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ANOTHER WORLD 111 Rachel's resolve grows




Rachel’s resolve grows


Rachel blogentry-14971-0-91568200-1358268622_thsits in the living room and Carlblogentry-14971-0-17198000-1358268716_th comes and kisses her on her cheek.

Carl: Good morning my dear.

Rachel: Morning.

Carl: Did you have a good walk last night?

Rachel: Yes it gave me some clarity. I had so much on my mind.

Carl: You were thinking about Cory Publishing weren’t you?

Rachel: A lot.

Carl: Iris takes over today.

Rachel: Yeah. She’d better enjoy it while it lasts, because she won’t be there for long.



A name tag is placed on the door of an office that reads: Iris Cory, C.E.O. Iris walks up to it and admires it.

Iris: Iris Cory, C.E.O. Looks great.

She walks into her office, runs and sits in the office chair, spins around and lets out a joyful scream.blogentry-14971-0-80796200-1358269064_th

Iris: This office looks so drab, so gloomy, so Rachel.

Someone familiar walks in…blogentry-14971-0-29567400-1358269193_th

Iris: Well if it isn’t the famous Tucker McCall. I was just thinking how you should come down after I had this mausoleum redecorated.

Tucker: Hey there beautiful…

After they hug…

Tucker: You’re finally the CEO huh?

Iris: Yep and I couldn’t have done it without you.

(credit – MLC Productions - Young and the Restless “Tucker goes after Katherine”)

He looks around.

Tucker: You’ve done well for your self. How is old Rachel taking this?

Iris: At this point I really don’t care. Cory is in my hands, the rightful owner. Daddy would be proud.

Tucker: Good old daddy Huh? You sure do love him a lot.

Iris: Watch your mouth about daddy. So what brings you here you said you have a contract for me to sign?

Tucker: I do. I have a proposition for you. This plan will benefit Cory P as well as myself and my business goals.

Iris: I’m intrigued.

Tucker: I’m looking to unseat Katherine Chancellor as CEO of Newman.

Iris: Katharine Chancellor. Isn’t that your mother?

Tucker: Sure is.

Iris: Then why are you unseating her?

Tucker: It’s my time. My time to shine. Its out with the old and in with the new. My mother is old and tired and I’m her son. I deserve to have Chancellor and I want Newman for myself.

Iris: So selfish. But what about me and Cory. How will this help us out?

Tucker hands her an envelope full of money.

Tucker: Let’s start with that. A little incentive to sign on the dotted line. I’m looking to do a media campaign against Katherine. I’m going to make her look crazy to the world. I want to depress the value of Newman so I can take it over. This will give Cory exposure and new markets to dabble in. In fact I’m looking to have secret cameras installed in Kay’s office so we can turn it into a reality show.

Iris: Wow. That’s low Tucker. How do you plan to make your mother go crazy?

Tucker: You leave that to me.

Iris: I’m game.

Tucker smiles. He pulls out the contract so Iris can sign it.



Cassblogentry-14971-0-01427900-1358270090_th is on his cell phone.

Cass: Hi there. I was hoping you’d pick up, but I’ll guess I’ll leave you a message, because I was thinking about you, and I had a great time last night. I was wondering when you were free again. Maybe we could…go get coffee or something. I hope to hear from you soon. Bye.

Cass turns around and sees a smiling Charlie.blogentry-14971-0-68992400-1358271285_th

Charlie: Hi daddy.

Cass: Ooooh what are you grinning at?

Charlie: You were leaving a message for mom weren’t you?

Cass: I just wanted to say hello to her. I wonder where she might be.



Frankie blogentry-14971-0-48181300-1358271621_thwalks up to a counter and talks to the front desk person.

Frankie: I’m Mary Frances Frame.

The person looks her up in the system.

Person: Okay. I’ll call for an officer to escort you.





Charlie: Hmm that’s interesting.

Cass: Oh come on I’ve always thought about your mother.

Charlie: Not this much.

Cass: You’re making more of it than what it is.

Charlie: It’s wonderful that you and mom are dating.

Cass: It was funny leaving your mother last night in her own apartment. I mean we always came home together from a night out. It felt weird.

Charlie: How so?

Cass: Your mother was the love of my life before that whole thing with the Stalker split us up. I thought I would always have your mother and you as a family.

Charlie: It’s different now. You got married to Lila and mom went into hiding.

Cass: You’ll know when you get married my dear. The feeling of security, contentment, and happiness. I was with Cecile, Kathleen, Nicole.

Charlie: So I’ve heard.

Cass: But Frankie gave me a sense of family. The others didn’t.

Charlie: And you hope she feels that way, too. Don’t you?

Cass: Alright kiddo I know what you’re getting at. I’ll admit it. I’m falling in love with your mother again, and she hasn’t called back yet.

Charlie: So anxious dad. She’ll call back.

Cass: Maybe she’s busy.



Officer: You can wait here Ms. Frame. The inmate should be out shortly.

Frankie: Thank you.

Frankie stands up as the inmateblogentry-14971-0-61990900-1358271746_th is brought into the visitor’s area.

Frankie: Christy?

Christy: Mary Frances. It means so much that you come to see me.


Iris: Daddy always admired Katherine Chancellor’s business savvy. I don’t know Tucker. This might hurt Cory.

Tucker: I gave you cash to cushion any fall that might happen. I’m totally looking out for you here.

Iris: We’ve never gotten into the television business.

Tucker: That’s how your company is going to grow. You have to try new and innovative ventures. Nobody’s reading paper bound books these days, not to mention that it’s not cost effective.

Iris: We do e-books, and people are reading Brava on their tablets and laptops.

Tucker: This reality show can make CP bigger than it ever was, and isn’t that what your father would’ve wanted? He would want you to take this company to new heights. Besides you wouldn’t even be CEO if Judge Grayson wasn’t on my payroll.

Iris: I know that I owe you one Tucker. You don’t have to remind me.

Tucker: Don’t forget that fake will that my people drew up.

Iris: If the real will surfaces somehow, then CP would go back to Rachel and I would lose everything.

Tucker: I don’t want to blackmail you. That’s not my intention here. I want us both to do well. You helped me with my music career, and I want to help you now, all I need is your Jane Hancock darlin’!

Iris signs on the dotted line.

Tucker: Thank you. You won’t regret it.

Iris: I better not.

Tucker: How about it? For old times’ sake.

Iris shuts the door and they kiss.



Carl: Everything is going to work out Rachel.

Rachel: From your lips.

Carl: Look at the bright side. We get a chance to really enjoy each other. We haven’t since I’ve returned.

Rachel: We’ve allowed other things to distract us.

Carl: Things and people that are important to us. Cory and Cory Publishing.

Rachel: Both caused by Iris.

Carl: Are we gonna let Iris come between us after everything we’ve been through my dear.

Rachel: Of course not, but she’s there. She’s trying to take the things that matter most to me, and she’s enlisting all the help she can get. I’m not gonna let her. I’m gonna take her down.

Rachel checks on an alert online.

Rachel: Oh my God.

Carl: What is it?

Rachel: I can’t believe this! BCSentinel.com says Reginald Love was found dead this morning in his suite.




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Iris has bad taste in men!

Nice crossover writing.

I would point out that Cass couldn't be a family with Kathleen because she "died" soon after they married.

I love Iris' line about Rachel's office. You have fun dialogue for the bitchy characters.

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