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Episode 3

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Sami couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “No… no. This can’t be” she whispered to herself as she approached the man standing in the door way. “EJ? Is it really you? It… no.. it can’t be. I saw… she killed you for…” she continued on as she held his hand and stroked his face before leaning in and kissing him. As they kissed memories came flooding back to her: the first day they met in the hallway, the tango on the pier, the business trips before she knew who he was, the black wedding, fighting in the funeral home after Grace died all of it. “I love you” she said, looking into his eyes.

“You see, Mrs Brady – You, of all people, know what Samantha is capable of. The damage she causes. The way I see it is if you just let her go down for this murder that we all know she committed, you would be saving yourself and your family from decades more of her selfish actions that hurt everyone around her” Stefano explained to Carrie as he took a seat in her office and smiled.

“Marlena, he doesn’t look like anyone we know? Maybe someone’s child or something?” Maggie asked, her voice sounding more like she was pleading for her friend to give her something. Marlena sat forward and studied the features of the young man talking to her grandson. “You know” Marlena replied, adding “He does. I really can’t place it though. It’s like he looks like someone from… a long time ago.” Before the women could try to figure it out any further he took off.


“Stefano, what would make you think I would ever send my sister up the river? True, she has dome some horrible, unforgivable things to me over the years but she is still my sister. My family. If she did murder EJ, it was just. He tortured her for years, he was obsessed with her. Driven by your obsession with our mother” Carrie said, trying to stay composed in front of her unexpected visitor. Stefano smiled, once again, and sat back. “Anna? Or Marlena?” He asked.

“Sami, Sami.. its not.. im not.. its Austin” Austin explained as he pulled back from the kiss with Sami. Sami stepped back, looking into his eyes before her own filled up with tears. “Im so sorry… I thought.. it was just… Austin..” she tried to explain before falling into his arms. “Wow Sami, I guess you really did love him. I cant imagine what this must be like for you.. but don’t… don’t let this consume you. You must have killed him for a reason. Remember him for that, not for the good times, not yet anyways” he tried to rationale. “Let me take you home” He offered.

“Will, who was that?” Marlena asked. “His name is like.. Riley? Im not sure. He is new in town, I guess. Why?” Will asked. “He just looks so familiar to me, you didn’t get his last name?” Maggie interjected. Will shook his head no before running off to class. “Anyways, Marlena, dear… how is Sami holding up?” Maggie asked. Marlena shook her head, “Not well. Neither am I.”


“You know damn well I was talking about Marlena” Carrie threw back, the anger visible in tone. “Well, you know me and your actual mother, Anna, we have quite the history” Stefano replied, a smirk he couldn’t even hide. “Closer than I ever have been with her, im sure. Now if youll excuse yourself I have work to do” Carrie responded as she stood up.

Later that day, Riley returned to his hotel suite. He logged onto his facebook page and found Sonny and Will, requesting them as friends. His grandfather returned and Riley filled him in on his day, and his new friends. “What did you say their names were again?” the older man asked. “Sonny. Sonny Kiriakis and Will Horton” Riley said. His grandfather’s face told him that he knew these names, but he knew better than to press the man. While he had raised him with love and care, when he didn’t want to talk about something that was it and it was clear to him this was one of those times.

“Sami, can we talk?” Marlena timidity asked. “No, mother, we can not. I honestly do not have much to say to you. You killed him. You killed the man I loved because you assume he killed the man you love – who for all we know just left you. And now.. now I am trial for his murder and I have to keep that going to protect you and im wondering why I am doing that right now, because you sure as hell don’t deserve it!” Sami snapped in reply before heading up the stairs to get away from her.

Marlena was not about to give up though, as she followed Sami explaining “He did kill him! EJ murdered John and you know it! I know it! He deserved what he got and the fact that you love him is sick, Sami, it truly is. He raped you, he tortured you and made life hell for you. You have hated me for 20 years because I slept with John when married to your father, but you forgive him? Explain that to me” she demanded. She was surpised by the tone of Sami’s response, as it was clam and understated “I deserved it. That’s why. I deserved everything he did to me. But what you did? What you put me through? No. I didn’t deserve that. Lets not just pretend it was the affair either. It was all the years after it too and Carrie, you know that”


Carrie decided to go get some coffee and was happy to run into her nephew Will. “How you holding up” She asked as she sat with him at the table. “Ive had better days. My mother just murdered someone and is going on trial, im sure Stefano is out to get our family again, and im pretty sure my boyfriend has the hots for someone else” he said, laughing it off. Carrie just hugged him, needing it just as much for herself as him. “There is nothing you can do about the first two, but as for Sonny – Don’t mimic your mothers actions. Be truthful. Be honest. You will get through it” she advised, wishing she had followed the same advice herself before she lost Austin.

“Grandpa, have you ever been here before?” Riley asked, curious and hoping it to lead into how he knows who Sonny and Will are. “Yes, I have. Many years ago, a lifetime ago. You know.. maybe it is time you and me talk about your father, this town, everything ive avoided and you’ve not brought up out of respect for me” Don replied. “Lets do this tomorrow, over lunch” Don asked. After Riley agreed and left the room Don couldn’t help but think of Marlena, of Maggie, of a life he had long pushed back and forgotten.


Next Week: Will starts to doubt the love Sonny has for him. Don Craig comes face to face with a woman from his past. Sami's murder trial begins. Carrie fights for Austin. Billie demands answers from Shane. Stefano and Marlena face off.

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I see the stories spinning. I'm not too familiar with Don Craig, but I know that he was married to Marlena. Was he also involved with Maggie? If so, it would be a great triangle...if Maggie is not married to Victor Kiriakis...

I will pay close attention. I wonder if Riley has targeted Will and Sonny purposely...

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Nice touch having Sami flash back to those memories of EJ. And WOW, I loved that exchange between Marlena & Sami:

"He raped you, he tortured you and made life hell for you. You have hated me for 20 years because I slept with John when married to your father, but you forgive him? Explain that to me"

Damn. That was good.

I'm totally "anti-spoilers" these days so I skipped right past that next episode preview! LOL. Really loving what you have going here overall JP, keep it up ;-).

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