdale P.D. laid me off. This job came up and I had to take it, and the Springfield P.D. job wasn’t Chief of Detectives.

Carly: I could have gotten us help.

Jack: From whom Carly? Craig Montgomery? I wasn’t going to take any loans from the devil. You really forgot about all the bills we have. Parker and JJ’s tuition and books, the mortgage on Milltown. The bank threatened foreclosure.

Carly: Why do you feel like you have to do things alone?

Jack: Because I couldn’t be sure when you were gonna pick up a bottle again, and lo and behold, that’s exactly what you did, and I had to be prepared for that.

Carly: Parker, J.J. and the girls are my family, too. Seems like something slipped your memory as well.

Jack: Carly I can’t do this right now. I’ve got to work this case. You should get home.

Carly: So should you, but it seems as if your work is more important.

Jack: Before you leave, promise me you will end all communication with Grant Harrison.

Carly: You don’t get to dictate who I talk to especially when you’re all chummy with Paulina Cory.

Jack: Carly you gotta go.

Toniblogentry-14971-0-91737300-1363991087_th walks in with her cell phone...

Toni: Jack you gotta look at this. I got this text while I was at the Love Mansion.

Jack: It wasn’t Donna...go to the Corys?

Toni: I ran a trace to see what phone it was sent from, but it was a burner.

Jack: Why is someone leading us to the Corys?

Toni: I think we need to go check it out.

Carly leaves in disgust...


Marley: Donna’s been acting strangely since Reginald died.

Tyrone: That’s understandable.

Marley: Even after everything he did to her?

Tyrone: Babe he was still her father.

Marley: One moment she’s happy, the next she’s angry.

Tyrone: Has she gotten any counseling?

Marley: Not that I know of, but I’ll definitely suggest it.

Tyrone: We’ll do whatever we can to help her.

Marley: Of course we will.


Donna backs away from Michael...

Donna: Reginald sent you didn’t he? Who are you?

Michael: It’s the real me Donna. Reginald’s been holding me prisoner since after I left town.

Donna: You came back in 1996 and you died two years later. You’re an impostor!

Michael: That was my twin brother Martin.

Donna: This doesn’t make any sense. You mean to tell me that Reginald has been holding you captive for almost twenty years.

Michael: You know your father hated me, and would have done anything to keep us apart.

Donna: Were you the one that...called the other night?

Michael: I managed to get one of the guard’s cell phones. The number is still the same here.

Donna: I need evidence. I need proof that you’re the real Michael.

Michael: There’s another reason that your evil father was keeping me prisoner, but I need to get more proof. That’s the other reason I’m back in Bay City.

Donna: What’s that?

Michael: I can’t say anything about it until I’m absolutely sure, that’s why I need your help. You can’t tell anyone that I’ve returned. Not Vicky, Marley, no-one, not until I find the truth.

Donna: How do I even know you’re telling me the truth?

Michael: Please Donna. You’ve gotta trust me. Please don’t say anything until I find the proof I need.




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This is going to make poor Donna go nuts, having to keep it a secret.

Love the GL mention.

Michael came back in 1995.

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  • Members

Thanks for the history consult...but that wasn't Michael..(I changed history lol)...that was Martin Hudson...Michael was being held prisoner.

Hey I also gave love to As The World Turns. We're one big P&G family lol.

Thanks Carl

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I know - I just meant in the story, that's the year the man they knew as Michael came back.

Thanks again.

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