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ANOTHER WORLD 109 Love family drama climaxes



ANOTHER WORLD 109blogentry-14971-0-97000400-1357792988_th

Love family drama climaxes


Jakeblogentry-14971-0-52859700-1357793006_th: I can’t sit here anymore. I’m gonna go out there and look for Bridget.

Vickyblogentry-14971-0-68842300-1357793021_th: Where are you gonna start Jake? We have no idea where Reginald has taken her.

Jake: We have already lost one child, and I’m not gonna stand by and watch Reginald take my other child away.

Vicky: We have to let the police handle it, once we’re able to file a report.

Jake: I’m not gonna wait around for Jack Snyder and the Keystone Cops try and look for Bridget, while Reginald takes her away to parts unknown.

Vicky: Why would my grandfather do this?

Jake: Because he’s a cold hearted son of a bitch. He deserves to rot in hell.

Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-31801800-1357793049_th comes downstairs.

Vicky: Oh my God. Bridget honey.

Jake: Baby come here.

The three embrace.

Vicky: Are you okay honey?

Jake: Did anyone try to hurt you?

Bridget: That man who kidnapped me tried to knock me out with chloroform, but Uncle Peter knocked him out.



Nicoleblogentry-14971-0-15362800-1357793084_th is lying in her room, and as she wakes up she sees someone…

Nicole: Cass?

Cassblogentry-14971-0-60609700-1357793100_th: Someone’s here to see you.

Peter Loveblogentry-14971-0-32942000-1357793118_th walks up to Nicole and sits by her bed.

Peter? When did you get here?

Peter: Not too long ago.

Nicole: Did daddy send you?

Peter (sighs): For once I’m not doing dad’s bidding. I’m gonna do something good for a change.

Nicole: You’re gonna take the cancer away?

Peter: Not quite, but damn close to it.

Nicole: Have…have you met my son?

Allenblogentry-14971-0-21003700-1357793139_th walks up behind Peter.

Allen: Yes mom. How are you feeling?

Nicole: As well as a cancer patient could feel.

Cass: We’ve gotta focus on what’s happen next.

Peter: We’re gonna get you away from dad, once and for all.



Donnablogentry-14971-0-25355700-1357793160_th is there with Reginaldblogentry-14971-0-10085300-1357793179_th….

Reginald: Donna what do you want?

Donna: Is that any way to greet your daughter?

Reginald blots his face with a handkerchief…

Donna: Are you hot, or are you nervous?

Reginald: I don’t think you’re in a position to make jokes. I can pull my investment from the Harbor Club at any time.

Donna: How did I know you were gonna throw that in my face?

Reginald: Because you’re ungrateful and you have to be reminded that I am in control.

Donna: Oh but you won’t be, not after tonight.





Nicole: What do you mean?

Peter, Cass, and Allen look at each other.

Nicole: Tell me what’s going on.

Peter: I came to Bay City…to take you away.

Nicole: Where?

Cass: Peter told us about a clinic in Switzerland. He’s gonna take you there.

Allen: You’re going to get state of the art advanced treatment.

Peter: And the best part about it is that we won’t be anywhere near dad.

Nicole: Will I have a chance to say goodbye to Donna, Marley and Vicky?

Peter: You’re gonna have to send them an email. We’ve gotta get you outta here as quick as possible…before dad finds out.



Vicky: When did you get back? How did Peter save you?

Bridget: I don’t know how he even got on the plane.

Jake: You must have been so scared. I’m sorry honey.

Bridget: For what dad? There’s nothing you could’ve done.

Vicky: Are you hungry? You must be starving.

Bridget: No mom, I just wanted to tell you guys that I was here.

Jake: Are you sure you’re not hurt?

Bridget: Dad I’m fine.

Vicky: Your dad’s right we need to have John check you out.

Bridget: He wouldn’t let me call you. He let me call Grandpa Reginald though. Uncle Peter told me that Grandpa Reginald had me kidnapped.

Vicky: Did he?

Bridget: Yeah. I didn’t believe him. Grandpa Reginald would never do that to me.

Jake and Vicky look at each other.

Bridget: Mom, dad what’s going on?

Vicky: Honey, Reginald is the one who ordered your kidnapping.

Bridget: That’s a lie!

Jake: The man who kidnapped was working for your great grandfather.

Vicky: Why do you think he wouldn’t let you call us?

Bridget (shaking her head): No…no…not Grandpa Reginald. He loves me. Don’t talk about him like that!

Bridget runs upstairs…

Jake: Damn him!

Vicky: Look what Reginald’s done.

Jake: And I’m not gonna give him a chance to do it again.

Jake puts his coat on…

Vicky: Please tell me you’re not headed to Reginald’s suite.

Jake: Stay here with Bridget. When I get back, Reginald will never be able to kidnap our daughter again.



Reginald: And just how do you plan on stopping me?

Donna looks at her purse, and then looks back up at Reginald.

Donna: I have my ways.

Reginald: Sure you do, which is no way at all.

Donna: You underestimate me daddy.

Reginald: No my dear child. I know you better than you know yourself, and you’re a screw up; just like your sister; just like your brother.

Donna: You’ve toyed with our lives long enough.

Reginald: Of all my children, you’ve lead the way with questionable choices. You need me to save you from yourself.

Donna: You still can’t get over the fact that I dated Michael against your wishes.

Reginald: Stable boy was by far your WORST choice.

Donna: We have two thriving, beautiful daughters.

Reginald: Thriving? Victoria is a schemer, and Marley always seems to be one step away from insanity!

Donna: That’s because of YOU. You tried to keep us apart, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t keep me from loving Michael. You couldn’t keep me from my girls. You never will.

Reginald blots his forehead again…

Reginald: You’re useless! You, Nicole, Peter. You're all...useless....

Reginald suddenly collapses and begins to breathe heavily, and Donna bends down to face Reginald, while he pants and grabs his chest..

Donna: Who’s got the upper hand now daddy?




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O WOW!!! A ncce twist. I was expexting a shot gun who dun it. Love the episode. Moved kinda fast with Bridget already being saved off the plant then Peter in Nicoles room. help me out who is Nicole and peter to Vicky?

I cant wait to see waht happens next a great cliffhanger.

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Great chapter. Suspenseful. Bridget still has those blinders on. I'm glad Nicole has another chance.

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Your comments mean a lot Carl...yes Bridget is blinded poor little girl...and yes I couldn't kill off Nicole...Peter rescuing her came all on its own while I was writing it...I wish they would do an AW reboot, because I would LOVE to be on the writing staff lol...thanks for reading..

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