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Episode 109



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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An emotional day in Springfield........

Danny Santos lies dead on his hospital bed.
Father Ray walks over and kisses his cousin's rorehead, "I'll miss you Danny. Your with God now."
Ed is holding Michelle, "Sweetheart. Do you want me to go talk to the children?"
She is in tears, "I... I think that would be okay."
He nods, "I'll let you stay here. I'll be right back."
Lillian walks over to Marina, "Sweetie. Marina, Honey. I'm gonna take you and we're gonna give you something."
Marina is on the floor, "No, no, no, no, no."
Michelle walks over to Marina.
She holds out her hand and helps Marina off of the floor.
Michelle and Marina walk over to Danny.
Marina kisses him, "I love you Danny."
Michelle stares at him, "You were the love of my life, the father of my children. I love you. Goodbye Danny. I'll see you."
Michelle leans down and kisses him.


Liz is sitting next to a sleeping Sarah.
Jonathan walks over, "She is taking a nap. I thought it would be okay if she used your bed."
Liz is sobbing, "Oh my God! My baby girl is alive! She's so much older than when I last saw her."
Jonathan nods, "She's in preschool now."
Liz cries, "I missed it all! I missed her first steps, her first words, her frst birthday!"
He sighs, "Liz I need to talk to you in the other room."
Liz shakes her head, "I can't leave her alone."
He looks at her, "Sarah is fine. She's not going anywhere but we need to talk.'
She reluctantly gets up and walks to the livingroom.
Jonathan turns around, "We need to talk about..."
Before he can finish Liz jumps on him and wraps her hands around his throat.
She looks in his eyes, "You evil bastard. You made me think that my daughter was dead. You made me think that you were dead. Maybe I should make your wish come true."
Aubrey runs in, "Get your hands off my husband!"
Liz turns and sees her she is shocked to be staring at the woman that she knew as Ms. Willis.


Alan and Natalia are with the doctor to discuss the baby.
The doctor sits, "Mr. Spaulding, Ms. Rivera. I need to inform you on your son's situation."
Alan nods, "Okay well we're ready."
The doctor looks at them, "Well we have good news and not so good news. You see your son's heart rate has leveled out and his lungs are healing. He seems to be responding well to it all."
Natalia nods, "Okay well then what is the problem."
The Doctor sighs, "You see this could just be temorary and the child could have a whole other set of problems. So what we need to do is we need to do another examination. We will check him out and go over the options."
Alan sighs, "What will those be."
The Doctor looks at them, "Honestly 3 options. If he is responding well and is healthy we can let you take him home in a few days. In time for Thanksgiving. If he isn't changing much we'll keep him here and increase everything and hope for better results. But if he ins't responding well and things are taking a turn for the worst we may just have to turn off the machines and let him go peacfully."
Natalia covers her mouth, "No! Oh no."
Alan holds her, "We don't know anything yet."
The Doctor stands, "You two can wait. It'll be a while. I'll let you know when we finish the tests."
The doctor leaves.
Natalia cries in Alan's arms.

Harley's House:

Harley holds the gun on Susan and Guillespie, "You can't throw your life away Susan."
Susan sighs, "Mom you need to understand that I'm not doing that."
Guillespie walks towards her, "Lady it's time to put the gun down."
Cyrus looks at Harley, "Harley you need to relax. Don't get nervous."
She shouts, "I'm a cop! I know how to handle this."
Cyrus grabs his brothers, "Come on! We're going out in the hall and you two can talk."
Guillespie shouts, "Susan!"
Cyrus walks out and shuts the door.
Harley puts down her gun, "Susan... I don't want it to end this way."
Susan sighs, "Listen. I know you won't understand this but... G and I are in love. It didn't start out that way. I couldn't stand him. He was so annoying and a jerk. He was sloppy and cocky. But eventually we fell in love. We were just to partners in crime who became much more. I know you can't understand that but it's what happened."
Harley sits on the bed and cries, "Oh God! You don't think I understand what it's like to fall in love with your partner? Gus and I were partners in crime only the other side."
Susan smiles, "Are you saying G is my Gus."
Harley scoffs, "Hell no. But I can get what you are trying to tell me... and it makes me think..."
Susan sits with her mother, "Tt's time Mom. You gave me up for my own good when I was born. Now you need to do that again."
Harley sobs, "I don't know if I can stand losing you a second time."
Harley hugs her daughter.

Reva Bend:

Chandler watches Reva as she hugs her sister Roxie.
Reva smiles, "Roxie! I can't believe your home. Pop said that you were released a while ago but that you went to stay at a hospital in Europe."
Roxie sighs, "Yes. Things were dark for a while. But you know I'm a new woman now."
Reva looks at her, "You look great! Your hair is so cute. You just.... You really grew up."
Roxie nods, "Yeah. I guess we both did. How is everything? I heard you and Josh were getting remarried."
Reva sighs, "That didn't work out."
Roxie sighs, "I'm sorry. I know you two have always been on again off again. What about Marah? How is she?"
Reva smiles, "She's great. She has her own fashion comapny with her cousin Mindy."
Roxie turns, "Oh.. that's nice."
Reva walks over, "There is still some bad blood between you and Mindy?"
Roxie changes the subject, "When do I get to meet my nephew. Shayne. I mean I know he is grown up but..."
Reva smiles, "I'll get him over here soon. But we need to catch up."
Roxie looks at Chandler, "We obviously do."
Chandler gets nervous.

Michelle and Marina are still with Danny's body.
Buzz walks in.
He approaches Marina, "Oh sweetheart."
She hugs him, "Grandpa! He's gone!'
Buzz kisses her head, "I know. I've been where you are. I'm gonna help you through this. I called your parents. They'll fly out to see you."
Marina nods, "Okay."
Buzz takes her by the hand, "Let's go over to Harley's House. We'll go talk to her for a little while."
Marina cries, "I don't know if I can."
Buzz sighs, "He's not here anymore."
Marina nods, "Yes. Your right. I'll.... I'll leave."
Buzz walks her out.
Marina takes one last look at Danny's body before she walks out.
Rick walks in and goes over to his sister Michelle, "Hey. Why don't we go see your kids. I think they need you right now."
She cries, "You mean I need to leave so that they can walk in and wheel him down to the morgue where he's just gonna be...."
Rick rubs her back, "No. We don't need to think about that."
Michelle sobs, "Rick I can't leave him!!!"
Rick holds her, "I know sweetheart. But he isn't in here," he moves her hand over her chest, "he's here. He is in your heart. And he's in your children's heart. Forever."
Michelle kisses Danny, "Forever Danny. I promise!"
Rick walks a sobbing Michelle out of the room.


Harley's House:
Harley sits with Susan, "Giving you up was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I never want to do that again."
Susan looks down, "I know. But if I stay here I'm gonna face prison time."
Harley shakes her head, "We can make a deal."
Susan sighs, "I'm not going to sell out G. If I stay I will be charged for the murder of Julie Camaletti."
Harley cries, "I can't do this. Because if you go... then it has to be for good. And then I never get to see you again."
Susan nods, "I know but... this is what I have to do. And I'll be able to have a life and maybe children."
Harley smiles, "I'm not old enough to be a Grandmoher."
Susan cries, "I'll tell everyone of my Mom. Harley Davidson Cooper. The rebel teen turned detective turned soccer mom. You are my hero Harley. I know we've had our differences but.... I do love you."
Harley sobs, "Guillespie better not hurt you."
Susan sighs, "He'll keep me safe."
Harley nods, "He had better. Or I will hunt him and down and rip his throat out."
Susan sobs, "I love you!"
The two hug.

Reva Bend:
Reva has been filling Roxie in on what she's missed.
Roxie sighs, "So Susan.... She's on the run?"
Reva nods, "Yes. And I pray everyday that she is alright."
Roxie nods, "Okay and Jonathan and Sarah are actually alive and they didn't die in the accident. And Shayne is gay?"
Reva corrects her, "Shayne is bisexual. And he is with a great boy named Rocky. H is a Cooper."
Roxie sits back, "That is a lot of information to take in. This town has really been involved in a lot."
Reva sighs, "Well hopefully they'll slow down someday."
Roxie grins, "Now explain to me who this handsome man is."
Chandler smiles, "I am Dr Chandler Tyler."
Reva nods, "Dr. Tyler is a friend of mine."
Roxie looks at her, "Just a friend?"
Reva sighs, "Actually he is helping me track down a woman named Annie Dutton."
Roxie puts her water down, "Annie Dutton. I heard about her."
Reva nods, "Well I'm not to worried but there were some roses getting delivered. Marah and I recieved white roses and Cassie and Melinda Sue recieved Red Roses. So I figure it has to be her. I mean who else would send those."
Roxie nods.
Chancler looks at his watch, "I need to get going.
Reva stands I'll walk you out.
Reva and Chandler walk out.
Roxie sees the rose still sitting on Reva's mantel.
It has started dying.
Roxie picks it up and talks to herself, "White roses go to good people. You and Marah are good people. But Mindy and Cassie.... they are not good people. Not good at all."
Roxie remembers why she sent the roses.

Michelle sits with her children.
They are resting in her arms.
Ed calls her over.
She gets up and walks over.
Ed sighs, "I know this is a lot to ask right now and will be difficult for you but... it's about donating Danny's organs."
Michelle takes the clipboard, "You know... I always took great comfort knowing that Mom's heart was in Jesse's chest keeping him alive. I may not know where Danny's is going to but this is what Danny would want."
Michelle signs off on the papers.
Ed takes them.
Michelle sits with her children, "You know Daddy will always be with us even if we can't see him. And we can talk to him and we can pray. We have our faith in God. That will help us."
Michelle kisses her children.
She can feel Danny with them.

Liz stares at Aubrey, "You! You! You are with Jonthan?"
Aubrey nods, "Jonthan and I are married now."
Liz walks over, "That's why you freaked when I told you my last name. You realized who I was. I'm the mother of the girl you helped kidnap!"
Aubrey sighs, "I'm sorry you feel this way. But Jonathan is trying to do what is best for Sarah."
Liz is angry, "I am her mother!"
Jonathan walks over, "Well in case you forgot you weren't a good mother! You used her as your little 'Barganing Chip!'. You used her to keep me away from Tammy. You left her in a car."
Liz shakes her head, "I was trying to... It doesn't excuse what you did!"
He socffs, "What I did? You made a phone call and told me to meet you at the old mill road. And look what happened. Tammy is dead! She is buried in the grond becaus of you! You are a selfish bitch!"
Aubrey walks over, "You are going to wake Sarah."
Liz sighs, "I don't know what I'm going to do."
Jonathan looks at Liz, "We are going to stay here for a few days and work this out. We'll decide what to do about Sarah. Is that a deal."
Liz nods, "It's a deal."
Sarah stumbles out of the room.
Liz turns, "Sarah! Baby!"
Sarah shouts, "Mommy!" She comes running over.
Liz holds out her arms.
But to her surprise Sarah runs into Aubrey's arms.
Liz isn't happy.

Natalia and Alan are waiting for the doctor to come out.
Father Ray is with them.
Natalia takes his hand, "I am so sorry about your cousin."
Ray nods, "Thank you. We've been praying for your baby."
Natalia smiles, "Thank you Father."
Natalia is holding her cross around her neck.
She continues to pray.
The doctor walks out.
Alan turns to him, "How did it go?"
The Doctor smiles, "Everything is going the way we hoped. Your son is getting better every minute."
Natalia smiles, "Does this mean what I think it does?"
The Doctor nods, "You should be able to have your baby home in a few days."
Natalia looks up, "Oh thank you God. Thank you!"
Alan kisses Natalia.
The two go in and see the baby.
He is very small.
Alan smiles, "He's beautiful. He's just like his mother."
Natalia nods, "And he's a fighter just like his father."
Alan grins, "He is a Spaulding."

Harley's House:
Harley hands some papers to Susan, "Here is some information that will help you. Okay just promise me that if you get into trouble you'll call me."
Susan nods, "I promise. Just... when you see Dylan tell him that I'm fine and explain this to him."
Harley nods, "I will."
Cyrus and Guillesie are hugging.
Cyrus looks at his brother, "You be good to her or there will be hell to pay."
They all hear Buzz, Marna, and Lucy at the door.
Harley hollers down, "I'll be right there."
Susan sighs, "We'll sneak out the back."
Harley hugs her, "I love you!"
Susan cries, "I love you too."
Harley walks downstairs.
Cyrus helps the two sneak out.
Minutes later Susan and Guillespie are drving away from the neigborhood.
Susan looks out the window and sees Marina's face. She is clearly devestated.
Harley hugs her. Soon the Coopers are in one of their classic family hugs.
Susan always mocked the family hug. But for some reason she finds herself crying as she watches.
Harley sees Susan in the corner of her eye.
Susan looks at Guillespie and kisses him.
He drives away.
Susan and Guillespie say goodbye to Sprigfield.
Marina Buzz and Lucy go inside the house.
Harley wait out.
Cyrus walks over to her, "They left."
Harley nods, "I know I saw. Um... Danny Santos just died."
Cyrus sighs, "Oh my God. Marina must be devestated. I'll talk to her. Not no though. I'll let you guys have your family time."
Harley nods, "Yeah I think that's best."
Cyrus sighs, "So I guess now that my brother and your daughter are gone, our partnership is over."
Harley walks towards him, "She was right. Susan said that when your partners with someone you share a bond. Bonds can form romance. A few week ago Blake asked me what it was that helped me get over my past."
Harley and Cyrus walk to each other and kiss.
Harley backs up, "I'll call you later."
Cyrus leaves.

Thanksgiving in Springfield!
The Lewises try and put their problems aside
The Coopers get together to help Marina
The Bauers try and help Michelle
Mel and Alan Michael have their families over
Dinah and Mallet host Thanksgiving


Recommended Comments

  • Members

I so loved the scene with Marina and Michelle saying good bye together and how they reached out tog ether. That was so damn nice. Why was Danny killed off. I feel bad for his kids. I know what it’s like to lose a father at a young age,

So many kids in Springfield. This show should be called All my Springfield Children, LOL.

All these deaths and what not reminds so much of S.T.E.A.M. with the death of Abe, Jodie and Lauren.

I am so mad at Harley I want to slap her my damn self. How could she let her daughter just run off like that. She can’t G but yet lets her run off. How stupid is she? Why did Harley give up Susan anyway?

Is Roxie Annie? Is she crazy and why is she sending roses. Is she working with Mona? Lol. Roxie has me interested.

Who I Aubrey and please explain this Liz story.

The ending was a little weaker. But still a good episode!!

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  • Members

Danny being killed off was a something I felt needed to be done. I need to take Michelle further without being a part of Danny and Michelle. Also I felt that FTl needed a good tragedy. A lot of other stories will come from this. This really effects a lot.

Harley knows she doesn't want her daughter to go to prison. She feels this is her only choce. Now she needs to focus on her other children.

Guillespie and Susan are gone. But don't think this is the last we'll see of them. ;)

Now Harley has a hott romance with Cyrus!

Roxie is Reva's younger sister. We haven't seen her sicne the 80's. The roses thing was what they thought was Annie. But is revelaed to be Roxie. She's never liked Mindy. ANd never met her sister Cassie. She has a few secrets waiting to come out.

Okay. This is what happened on GL before my blog:

AFter Guillespie killed Tammy. At her funeral. Jonathan had a confrontation with Alan. Jonathan had to find a way to save Sarah from the Spaulding. His car went off a cliff and exploded. Faking his and baby Sarah's deaths.

Reva was the only one who knew. But later Colin, Jeffrey, and Olivia would find out but be sworn to secrecy (actually Olivia was blackmailed.)

There was a book that was put out called Jonathan's Story:

This is what happened while Jon was gone. He met Aubrey Cross and fell in love. Aubrey had an abusive sheriff as her father. Eventually they rode off into the sunset.

Now on FTL:

a month ago Liz and Aubrey met not knowing who the other was. When Aubrey realized who Liz was she ended the friendship.

Now Jon has decided to bring Sarah to Liz.

Let me know if you need ore info?

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  • Members

OMG when did you kill off two of my favorite characters: Danny and Julie? I was shocked by reading the opening scene. It was truly poetic and emotional. Sort of web emmy material if we ever had an award show.

I also enjoyed the confrontation between Lizzie and Aubrey. If these two fight over Jonathan...that would be very entertaining. Maybe a little cat fight? It's been a while since Springfield's had one.

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  • Members

I know Danny's death was sad. It was hard as a Manny fan but I feel Michelle has a whole other story outside of Manny. And Danny's death will open so many other doors for so many characters.

I'm glad you like the Liz and Aubrey rivalry. There is going to be so much with that! We'll see sides of both women that are quite shocking.

I picked Peyton to be Aubrey because I could really see her with Jon and as a rival for Liz.

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