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Episode 2



Marlena decided to head upstairs and check on Sami but was surprised to see she wasn’t in the home anywhere. “Oh Sami, where are you” she thought to herself before dialing Roman to see if she was with him.

In the Horton Town Square Sonny was running late for a date with Will when he ran into someone, knocking them down. Sonny helped the young man up and couldn’t help but check him out before apologizing. “It’s cool dude, no biggie. I am Riley” the stranger said as he extended his hand. “Sonny, nice to meet you” the two exchanged smiles.

“Sami, where have you been?” Carrie asked, the tone visibly annoyed at her sister being late. “It’s not Sami, but I have been gone for too long and its time I set you straight” Billie exclaimed as she sat down. Carrie took a deep breath as she sat forward to make eye contact.

Maggie and Victor were having coffee at Sonny’s shop. Maggie was filling Victor in on her trip to Nashville catching up with Melissa, Sarah, Nathan and Melanie, who had just started interning for her nursing program there. Victor loved seeing his wife so happy but didn’t have much to offer seeing as no matter how hard he tried to truly care, he didn’t. His mind was elsewhere as it had been for months now, and he suspected Maggie knew it but just went along.

“Doc, how are you?” Roman asked upon answering Marlenas call. “Not well, is Sami with you? She is not here and I’m just terrified of what she might doing” she replied, frantic. “Why? It’s not like I’m the killer in this room” Sami replied from the doorway. Marlena hung up on Roman and gave Sami that look, and Sami rolled her eyes and walked past her mother as if she wasn’t there.

“So, what brings you to town?” Sonny asked his new friend as they walked into the coffee shop. “Oh, My grandpa. He just bought some new company here and I had applied to Salem U before so they let me in this semester. We are pretty close, it’s always just been the two of us” Riley told him. “That’s cool. My grandpa is right over there, we have become pretty close too. How did you grandpa take you coming out” Sonny asked. Riley looked at him, puzzled.

“You lying little bitch. I defended you after your affair with Mike. I really did. I told Austin to give you another shot and just because she cheated once doesn’t mean she would again. I was wrong. You know, everyone always says Sami is the bad seed of the Brady family. At least she owns that. You’re the worst kind of person, really. You act all sweet and nice and loving, but really you’re just selfish. This affair nearly killed him and I will make sure you never have the chance to break his heart again, do you understand me?” Billie stated as she stood up. Carrie didn’t dare say a word. She deserved this, and she knew that.

“That’s enough Billie” Austin said as he entered the office. “What are you doing here? You can’t tell me she’s already got you suckered back in?” Billie asked her brother. Austin explained no, and that he was only here to meet Sami.

Marlena wanted desperately to go talk to Sami, but she knew that would not go over well. Not now. She didn’t know what to do or how to handle this situation. After feeling sorry for herself for a few minutes she texted her old friend Maggie to meet up.

At the coffee shop, Victor had stated talking about Titan and what was going on there when Maggie got distracted by Sonny and his friend. The guy he talked to looked familiar to her, but she couldn’t place him.

“What makes you think I’m gay?” Riley asked. Sonny was unsure of how to answer that and after searching for the words and trying to get an apology out Riley laughed and told him that his grandpa didn’t care at all. Sonny started to laugh too, feeling relieved. As the two were laughing and having a good time, Will walked in surprised by what he saw.

“Carrie, I am only here because you told me Sami would be here at eleven. Its eleven thirty now and she’s nowhere to be seen. You can’t use her to see me, that’s unfair” Austin told her, the anger from her recent affair seeping out of every word. “That’s not- Austin. Austin!” she replied, trying to stop him from leaving. She sat at her desk and cried for a minute before composing herself when someone walked in the door. “I would be crying if I were you too, Mrs Brady. You are in way over your head, but then again you might not mind seeing your younger sister go off to prison after all she’s done to you” said the voice of Stefano DiMera as he entered her office and shut the door.

“Will Horton” Will said, introducing himself. “Oh! Your will. Your boyfriend here was just telling me about you. I’m Riley, I just got into town today and your buddy here almost killed me” He said, laughing.

Marlena walked into the coffee shop to find Maggie sitting alone, staring at Will, Sonny and one of their friends looking deep in thought. Maggie didn’t even notice Marlena sit down until Marlena asked her what she was thinking about. “That boy over there with Will and Sonny, doesn’t he look familiar?” Maggie asked. Marlena looked at him and had to agree. “We must have seen him with them before” Marlena rationalized. “No, no. I heard him say he just got into town today” Maggie explained.

Sami arrived at the DiMera Mansion. She used her key to let herself in. The house was creepier than ever. So quiet. She knew Stefano had been staying at a rental since the murder. She entered the living room, the blood stain from EJ’s gunshot wound still visible. She just stared at it, reliving that night. She was lost in her memories when she heard someone enter the house. “EJ?!” she gasped.


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I'm interested in seeing what happens with Sami. It's nice to see Marlena and Maggie in a scene together.

I think, beyond double-checking for punctuation and for spelling errors, you should put some type of break between scene changes, as they all run together and that makes it difficult to figure out what's going on.

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Believing Stefano to be in the mansion, him confronting Sami will be fun. I wonder though why, if Sami believes Marlena killed E.J. - the man she supposedly loved - Sami isn't dropping her in it every chance she can.

And I did like the scene, but it's odd to imaging Stefano and Carrie in the same scene. I don't know why.

Yummy Riley, I'm guessing, is the son of Neil Curtis or Don Craig.

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Carl, yeah my editing skills are not good and that is bad because they were never great to begin with. being out of college for six months is showing, but im hoping it will get better as I do it more again. I def plan on formatting it more like the first episode, with photos and breaks and stuff. I just wanted to get this up to see if people still cared :)

Maggie/Marlena is one of my favorite friendships ever, and it will be heavily played in this.

BE- Sami/Stefano - i will say this, is huge. Im also building to a Marlena/Sami & Marlena/Stefano thing where a lot will be answered about EJ's murder and what happened to John.

Carrie/Stefano - I cant think of a scene of just the two of them ever actually. and Id say if your a betting man youd be winning about Riley.

AMS - Thanks for the feedback! I personally picture Asher from AMC. You?

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Ah so his character will turn out to be Andrew Donovan (noticed in the cast list over -> there)? I know Shane left him a message about meeting up w/him in Salem. But why would he be lying about his name being Riley. LOL maybe I got this wrong haha.

Love the sound of Marlena/Sami & Marlena/Stefano!

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Ok The scene transition were very jarring. In one of Billies's scens I didnt know she was talkign at the very end of it. Couldnt follow to much but I did take notice to Riely and how Maggie seems to know him. He already looks liek trouble for Will and Sonny. Look fwd to seeing adding some depth and detail to ur stories.

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