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There has been talks in recent episodes about the return of the ex-President of Point Palace University and now the character is coming to light. All My Children star David Canary tackles the role of Howard Ballinger. Canary's character will be the deciding factor over a plot that has taken over the show for the past two seasons. Canary will be on guest starring basis but is possible to be upgraded to recurring. Find out who will take control over the school because it will not rest on a cliffhanger!

Three more episodes are left until the season finale and Point Palace creator Matt Politylo dishes over the excitement. "The upcoming episodes are riviting, surprising, and of course dramatic. This season's season finale is the best. The readers will truly be shocked!"

The fifth season opening is in the works and Politylo says that it keeps with season five's theme of a blue background and colored stills. Look for that to come out very soon.


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i am so so on Canary's casting. Does this mean Blake Knuckle Head will be stepping down from his postion? cant wait for the foloow ep to theone I wrote. I also cant wait till SONOP comes back in full force. I am thinking I'll ba back in Dec. Was shooting for Nov 5 but S.T.E.A.M. is undergoing massive changes.lol but like u i got my new opening done.

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